Twin Flames Awaken to the Truth of Divine Love Parallel to Each Other

Q. Do you believe that male Twin Flames take longer to have a spiritual awakening when the two twin flames physically meet, and is it true that after 50 a man becomes more spiritual?

A. The twin flame journey brings us deeply into remembering the oneness and the wholeness of ALL so therefore, we move away from seeing things like THIS or THAT but rather, our perception shifts to include all pieces to make the whole. To answer your question, I don’t believe that males take longer to have a spiritual awakening when they encounter their twin flame…both twin flames ALL the time feel the intensity of the meeting and how they go about admitting it, remembering why it is, and understanding it is up to that particular soul, regardless of sex. Again, I must say that age is the same case…age is a number that we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, place upon our journey here on Earth. But if you take away our age, we are left with what we are…divinity flowing, creating, loving in motion. I believe a 10 year old boy can be VERY spiritual and a 50 year old man might not be. So age isn’t the factor itself. I believe and have been guided so strongly that this twin flame awareness and journey, truly brings us into living the wholeness and releasing all things that can limit us, and block our free flowing love to come forth into expression.

Q. Gabriella, great question. If we look through human eyes, I would say yes, men seem to take longer to physically remember. I believe it is in their consciousness, knocking gently, until it is loud enough to be heard, until he turns his head and looks its way to inquire. In spiritual truth we are already awakened and remembering through our dreams and heart connections. I believe there are moments in the days when both twins hearts are open and communicating. I get visions of how he feels and thinks of me. I think we are all at different levels of our spiritual journeys in this life and so our awakenings come at different times. If we could say it was at a certain age that would be great! I would have 8 months to go! haha. I do connect to the humour in the situation. I believe our experiences, choices, life chart, and curiosity guides our awakening. I know the more we are in tune with our hearts, its rythms, its powerful pulse from the heart chakra, the more awake we are.

A. Beautifully expressed! I agree how important it is to bring in the humor…what is life without it? If we attach too tightly and take things too seriously, we can’t see the WHOLE of anything, we only see the holes. This journey brings us to the remembrance that we are whole and the illusion of holes is merely that, an illusion. Breaking down those barriers to let the light of our love in and through.
I feel that we can all see that for so long women have been expressing and feeling that men should be a certain way and men have been doing the same…yet when we accept that we are as we are in each moment and love the ISness into and with each other, we move into the balanced vibration of divine love. This is what we are aiming for along this journey. I’m hearing the song running through my head, “you can go with this or you can go with that!” lol or you could just get out of it to be back in it…really, we are getting OUT of this world to get back IN it in a WHOLE way.

Q. Do you think that being feminine and holding more feminine energy than men, that we are carrying them or their energy and that is why we feel so deeply and hold so much – we are holding a part of them, trying to give it back to them? I don’t mean literally, but like we are keepers. I see us as teachers, glowing vibrant, being mothers, trying to guide and awaken. I guess that can be interpreted as we want them to be a certain way, when we are unable to express it energetically, like we can at home. So physically, it comes out a certain way. Thank you Gab, for being a teacher and a guide and a student as well! We can learn and grow from sharing. Thank you for being open tonight to talking and expressing for it comes at the perfect moment again.

A. I don’t feel that we, as women, are carrying men so to speak…nor is that why we feel so deeply, however I feel that within us is the balanced aspect of the feminine for the masculine and vice versa. We have the key for them to remember their wholeness and they have the key for us to remember our own. In giving them this key, we honor their masculine essence in form and the masculine energy within ourselves as women, and they are freed from feeling they have to be macho, that they can’t express themselves emotionally or seem vulnerable…etc, etc. We are guiding them to their mother, their feminine within. In giving the key to us, the masculine is freeing us from the wound of rejection, of not being loved for all of who we are, giving us the piece, the peace to be in union with each other in all ways. They are guiding us to our masculine within, being comfortable with stepping into our own truth, and walking within it…technically, we are walking into the openness, the road of vulnerability with one another. As spiritual beings and human beings, we are meant to merge our essence with our presence and both sexes to be completely comfortable with feeling, and moving within the emotion (energy in motion) as we shape ourselves into the oneness that always is.

2 Comments on “Twin Flames Awaken to the Truth of Divine Love Parallel to Each Other

  1. Hi Gabriella
    Great piece
    I write poetry about many things but a lot about twin flame love.
    I usually post on Instagram and found a picture that is on your article the two lovers dancing, may I uses it please and do you know who the artist is so I can credit them please?

  2. Hi Chris,

    Great to know that you are writing your heart in poetry regarding this powerful love! I am not sure as to the artist in the picture within this post. You might want to do a search and see what you can find. If you do discover it, please let me know so I may give credit as well. Sending lots of love!