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Piecing the Puzzle Together, Piece by Piece, Revealing the MASTERpiece

Walking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of the

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The Path of Union Consciousness in Formation

As many of you know, I have been compiling notes aplenty for my second book (and even contemplating what the title desires to be). This year much has been coming through, as the formation of this book is taking many

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WHY? The Constant Fluidity of our Divinity and Humanity

The question that continues regardless of age, race, topic, geography, etc, etc… place anything after “why” and a string of conceptualization begins. The quest of truth, for the discovery of an answer. Is there truly one to be had? And

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Upside Down ~ The Fusion of Two Twin Worlds Separated

This movie brings the concepts of twin souls to the forefront, yearning to unite, magnetized to each other, stopping at nothing to come together in their love. It starts with them encountering each other, recognizing that they are polar opposites,

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Awaken into Divine Love: Twin Flames Revealed ~ Interview with Dawn and Steve

In this episode, I interview Dawn Panico and Steve Selcke on their journey of awakening into Divine Love, and the awareness of who they are to each other, the twin flame of their own unique ray of love. How intimately

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing

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The Sacred Sanctum of Divine Lovemaking

Yesterday, I went to a full moon gathering/ceremony/celebration, all three mixed into one. It started with a meditation, music, presence in a pyramid built and infused with sacred geometry. Saying that this was powerful does not even do it justice…while

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You Are in the Closeness of Your Oneness NOW

**Note: You may want to read The Way Home is Burning Inside of You first as the question pertains to it.*** Q. I was going through the exact qts in my mind, and the Universe led me to your site, exactly

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Moving In and Within LOVE

I have feeling for a while now about the concept of running away from the Beloved. What I’ve come to find in my experience is that there is never a running away. Running away implies that there is separation. There

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Twin Flames Awaken to the Truth of Divine Love Parallel to Each Other

Q. Do you believe that male Twin Flames take longer to have a spiritual awakening when the two twin flames physically meet, and is it true that after 50 a man becomes more spiritual? A. The twin flame journey brings

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