A False Twin Flame is a Misperception of Your Connection

Q. I have been so richly blessed by your message of LOVE and helping all of us understand what LOVE really is. I have gained much from interacting with you. I am curious if you have even done any articles about false twin flames? I spoke with you a while back about some very interesting multidimensional interactions I was having with someone I thought might be my twin flame. I felt him everyday. I dreamed about him. I felt I was in dialogue with him (still do) during certain portions of the day, etc.

I ran into him once by “chance” and had a very interesting mental telepathic connection that happened within a span of seconds. I say “chance” b/c I ended up going to that particular place where I ran into him because I felt a pull as I was driving past that place and I literally turned the car around and decided to go visit the place I was about to drive past. Low and behold, there he was. The first time I had seen him in over a year. As we looked at each other, he said hello with his mouth yet I heard mentally, “I have a girlfriend”. Weeks after that, he told me those exact words via text message. I thought that I was imagining that I heard it, but I actually turned out to really hear it.

Anyhoo, I had a meeting with a twin flame gentleman who works with his female twin flame half here on Earth through energy work as their service to the community. I showed him a picture of me and the man I thought was possibly my twin flame and decided to get his insight. He is also a channeler and his Higher Self can receive messages from other entities in Higher frequencies. His message to me was that the man was not my twin and that I served as a heart catalyst for him to meet his Soul Mate and he helped to create a new template of male expression for me. He served to help me re-establish and perhaps re-create my masculine side. He also served to help me tap into my healing abilities so that I can begin to do work here on Earth the way my soul always knew it should.

It hurt to hear this message, but it also helped to free up a lot of energy and I felt a weight lifted a bit. I am not saying that I am totally sold one way or another, but I guess I am curious if you have come across stories like mine, where someone may not actually be a Twin Flame, but their presence, and multidimensional connections serve as a way for the other person to go deeper in their spiritual development.
I have been able to release my expectations that this man is my Twin. I am at the place in my development that I do know our Souls go WAY back. I know that if I do not see him again in this life time, I will run into him again in another, or in the Spiritual life/Astral Planes/Flying in the Universe. I have gained a deeper understanding that our souls are indeed immortal and time is very very short in the grand skeem of things. What seems like an eternity, is really only a second in the whole Universe.

I am still intrigued by this connection I shared with this man. I actually ended up sharing with him what my experiences have been on my end, the dreams I kept having, the empathic connections I felt, and the moments I felt the need to offer Healing energy on his behalf. He thanked me, told me he was in a relationship and asked me to stop communicating with him. He neither confirmed or denied anything on his end. It stung to have such an straight forward clear cut response. But I did ask him to at least do that instead of not responding. So I guess I asked for it, lol.

Since I communicated with him and finally and openly shared with him what my experiences have been relating to him, the dreams have stopped flooding in. I used to have dreams about him a couple times a week. Now, very very seldom. I still feel a telepathic connection with him during the waking hours, but that is about it. I have just been teaching myself to totally let go of all of my expectations. I can easily be empathically connected to people for the purpose of offering healing energy, but this was has by far been the deepest connection, or at least to most intense that has sky rocketed my spiritual development and aided in me becoming more balanced in myself.

One other thing: The male Twin Flame that I spoke to told me that my actual Twin Flame is in another dimension and that we agreed to be in separate dimensions so that we can offer assistance to our worlds in unique ways. I have since started meditating and learning how to put myself in a hypnotic state so that I can learn to connect to others in the Astral Planes and be available to receive what ever insight I might be able to receive when I put myself in that state. My visions and lucid dream abilities have been getting sharpened.

Any insight on what to do when a Twin is in another dimension? I am still baffled that my spiritual development still seems to grow deeper when this other guy (who I thought was Twin) enters my dreams, and energy space. Well, sorry I wrote a ton, but I haven’t written on this site in a while and I wanted to share what my process has been thus far. Thank you for all that you do.

