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Vulnerability is Strength of Expressing your Heart in Its Purity

I just had a twin flame session with a man. It was just so beautiful and blessed. Tears came through and up, insight came in with a profound embrace, love was given and received, encouragement and support readily here between

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The Twin Flame Journey is Equally about Loving Self, Loving your Twin and All That Is

Q. How the twin flame may know each other, what is the different when we talking about love. How we can find out is this love is just a love , we may have to a person or is this

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You are Love, Unconditional and Pure, Flowing and Growing into Its Full Expression

Q. I came across this because I think I met my twin flame, who then pushed me away. Our meeting was accidental and improbable. It was intense, and then he wanted to be alone. It has been six months and

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Keep Feeling, Strengthening and Being that Divine Love

Q. I am so happy how things are transpiring for me at the moment, I feel so much love for my twin flame, and I have told him how I feel. I feel so comfortable with him, like I never

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Loving a Soul Mate and Your Twin Flame

Q. Has anyone else had the experience of dating while waiting for a twin to return? The universe has brought me a very kind and attractive companion, and I’m finding it challenging to be physically affectionate toward this man —

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Merging the Twin Flame Dream into Every Day Reality

In order to merge the twin flame dream of the highest, divine, pure love that IS into your every day reality, there must be a profound willingness to release the attachment to the outside dream. Rather, you are encouraged to

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Love into the Remembrance and Experience of the Oneness that you are

Q. There have been miraculous synchronicities around the both of us, many things involving the numbers 11, and many energetic connections that leaves even strangers seeing that there is something that connects us. These have led us to reunite a

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You Are Already One with Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin flame and I may have had some fear, but she is the one that pushes me away. I experienced and am aware of this deep soul love for her and she never tells me what she thinks

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The Twin Flame Relationship is Always, All Ways, about LOVE

Q. I have been in a twin flame relationship for 7 years now. Everyone says it is the time for twin flames to come together but I still see nothing going on in his department. I see him once every

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You Come to Me…

~ by Gabriella Hartwell When you come to me, in your various guises, I know you. This force flows through me as I’m transfixed to the spot, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to listen to anything other than

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