The Twin Flame Relationship is Always, All Ways, about LOVE

Q. I have been in a twin flame relationship for 7 years now. Everyone says it is the time for twin flames to come together but I still see nothing going on in his department. I see him once every 2 months for exactly 2 hours and I am fine with that. He’s married. I don’t ask any questions about his personal life because I don’t care. When we are together all I care about is US and enjoying the magic that unfolds in those 2 hours (and it’s not sex at all). Whether it be trees, rainbows or just taking me to that amazing place through our eyes. It’s magical.

Is this relationship really about finally coming together physically at this time or is it just a gift of a bond/connection that will be there forever. A relationship that I am so lucky to have. I can’t discuss this stuff with him. He knows about the connection but doesn’t understand it. I am perfectly fine with the way my life is moving. I am open to finding a partner whether it be him or not but something tells me that things are really going to change.

A. What is this relationship about? This is a GREAT question!! The twin flame relationship is about LOVE, it’s about the depth of eternal, unconditional true love, and this love is there regardless of whatever outside circumstances are present in either twins life. This love will be there forever, the bond/connection you have will never go away, even if it plays out in your experience to be in a soul mate relationship. This is a time where many twin flames are coming together in all ways (which includes the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies) for many twin flames at this time have chosen to come together in this way to embody this love beyond form and in form to help transform the WAY of love, the perception of the way of love, the emotions of the way of love in this world…we are birthing a NEW earth with the truth of this love in all ways so this love can be extended to all and be implemented within all relationships (with self, others, nature – EVERYTHING that we have relationship with). If you are one of the ones that are meant to join in this type of way with your twin flame, you will know, and in fact, you may have known since you were a younger person, just waiting to meet the person you felt and knew you would serve with in this way. It makes me smile to know that you are enjoying such a bond/connection in each moment, allowing yourself to bask in those 2 hours every 2 months…truly, our hearts want to be in and feel this love in each moment that it comes into our experience…to be that love and receive that love which enhances the Beloved energy which IS all that is, for everyone. So the focus is intended to be in each moment, to receive and give of that love not only with your twin flame, but all that come along the path…for you have love flowing throughout your being as it is what you are made of…and what love desires is to experience itself again and again…to increase the receiving and giving for us all. The end result (being in physical intimate relationship) is not meant to be the focus (though if it is in your soul plan – the thoughts and feelings will come up), but to enjoy the journey of this love and take it with you in each moment. Things are changing, and things will continue to change in our world, our world at large, our internal intimate worlds and our immediate world around us. We are uniting and realizing that we have been walking in the illusions of separation while all along beside us has been union…and this union IS coming out now in so many ways to be noticed, to be chosen and to be embodied by all of us…twin flames are a part of this…and it is such an essential thing to honor the love with your twin flame how it is in these moments, knowing that everything is unfolding in its perfect divine order as it is meant to, bringing you to where your souls have chosen to be, and how your souls have chosen to share in, express and extend your love to the world at this exciting and particular time. Sending you such waves of love, to both your heart and his!!!

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  1. While I am much the same and relish the moments in each others presence and the amazing energy and feelings that come with it – I do not want to go through my life not sharing that love in all ways with my twin. He is much the same, except I don’t believe he even knows what a twin flame is. He is waking up to a lot of things, as well as receiving many 11’s that surround me – but I am confused as to how this love is really shared between the two if it is one sided.

    Is there a way to know if your souls have agreed to come together physically in this lifetime? I feel in my soul since before I even met him in the flesh that this was to be – but the more time that passes it feels unlikely.

  2. I know that feeling Misty. I feel like that about the boy I felt may have been my flame, Elijah. But, now, I am seeing how people we meet in physical who strike us as the twin flame type are representations of our true flame, whether they be in our path to help us prepare for our reunion, or to challenge us to learn about ourselves and the path ahead, I just feel like the mind tells us we need to see our flame in front of us in a vessel so we can believe. But believing and knowing are two things far from each other. Belief is biased, of the mind, true knowledge, is already instilled inside the heart, which is the harbored truth and the connector of all souls. Since I meditated and searched for my flame, I have had a woman assisting me in my journey named Ardelia, and she has been making me see myself in many forms, and also my flame, to test me to see how I will accept myself and my flame, and to teach me to not look at my flame’s vessel, though she enjoys taunting me and acting clueless, and waits for me to feel certainty and put my ego aside. I know my flame is a man, and she wants me to let go of my lust for men, since it is in the way of my loyal nature, but she sees how I long to make love with my flame in physical, so I just hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Gabriella saved me, last night, I treated my tests with love, and they passed quickly and I was able to feel like my flame was with me today. Your flame, is with you forever, no matter where you are you are with each other in heart. So, those 11’s may be signs of you having a rep of your flame in front of you.