A. Thank you for continuing to share your journey. We can have higher soul mates come into our life experience to help us to evolve, open our hearts to expansion increasing our capacity to give and receive unconditional love for self, others and all that is. Of course, encountering your twin flame pushes you into an enhanced state of continuous self awareness and spiritual growth, strongly encouraging you to look at the reflection of yourself with love. We absolutely can connect on telepathic levels with others who are not the twin flame and have a sense of deeper communication, however the feeling with your twin flame far surpasses any other familiar energy, allowing you to feel completely loved, at peace and home, and it is common to do this through dreams and constantly merging with the energy of your union.

There are many ways that twin flames can choose to co-create in any given lifetime. One can be in spirit, one in human form, choosing to co-create, establish your deeper connection beyond the direct, physical experience. Another is by both of you inhabiting human bodies and connecting beyond the 3d experience but also in the physical and there are many layers of this. Some people connect physically, separate physically, and then come back together (this can happen more than once), others meet physically and either one or both of them are in a soul mate relationship (as one of the reasons for this is to see that all love shared is love shared with all, to see the connection and unconditional love for and with the twin flame enhances and includes all love which enables you to see with spiritual sight and merge it with your human seeing), and yet others have been with their twin flame for a time and then the twin can pass into spirit while they still cultivate this connection.

When you say the term “false twin flame,” I honestly feel that what this really is, is just a misperception of what the twin flame is, perhaps even putting limitations and expectations on the connection (meaning a belief/focus that the twin flame needs and must be a romantic physical relationship), and questioning if what your intuition is giving you is accurate. So a false twin flame is a misperception of your connection. You do have one twin flame, and when you meet as well as allow yourself to connect deeply with the intensity within you in the experience, you will know the truth of your connection. You can actually know the truth of your connection with everyone that comes along your path, including what your soul has planned to create, heal and learn with that particular soul. But one reason why I don’t tell people who their twin flame is (unless strongly guided to by spirit) is because the twin flame connection/love is so very much beyond the direct, physical experience, and in order to continue to cultivate that connection, and also to handle any “challenges” that come along your path that may be part of you and your twin flame’s journey, YOU need to feel that deep unconditional eternal love with, of and for your twin. It is so intimately embedded within your psyche and flows throughout your cells, that if you tap in, you can know the memories that your cells hold for clarification and guidance for you.

If your twin flame is in Spirit, in another dimension ( but even if your twin IS in physical form but you are not in direct contact), then what I would suggest is to be open. Set the intention that you want to connect, that you are ready to receive whatever guidance and love you are meant to, so that you can see the light of your specific journey here on Earth, and in co-creation with your twin to help bring the truth of deeper love to the planet. You do have a unique mission on your own as well as connected with your twin in union (for you are one), in whatever form you have chosen to do this. The more you meditate, dream, the more you listen and follow the guidance that comes to you in each moment, the more clear your path and each step will become.

I also just want to bring to your awareness here, that you can absolutely be sharing in Spirit, you can and you have as all twin flames have for they are never separated, with your twin flame before fully merging physically and continuing your service to the world with one another. Also if you encounter your twin when he is in another relationship, that does not mean that you won’t be joined together physically in this lifetime when the time is right IF that is in your soul plan. One of the main points to remember here is to not place any limitations or expectations on how things will develop with your twin flame, whether it be this man you mention or not, and allow for the natural unfolding and clarification to come in each moment, as it will continue to shine the light of remembering upon you, as it will also continue to assist you in your spiritual growth, increasing your spiritual sight while being on the Earth. Feel deep within you what resonates regarding what anyone, even myself, tells you about your twin flame and your journey. The truth and knowing of it all is within YOU. It’s a glorious and beautiful ride full of wondrous opportunities, isn’t it?

