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Upside Down ~ The Fusion of Two Twin Worlds Separated

Follow This movie brings the concepts of twin souls to the forefront, yearning to unite, magnetized to each other, stopping at nothing to come together in their love. It starts with them encountering each other, recognizing that they are polar

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In Your Eyes ~ Your Mind ~ Your Heart ~ Your Soul Too

Follow I remember being connected to the essence of my wholeness within another presence since as far back as my memory can go, knowing one day I would meet and remember this other. I could feel him, I knew him

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Heaven is For Real ~ There is Nothing to Fear Knowing Heaven is Near

Follow Heaven is for Real was a great movie! Does life go on after our sojourn here on Earth? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you have an experience that made you know without any doubts that connection,

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Her ~ The Heart’s Infinite Ability to Be and Receive Love

Follow Today, at Starbucks, I was sitting at a table with my laptop, taking a break between work to observe people, and noticed three people awaiting the readiness of their chosen caffeine drinks, all of them looking down at their

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If Only ~ You Had a Second Chance to Love, Would you Take It?

Follow Last night, I watched the movie “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I must say, that it profoundly brought me into the depth of my personal journey, all of the steps and everything that has happened to bring me

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The Letter Writer ~ Your Actions and Choices have the Power to Affect Others

Follow “There’s a god given ability that if you find it and nurture it, you’ll be able to bless the lives of others.” “If I’m the one person who has something nice to say about you, I know you better

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Big Fish ~ Merging Fantasy and Reality

Follow “Most men they’ll tell you a story straight through. It won’t be complicated but it won’t be interesting either.” If you’ve ever wondered what is true or what is false in your life experience, what is accurate and not

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Cloud Atlas ~ Lives Upon Lives that Weave Together, Intersect and Connect

Follow This is a movie that brings about the perception of the many lives we live and how we continue to meet up with the same souls, as we take on different roles, to learn different or expansive lessons, to

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Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

Follow If you have ever witnessed the connection and interconnection of many things, the myriad of synchronicities not readily explained around you, a multitude of numbers that seem to be connecting with you or giving you messages, if you’ve ever

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You Know Beyond Knowing the Love that Flows Inside of You

Follow Dearest Beloveds, I recently watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and some other movies…how prevalent the theme is of true lovers knowing each other beyond form before their forms meet and embrace. Yet I have also

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