I Was Always Connected and Aware of My Twin Flame

The other day I was exploring older writings of mine (there is still more to come that I’ll share with you) but these two are quite interesting for me, considering that I wrote them a bit less than a year before I became fully conscious of who my twin flame is in this lifetime. Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Attraction by now, that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. I also want to add the Law of Remembrance. Well, I don’t know if that’s a law, but it sure as well should be in my opinion…many of my clients, almost everyone that I have connected with that has become aware of the twin flame connection admit that they have known that they would meet someone that they somehow already connected with before actually meeting, they already feel they know the essence of this person, and hence it merely takes a remembering, a recognition when the bodies, the consciousness of both become aware of each other in human form. We agree that we are more than our bodies, that we are beyond our bodies, right? Then it would make sense that we exist before these bodies that we currently reside in…and therefore, we have connections with others before we put on the costume (for a while) of our physical vehicles….

So, here is a piece I wrote on March 30, 2006

Oh, to be in the arms of Romeo

Oh, I want to be able to lay in his arms at night while he runs his hands through my hair, whispers poetry into my ear, or tells me a story of his life, his experiences, his wants, his desires…I want to feel his heartbeat next to my own, the warmth of his skin surrounding my own…

to talk for hours on end, intellectual depth and passionate emotions…I want to roll around with him under the sheets for hours on end, totally immersed in his body inside my own…to cry for hours on end, releasing all the pain and relief of finally holding him close to me in this human form…to laugh for hours on end as we share the absurdities of life and the irony it holds…to walk side by side in a similar purpose on earth, to have love overflowing from our hearts to help others to smile, to love, to let go…

oh, to be in his arms someday, someday soon would be nice…ugh, the urge, the yearning, the craving, the anticipating…it is prevalent in my everynight breaking…as I lay here in bed listening to my own heartbeat that exists lonely and wanting…

and then my angel whispers, “Patience,” and I breath out…time is all I have right now as I spend it doing what the universe calls me to do…and I will wait…however long it takes…

And then this on April 26, 2006

Connection Through Each Lifetime

If you were hidden and I was unaware, how would you appear to me?
If I were to lay here and think of you, and imagine how the feel of your skin would be against my own,
How fast your heartbeat would echo in my ears if my head was resting upon your chest,
Your voice whispering the essence of you into my core
as my own heartbeat learned how to dance
and relax in your presence
If my lips brushed the tips of your ears and my breath seeped into you,
If our laughter vibrated the inner chambers of your soul,
would you remember?

It was a night of shadows, a night of strong visions, a night of intertwining fingers, wrinkled sheets, and tangled hair,
sweat stained skin, intensified breathing, and haunting stories,
We created our own fears, our own happiness, our own paths to cross
and the bridges we made we tumbled down,
trampled and swore next time would be different
I’d hasten to add that we were wrong to forget
However essential the mystery is for our current endeavors

And it was your form that hypnotized me
It was your soul that sang soft melodies echoing so profoundly within my own
that made me remember
After all, how could I forget my twin counterpart?
Birth and time have a way of keeping us apart
yet fate has its own purpose and the contracts we signed can’t deny us
because we are

And in your absence I feel it
In your absence I comprehend it
In your absence I remember
and it is in my sleep
that I dream
of embracing you in the flesh

I can honestly say that I have absolutely had dreams since of embracing my “twin counterpart” but not only embracing, but merging our energies together, growing together, sharing our energies with one another…talk about my soul knowing what was coming…and someday, yes, someday SOON I shall be able to share with you more details of what I remember since I was a young girl and the reality of it in my experience now. It now ALL makes sense on a deeper level, to show that we are so much more than our bodies. We are connected way beyond the mind’s perception to understand…and we KNOW, if we are open to remember who we are going to meet and what we have promised to create together in this lifetime.

The other day I felt called to pick up this book on the shelf where I am staying, and what I read, yet again, amazed me because of its accuracy. It is from the book Love Signs, A New Approach to the Human Heart I read about myself, a Scorpio woman (though I was born on the cusp of Libra so I have major laidback calm, relaxing energy) and a Pisces man (yes, needless to say, this is the sign of my twin flame).

“Spirit that haunts this dark lagoon to-night,” he cried, “do you hear me?” Silly question. Of course she hears him. If the Scorpio woman and Pisces man we’re considering being lovers or mates, and not simply friends, she heard him calling many years ago, quite probably when she was a little girl, dreaming about her soul mate…who was, she was certain, somewhere on this Earth…also dreaming of her. Where could they meet? When would they meet? How would they meet? All these questions concerned her, but never the question of “if” they would meet. That she knew, as she has always known many matters of the heart, the spirit and the future.

Faint though the echo might have been, Neptune also whispered into the inner ear of the Pisces man when he was a young boy, that someday, somewhere, somehow…he would meet someone who would understand the way he looked at things, who would see things, not as they are in reality, but as they might be and should be…as he remembered them to be in some half-forgotten, misty world of long ago, maybe in a dream.

Then he met all these fascinating girls, proper ones, improper ones, the straight and crooked ones, the shy and bold ones…but they all seemed so shallow compared with the girl in his dreams. Just when he would think he had found her, she would say or do something to make him know she was not the one at all.