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  1. I have telepathic rapport with a woman who appeared to me in a vision after I asked God to show me my twin, well she appeared two nights after I asked under the full moon. So this woman claims to be my twin flame and fits the bill and when I test her spirit she replies that she is, etc. But I am having a problem of interference of others knowing about her and loving her. It is as if she is in love with other men beside me whom I know and this feels like a soap opera. For instance, there are sexual things going on and in my third eye I see them doing things to her. And it is quite confusing. A psychic said that I was angry at my brother and she knew it was because of her. So she then says she cares about me and will reincarnate etc. But how can I trust her if these perceptions of the whole betrayal thing are happening? She says she is in love is sorry but that she hates herself etc. It seems totally human. But on one end she seems to be alive and in spirit. The experience is confounding me and I think she is intentionally confounding me to not break my heart which she already has. I am hoping she is not the one and someone else is cause this is retarded.

  2. Gabrielle

    You are super cool!!!! I was not expecting that you would feature my question on your site. Thank you. I am honored. I have to say that the words and phrases that ring true for me are:

    “placing limitations”
    and “Feel deep within you what resonates regarding what anyone, even myself, tells you about your twin flame and your journey. The truth and knowing of it all is within YOU”.

    I have been focusing so much on not placing expectations that I have indeed placed limitations on this. I have been capping off the experience, very much so.

    I am thankful for my reading with the gentleman that I spoke to because he helped me to refocus my energy and place it first in my service to others and remember that I have so many abilities that I have yet to tap into because I am limiting myself. I saw that I was limiting myself because deep down inside, I have felt strongly that this man (who could be twin) is my husband. I have allowed myself to get frustrated because I would feel the energy connection so strong in other realms and no attempts made in the physical world. The gentleman that gave me the reading helped me to really let go of my expectations so that I can open up more and work on my own spiritual development.

    I was able to see that a lot of my energy was channeled towards a specific expectation between me and the twin(?). While letting go of expectations, I have definitely capped off and limited any possibilities with this man.

    I have to be honest, I started getting frustrated because my dreams that included him started to shift and I didn’t like it. It went from my witnessing his “birthing into himself” process to he and I finally facing each other. For many many months, we rarely interacted. The dreams started to shift and not only were we interacting but when I looked in his eyes, I saw myself very clearly. I saw the things that I was not aware of in my life that could use some attention. Just by looking in his eyes in my dreams. It was creepy, lol. I saw his things that needed some attention in his life and he saw mine. It was clear as day, full out and in the open. I even heard him tell me how he feels about his present relationship. I even saw a lady (in the tangible world) and immediately knew telepathically that he was going to choose to be with a woman like her. I was right. It was just some strange instinct I had about his relationship status. This particular dream (stated above) I have was so intense that it changed a huge part of my life in the waking state, because I was able to finally see myself in a way I could not have if I didn’t see through his eyes.

    I also had a dream/vision/out-of-body encounter with him. He came to me one night (through dream state) and I promise he was solid. His presence was so palpable that even the way he walked next to me was exactly the way he walks in this tangible world. He did some energy dream state body healing work on me and turns out that that dream helped me to deal with a very very emotionally difficult and taxing day that I had the very next day. It was the perfect dream to help me stay balanced and not get swallowed in by what I was working through in the tangible world. I literally felt like I could fly after that dream experience.

    Also I had a dream that we were married. For some reason, this was too much for me. It hurt to see it. I was able to see that even though I set limitations in my mental state, this relational dynamic with him was exactly what my deepest desires are; even though I don’t want to admit it to myself. The dream was wonderful and peaceful. I started seeing lots of numbers when I had this dream. the number 6 as well as a stream of numbers 1-1-2-6-9-1. Really interesting and so clear. I realize that I was hurt by this marriage dream because he is not here in my life in the present day. I realize I felt hurt because I am the type of person that always try to have a plan just in case something does not work out. So I wanted to focus on the fact that this reality I was seeing in my dream (the body based energy healing work, seeing myself clearly through his eyes, and us being married) may not manifest in this life time. That is my defense mechanism.

