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In Your Eyes ~ Your Mind ~ Your Heart ~ Your Soul Too

I remember being connected to the essence of my wholeness within another presence since as far back as my memory can go, knowing one day I would meet and remember this other. I could feel him, I knew him beyond

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Honor the Wholeness of Each Experience

Q. When your twin flame has been possessed by some unwholesome energy, how do you help your twin in dissipating this energy so they can have a clearer connection to you? A. The first thing I would recommend is to

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The Connection with Your Twin Flame is Neverending

Q. Do you think it’s possible that one person can experience the pull of a twin flame and the other person be completely oblivious to it? Or “twin flame” be a term used to describe an intense connection that is

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I Was Always Connected and Aware of My Twin Flame

The other day I was exploring older writings of mine (there is still more to come that I’ll share with you) but these two are quite interesting for me, considering that I wrote them a bit less than a year

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Feel Your Connection With Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin and I connected from 50 ft away, it was the most beautiful yet almost traumatizing moment of my life. It was literally a connection, and it was actually caught on video. We have never met face to

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Dreaming with Your Twin and Your Body Responding in “Real” Life

Q. I had a strange thing happen a couple weeks ago that I was hoping you could shed light on. I had a dream that I was with my twinflame and he kissed me on the neck. Later I was

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Twin Flames: The Physical Connection Spurs the Spiritual Awakening and Vice Versa

Q. The physical connection spurs the spiritual awakening, but is it possible that it will awaken only if the free will is not blocking it, or will it happen anyway? A. With twin flames, there is a knowing of some

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Connection Always Present with Your Twin Flame

On Twitter someone posted “Reading articles on twin flames again. Do they really exist or just another reason to be obsessed about another person?” My response: “Yes they really do exist…feel it within your heart and you will know the

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Connection with Your Twin Flame in Spirit

I shared on the last show how many of us are physically reuniting with our twin flame partners to anchor in unconditional love on the this planet. I also mentioned that many of us will be connecting in our hearts

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