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Piecing the Puzzle Together, Piece by Piece, Revealing the MASTERpiece

Walking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of the

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The Path of Union Consciousness in Formation

As many of you know, I have been compiling notes aplenty for my second book (and even contemplating what the title desires to be). This year much has been coming through, as the formation of this book is taking many

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Everything is Unfolding in Perfection

There is never any delay preventing you from basking in the union of your twin flame and yourself. All things are unfolding in perfection to bring you the lessons your soul chose to grow within, the remembrance of the truths

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All Reflections Help to Perfect your Expression of Being

Starting in July 2012, into 2013, and trickling into 2014, I was invited into the depth of the “darkness” inside of me. Rather, the sparkess in me emerged through the perceptions of “dark”… sparking my true essence by illuminating that

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing

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Remember Union and Let Yourself Experience the Depth

Reunion = remembering union, which means you remember that U N I are ONe, but that also U N I are ON a journey of oneness. You are here to experience the oneness you are, therefore remembering that this already

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Awaken into Divine Love: Interview with Emma Juniper

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The Sacred Sanctum of Divine Lovemaking

Yesterday, I went to a full moon gathering/ceremony/celebration, all three mixed into one. It started with a meditation, music, presence in a pyramid built and infused with sacred geometry. Saying that this was powerful does not even do it justice…while

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Honoring the Divine Masculine in LOVE

My Sweet Beloved! You are the most beautiful man I have ever glanced upon, for you are the brightness of God shining in form, You are transformed into every piece of nature blossoming here on this Earth, You are the

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You Are in the Closeness of Your Oneness NOW

**Note: You may want to read The Way Home is Burning Inside of You first as the question pertains to it.*** Q. I was going through the exact qts in my mind, and the Universe led me to your site, exactly

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