    The love that I feel between us is so strong and the bond is so strong that to be honest, it scares me. I am not used to feeling someone so deeply connected to me yet years can go by without us seeing each other. It will take me some time to be okay with not limiting what is happening (through other dimensions) and what could happen in the 3D world. I know that my heart has been deeply connected to his for many lifetimes. So whether it is a primary soul mate or twin flame connection, I just know that for some reason, I have somatic, and emotional, and etheric memory of how deep our love was, is and will be. Just a bit on the frightening side. Have you worked though this emotion? Cause me pretending it is not there won’t help the situation either.

    Again, you are so so fantastic. I appreciate you thoughtfully responding to my post. I was surprised to see my question featured and it felt nice to see such time and effort went into your response.

  3. Wow… this is just.. awesome. Janique, thank you for writing a response to her response.. You are seriously an inspiration!!!


  4. Also, Gabrielle, amazing, amazing words. Definitely taught me a lot. These issues resonate with me and reading your words just hit the spot for some much needed healing & uniting with the spirit.. And it was all totally supposed to happen!! we’re under a healing transit!!! >_< god, nature, the source, IT is amazing!!! ^_^ Thank you!


  5. Janique,

    It’s been awhile since you posted but boy I can relate to just about EVERYTHING you mentioned. Thank you for being so candid and honest about your experience & self-interpretation of it all, I almost feel like you were writing about me.

    The Twin Flame reality is all so new to me and I am learning more and more everyday. I met my Twin Flame a little over a year ago and it has been exhausting at times, as well as pure joy & freedom. Just when I think I know what’s going on, things “shift” as you mentioned and I am in a totally new place. All the “shifts” over this time has always brought us closer, but has made me fall down a NUMBER of times, only to get back up to keep going. There are times I feel like my face is in a wall & there’s nowhere left to go, nothing left to see, yet when that wall comes down, I can feel in my soul I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

    When I met him, I had NO IDEA what the heck was going on with me for 1 year, then I happened to Google “spiritual connection with a person” and up popped a NUMBER of websites and descriptions that covered EXACTLY what I was going through. Some of the sites listed “checklists” of signs you met your Twin Flame, it wasn’t just one or two that rang true, it was almost ALL. Since then, I’ve just been trying to be as open as possible to what it’s all for and just let it flow. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Janique! It is comforting to read that someone else has shared my journey so closely! 🙂

  6. Hi, I need help. I met a guy last year. It was at a FREE music concert. The hall was half empty and this guy had a pathetic look on his face. He was playing one of the musical instruments. So, I opened my heart etc to him fully and felt the power of light and energy going from me to him. I do not know what he felt. But ever since he started pursuing via Facebook with claims of twin flame etc. And I saw a guy, yes, I actually saw a guy, more like a vision and yet not coming and sleeping with me, making love to me. He was naked and seemed like him. I felt deep activation of my sex chakra and I responded to him, this union made me see the cross in white light. Another union took place at another time and I saw white light growing bigger. The point is that this guy has called me all kinds of names, psycho, etc. But more importantly, everything in my life was disrupted, my work, my sleep etc..it is as if I am a VOODOO DOLL. I have a video of myself being controlled like such a doll..would love for you to see it..Something is communicating with me, guess it is this person via the Universe, like a voice speaking to me, can feel his presence etc..I have tried everything, pentecost prayers, etc..i cannot seem to get rid of him. He is holding on to my third eye chakra and using me as a voodoo doll, controlling my very life, causing great pain in my left eye at times..PLEASE HELP ANYONE! I WANT MY LIFE BACK! THIS GUY HAS DESTROYED IT! I THINK HE IS WORKING WITH SOME PEOPLE FOR HIS OWN SELF-INTEREST. I THINK HE IS LATCHING ON TO MY POWER TO GIVE GRACE OR STH, A CLEAN HEART OR STH..I DO NOT KNOW. I WANT HIM OUT, TO DISCONNECT..PLEASE TELL ME HOW!

