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You may come here to ask any questions in the area of relationships (soul mates and twin flames). This is a safe space for you to share your journey with me and those who are on the path with us.

Follow **Note: You may want to read The Way Home is Burning Inside of You first as the question pertains to it.*** Q. I was going through the exact qts in my mind, and the Universe led me to your site,

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Follow Q. I was wondering what your personal practice is to open up to love. I am on this ever unfolding journey and am always interested in how people are able to unlock the places that keep the love from

Follow Q. The person who I believe is my soul mate, in real life doesn’t know me (I don’t think). I met them a long time ago (20-odd years) and have never forgotten about them. But over the past two

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Follow Q. It has been a long time since I contacted you. I have been following your blog though but I was feeling only like an observer. Now something has come up and I want to share it. About a

Follow Q. I experienced aspects of “the shift” without even understanding much about all of it! I was amazed, inspired, encouraged by it. It was completely out of my realm and thankfully I have a friend who talked me through so

Follow Q. I released my twin, I had so much anger towards him for not feeling, not being awake, for carrying this myself. I can feel and sense the choice of choosing love, and believe in it, yet my ego

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Follow Q. Do you believe that male Twin Flames take longer to have a spiritual awakening when the two twin flames physically meet, and is it true that after 50 a man becomes more spiritual? A. The twin flame journey

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Follow Q. Why would my twin flame and I be brought together at this time, only to be together for a short period of time, when the time is not right? When it is obviously not right when there is

Follow Q. How the twin flame may know each other, what is the different when we talking about love. How we can find out is this love is just a love , we may have to a person or is

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Follow Q. I came across this because I think I met my twin flame, who then pushed me away. Our meeting was accidental and improbable. It was intense, and then he wanted to be alone. It has been six months

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