You Are in the Closeness of Your Oneness NOW

**Note: You may want to read The Way Home is Burning Inside of You first as the question pertains to it.***

Q. I was going through the exact qts in my mind, and the Universe led me to your site, exactly to this page. Synchronicity right? I had tears in my eyes when I read your answer to the above question.
It totally resonates with me. But what I wish to know is what is to be done practically for me & him to get closer. Could you please elaborate for me? Thank You.

A. Synchronicity has its sweet way of bringing you exactly where you need to be, doesn’t it? Tis no doubt that you are here, and reading exactly what your heart needed at this time. Honestly, I reread my response and found myself in the midst of a myriad of tears flowing down my cheeks. This divine love moves us into the deepest core pieces of our essence! This love is constantly opening us, showing us, and flowing us into the clearest expression of our true nature, affected by and reflected in our Beloved. How can you go about practically taking steps to get closer? By remembering that you are already close. When you know that you already are in this closeness, you can encompass it in your becoming of it. Love your own self expression and his, profoundly, in an unconditional display. Each of the ways in which you share brings about an interweaving of your balancing energies always dancing with one another. The closeness of your oneness is not a goal to attain to, but an ever deeper experience you are basking within right now.

emerging-love-opening-heart-sundara-fawnThe way home is truly burning inside of you as this love is sparked and ignited by your interaction with the Beloved, continuously deepening your reflection and offering you direction. Both this intensity of love from within as well as this love moving between you is your guiding force. Let this love literally move you as it soothes you, as you keep your eyes open to the synchronicities, (just like arriving at my post with such perfection ) keep your heart open to the emotions that are always in motion, and align them with your action. Remember that there is never a wrong choice… if you are connected to your heart, and it is the love vibrating within that you are bringing forth in intention, your creation will manifest a return of this love upon you. Let it be showered unto you as you bask in showering others with your powerful love! Of course, have fun, laugh, enjoy yourself along the way! The journey is absolutely more rewarding when you are basking in the bliss and beauty of you being your unique YOU.


***artpiece is by Sundara Fawn***

3 Comments on “You Are in the Closeness of Your Oneness NOW

  1. Thank you so much Gabriella!
    I had written this question in a comment. And I completely forgot to check back.
    Just today I decided to reinforce a belief of mine & voila I was brought to this page!
    Isn’t the Universe mind-blowing? 😀
    Whenever I start being positive again, the support and information just flows…
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Prik,

    You are so welcome! I am glad that you found yourself back here again in perfect timing 🙂 Thanks for also reminding us here how important it is to bring in and focus on the positive, and how the Universe responds. We can all use this reminder. 😉

  3. That’s so nice of you to say that, Gabriella! 🙂
    Yes, we all need reminders time & again so that we remain on track!
    And the Universe has an amazing way of doing it!
    May all of us be blessed always!
    Lots of love & peace,