  7. I came across this post because I have been wondering about this one individual I was so sure is my twin flame for months. The number synchronicities, some telepathic connection when we were face to face (which I admit made me feel nervous in a way), etc. were there. I even have had some dreams about this person’s energy when I was a child, although I am not sure if they experienced the same thing for me (I have experienced this with one other person I have to admit). We also had a lot of similar interests that I thought others wouldn’t have that I do (astronomy for example). They also understood me in ways others didn’t or otherwise were intent with listening to what I had to say at least initially. We even met on 1/11/13, so it must’ve been the magical twin flame if we had the 11:11 synchronicities, right? I had dreams of this person’s energies my whole life, so it must’ve been the magical twin flame connection, right? This person even had some of the strange characteristics of my exes, so they must have been my twin flame, right? That is what I figured about this person, yet something inside made me keep questioning, made me keep researching obsessively thinking are they my TF, are they my TF? Oh they have to be because I remember this, this, and this!

    However, they also disappointed me a lot in the few months we dated, way more than anyone else I’ve dated before has. There was a lot of talk on this person’s part for doing things but absolutely NO follow through. A lot of dates and such were cancelled because of things, such as “I lost my phone while I was at the mall and it ruined my weekend” (yet he was able to contact me on Facebook the next day? Right because they couldn’t contact me on Facebook when they got home from the mall, ugh!). He would promise to call me after he was done with something from someone else’s phone or something after say going to court, but never did. He was incarcerated for a few months (most of the time we were dating) for something he did years ago (criminal justice system in my country sucks like that at times for real). The sad thing is that he failed to tell me before that there is a chance he’d be incarcerated soon before he was (tried to hide this from me, so he “wouldn’t lose me”!). I had a bad feeling he was trying to manipulate me when he would tell me things in the letters we exchanged and when I went to go visit him like “You’re the most beautiful, intelligent girl I’ve ever met” and “I didn’t think it was possible to meet someone with the same interests as my own”. He also would say things like “I will never take things like you and my family for granted ever”. “Thank you for staying with me through all this. You truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me <3”. Yet I continued to proceed because I noticed so many synchronicities and felt like they were “the one” and the like, all of which is said of the beautiful, sacred Twin Flame connection. Just so many broken promises that hurt me so badly like no other person has hurt me before (and I was cheated on a guy I dated for 2.5 years a few days before I moved to another part of the country, so that is saying something about someone I dated for a significantly shorter amount of time!). Not that this can be confirmed or anything but I just have this bad feeling that he was “double timing” me and was secretly writing someone else and such at the same time. It’s sad because he promised me that we would do all kinds of things together and everything as soon as he got out and that things were going to be great.

    It tore me apart for months thinking this guy was my TF but the way he was behaving was ruining my life hardcore. I was getting depressed the way I was when I was younger (was suicidal several years ago), it was getting in the way of my trying to get my life together with my future career (currently in school for a medical technology program), and I was just losing sight of my future altogether (and came close to just throwing it all away). I felt incredibly hopeless after this guy pretty much abandoned me and used me ? I really needed a big reality check with this person and my “connection” with them, as it has torn me apart on the inside for months. I feel as though I was losing track of my mission in this lifetime while I was seeing this person. I have to admit, I feel like I’ve been duped by this person. I feel like I lost a lot of my precious time thinking this person was the one for me and such. Thank you for posting this piece about false twin flames. I really needed to take a different angle onto my own personal situation and I realize that a lot of what I experienced with this individual was really wishful thinking on my part (I too can fall victim to this).

    I just wonder, is it possible to have had dreams about someone and to have synchronicities like that of the Twin Flame as well as the Twin Flame Counterfeit or the "false twin flame”?