You can imagine, then, how he must have felt that soft purple twilight when his eyes first fell upon this strange creature, who seemed so quiet and gentle, yet in some way so strong, but most of all – so deep, not shallow. She gazed at him intently, not seductively or flirtatiously like all the others, but clearly…and unafraid…until he felt lost in cool, green water. He returned her gaze, and something happened. Later, neither of them was quite sure just what it was. They just knew it had happened.

Life will not ever be the same. Life will have more depth, more meaning, more excitement and wonder than either of them ever dreamed possible, and that’s saying a great deal, considering that dreaming might be said to be an area of expertise for both Pisces and Scorpio….they do understand each other, deeply…and usually divinely. Pisces and Scorpio will usually tune in to each other’s minds like a couple of short-wave radio sets on the Eternal Now frequency 🙂 Normally there will be amazing telepathic communication between them. This will be true whether they’re separated by a room or a continent. Typically, they frequently speak without speaking, because they share a silent sympathetic thought pattern and are therefore able to communicate without verbal contact, more or less in a telepathic manner…

Yes, it goes on…but this had me hooked because it was all true…and right on. When I was a little girl, I knew of him, I felt him, I dreamed of him, and I knew (without a doubt) that one day, I would meet him. With each new prospective partner in love I came across, I always knew that it wasn’t him, just an inner knowing…and I knew that he would know and feel similar to me…truly amazing. And there’s more, oh yes, there’s more. Patience…it will come at the perfect moment…but may this suffice for now to give you your own reassurance that what you feel is not only real, but true and accurate, not only possible, but it already is.

SO much love in EVERY moment along your journey!

In Love All Ways,

5 Comments on “I Was Always Connected and Aware of My Twin Flame

  1. I realize now that when I first crossed paths with my Twin, she, too, had dreamed of meeting me- and been waiting for a long, long time. As our eyes locked, I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness from her- I asked her, telepathically, why are you so sad? “Your ring”, was the response- and then her sadness seemed to quickly grew to anger, that I had not waited for her.

    When I realized what had happened, and what I had done- marrying another, having forgotten our fates together- I too, have become filled with both anger and sadness, at the errors of my ways, the lost opportunities and wasted years.

    My twin has since moved on- I can sense this from her, and know that she approves of my marriage. At least, I have sensed from her that she understands the love that my wife and I share, and has found it good. I pray that, someday soon, the Universe can find a way to bring us together, while also allowing me to fulfill my marital obligations to my adoring wife.

    Twin, if you are out there, please know that I have suffered much depression and loneliness throughout my life, and I sense that you have, too. At the age of 27, I had given up waiting for you- my life was such a wreck of broken dreams, that nothing that I had once dreamed of had even seemed possible any more. With my wife’s love, I have slowly been recovering my dreams, and working with the Universe to reclaim and fulfill them. This is the main reason why I did not persue you immediately- I did not want to put this mission in jeopardy.

    Now that I know 110% who you really are, and what was intended for us together, I am filled with so much regret that I did not say more to you, or even get your name. While I realize now that you have moved on- any woman as beautiful as you can have your pick of any man- please continue to dream of me, as I do, of you.

  2. Oh Christopher, you write such wonderful “love letters” to your twin on this site. I would encourage you to find more positive ways to think about your TF situation, and re-interpret the encounters you have had. Happiness is a conscious choice and independent of external circumstances. You haven’t lost any opportunities or failed in any way. On the contrary, you have recognized your twin, which is remarkable and special. Would you have been resentful if she had been married and you had been single? Would you have expected her to ask for your name & phone number in front of a spouse if she were clearly married? I somehow doubt it. Spirit doesn’t see choices as mistakes, only opportunities for learning. More important than wanting to be with your twin, is wanting love for them. I realized this when my TF’s daughter was born…that I was so happy he had that love in his life, and I wanted to celebrate with him. We also support each other in our respective marriages. I won’t say it isn’t heart-wrenching at times to listen and support each other through our struggles. We are going through some painful lessons of love with our spouses and sharing them with each other. I am very thankful his wife and my husband are presenting such opportunities for our growth.

  3. I’m not sure I was consciously aware of my twin in the way you were Gabriella. I do remember a conversation with my mother on my wedding day (12 years ago) in which we talked about the idea of “the one”, and how at that point I didn’t believe there was one right person, but many that we can love and be happy with. It was only after I physically encountered my TF 3 years ago that the dreams of him came through like a flood. In recalling dreams I had growing up, even those while a very young child, I realized that he had been “present”. I wasn’t actively searching for my other half, but about 9 months before we met I had pulled a book off the shelf at the library called “Louis Kahn to Anne Tyng: The Rome Letters, 1953-1954”. Kahn and Tyng were famous American architects who had a very close relationship, and the book is the collection of letters he wrote to her while she was overseas, pregnant with their child. I sat for hours in the library reading the letters in which Kahn shared his intimate thoughts and ideas with his beloved, and the tears started to flow down my face. All I could do was think “this is what I want, this kind of love”. It was a prayer in the truest sense, and certainly what drew my TF and I together. I had not heard of the concept of twin flames, but somehow recognized the qualities of TF love in Kahn & Tyng’s relationship. Gabriella, I see in your writings from 2006 a similar desire/prayer/intent to bring your other half to you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Christopher, you should not be mad because you married another woman and you did not wait for your TF. Look at me, sometimes I ask to my TF by TC why he came so late to my life, why he did not born the same year I was born. How even can I ask these questions to him and to God? I think this is the contract we signed before we incarnated in the same period of life.