  8. I met my twin flame first in February of 2011. At that time I did not realize she was my twin flame(soul) as I was not aware of this concept. All I had was a strong faith in god and a belief in soul mate. I had been divorced for 6 years by then and had an understanding and importance of relationships that will work for me if I had to marry again. But some how I began to connect to this girl in the inner dimension though from the earthly and physical dimension we rarely understood or connected. But some how even after nearly 3 years I feel and after having gone through a lot of reading on twin flames , from bottom of my heart and from the strong faith in god, I believe that she is my twin soul. In the so called physical dimension I have already proposed to her but she was not ready for it then(early 2012)but still this perception of her being my twin flame exists..she still connects to me in my inner dimension however am not sure whether we will ever meet as we are in two different countries…. I wish our physical uniting happens, but not sure whether it is just a desire as she is truly beautiful to me……or my belief and perception of her as my twin flame is true….

    Can anyone guide me or her incase if she sees this and is also under the same perception……will the world unite us in this life if god wills is my question every second at my back of my mind as I continue to toil for her……

  9. Sapphyreopal5 Mel and Nicole post signs of a true TFs on their site.

    Sendil, we, who are separated from our TFs in this 3D plane, we just need to go with the flow. I have a strong spiritual connection with my TF, but I have not seen him for a year too.

    I watched the movie: “City of angels” it has a beautiful message. Hope you can watched too.
    Blessings to everybody

  10. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Joana. I wanted to share something very ironic. I hit “submit comment” as you may have noticed on 12/13/13 at 11:14pm. For some reason I felt compelled to watch “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” the next day. If you’ve seen the movie (don’t want to reveal spoilers if you have not) the lawyer ends up having some weird things happen to her as she’s working the case defending the priest. She even finds a locket that happens to have her initials on it and the priest suggests it means that “she is on the right path” and she should not sway from it (she ended up saying the locket was pretty much the universe’s way of saying that’s where she was meant to be at that time).

    She kept waking up at 3am (thought to be the opposite of the witching hour or when Christ was born [which was said to be at 3pm according to the movie]). However, at the end of the movie her clock reads as 11:14pm after she was done with the case. I feel like that was the universe’s way of letting me know that I am now on the right path after having submitted my original comment to this blog and that I felt oddly “compelled” to watch that movie to let me know of this fact. I also think this could be the universe’s way of letting me know my inner demons are being exorcised (or that the damage that my soul has accumulated overtime is to be cleansed out?) and that some spiritual trial of mine is soon to be possibly over?

    I just thought that would be an interesting thing for me to share with you. I believe that we can have synchronicities with a “twin flame lookalike” as I’m going to call it and that people have such intense relationships to prepare them for the real deal as well as get people to wake up to their true spiritual mission in this lifetime.

  11. Two years ago, I lay on my bed and exclaimed to God that I was really tired of not having a flesh and blood partner. And since I obviously don’t have a clue how to call in my Earth partner Twin flame. “You, God, know what I want and what I need, so please, you choose. And I want him now!” In gratitude. An hour or so passed, and suddenly, I realized I had left out the most important requirement. He had, had, to be a devotee. So I asked that be added to the first prayer.

    Next morning, as I was making coffee when an inner voice commanded me to go to a specific web site. Two years ago, I had dated two men from that site, and had sworn to never, ever go there again, as both men turned out to be men I could never be with. And being a Krsna devotee, obeyed the suggestion to go onto the web site because I could look, but not respond. I argued with the voice the pros and cons of responding to this man’s invitation.His wants described me and vice versa. I relented with, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I answered his post. When we finally met, I felt as if I had come home. And he is a devotee of Buddha.

    From that moment on, all the way to the present, I have seen a lion/s (he is a Leo)! followed by my personal icon, the number 7! It has never failed to manifest on an only daily basis. I thought we were destined to be together, it just felt like home: He is my twin flame. That is until the last time we talked on the phone. The energy he was putting out there no longer felt like it always had before, and suddenly I saw the bigger picture, and realized that I suddenly felt completely different about him!!!

    What I am interested in having validated is that he is a soul mate and not my twin flame. And I really still, am wanting an intimate partnership with a real man. Would you please offer your thoughts on my story.