  3. I agree with you that people come into our lives to teach us or show us something that we need to know. Since meeting we have had soul mates come into our lives and we are both learning lessons about ourselves. This person, however, I KNOW is my twin… It’s been shown to me and communicated to me by the universe time and time again. When I ask.. and I ask if we are are to be together in all ways.. I get answers.. whether it’s through signs or songs or even Earth Angels (which was a very cool experience)… I always get the same answer.. YES.. TRUST.. and am told to be ‘patient’. So I am not sure how I can disregard that. I keep my heart open and embrace the moment and allow for new relationships to happen… but at the same time, it is hard because of the information I am given and when I know that there is the twin. I know I still have some balancing to do… my biggest issue is confidence, and recently I’ve started seeing someone that forces me to face myself and bring out my confidence. I’ve been assisted along my journey too by an intuitive light worker… at times she will tell me something that is going to happen and I say, “that’s crazy, that would never happen”… and it does. I know that this is not a rep of my twin and IS my twin. With that being said, it’s getting hard to go through everything knowing what I know… because even through the unconditional love… I have to wonder how long before he knows what I know – which is truth.

    It’s just frustrating when the other side, while he is still loving all and awakening… and I do feel love from him on a soul level and have discussed it in the dream plane, is oblivious to what is really going on on the physical plane.

  4. Oh my. I feel you. I actually have every single thing happening to me. It is funny, since I found out, my spirit guides have shut up a lil, and the testing has ended. Even today, I was doubtful in him, I felt like, “nah I’m nuts. Maybe it’s someone else…” and I kept hearing him speak to me. “Turn around.” and also “Why do you keep staring at me” which seems to be his ethereal body speaking and I am getting to hear some of his thoughts while he has no access to my mind because he is “asleep” spiritually. Today, my life was CHAOS. Left and right, and I almost got into an old habit of cutting myself. I felt like my Mom was the biggest asshole for being so demanding of the poster child here. I just wished I could be a rebel like everyone else, said “yeah I can do drugs!” and shook my head. I remembered I never did drugs and never will, and that I am only pissed because of Matthew. (That’s my flame) and today I still felt him and his powerful energy, and being in front of him, was like bathing in the purist light, I could feel a chill in my spine, and like someone gave me a drug, I was falling asleep, and he kept touching my chair and moving closer and I realized that the energy was becoming noticable on a physical level. YES! but I friggin think he’s fearful of being flames with another dude, so I am just gonna have to reveal some things to him by becoming friends. I hope challenges come up that allow me to bring spirituality into discussion. Pray for me? I’m prayin for you! <3 Gabriella is a miracle worker. I feel so happy 🙂

  5. I am a moron. I know I sound so fickle and I am. But all along Matthew has been what I just informed you of, a rep of your flame. His energy was so compelling yet uncertain, and I had no dreams of him. Duh. I keep forgetting who has been always in my dreams hoping I find my true flame and trying to help me all the time. The ethereal counterpart of Elijah, who informed me Eli is awakening slowly. I took the time to write my hearts true feelings out. and my mind never got in the way, and BAM. Every person who carries his energy, has the name of a biblical major figure. (Matthew, Marc*my ex*, Luke*stole my virginity*, John*my mentor*, Jacob*his best friend, and my old crush who went out with my friend who has a name which means the same thing as mine haha*) Elijah is my flame, and his ethereal counterpart envies me, and is an apprentice figure to me, much like Elijah and Elisha in the bible, I share traits with Elijah (moodier, manlier) and he is like Elisha (youthful, smooth skinned) plus, I tried to call him master when we made love in a dream and he got mad and refused to accept it, he wanted to call me master for some reason. Hahaha. I hate that jerk. <3 <3
    Goodnight all! <3

  6. Teo,

    It pleases my heart so much to know that you didn’t go into destructive behaviors that could have caused harm to you. You have your own unique color to the rainbow of us all to add, and it would not be a WHOLE rainbow without the presence of you! I am still smiling to hear that I have helped you “treat your tests with love” and as a result, you were able to feel the flow of love surrounding you. *hugs* This is so beautiful isn’t it? When we witness the oneness and love of all, even for a brief moment, amidst our experience, it is like it pushes our Spirits into the depth of its full remembrance of what love truly is, we do not only glimpse home, but we feel it! In this space, all things become whole, no longer do we see things one way or the other, no longer do we desire to separate our essence from the presence of the ONEness of all. Please do continue to share as you are guided, and know that always, no matter if I respond to everything you express, I am holding the light of love over you, always reminding you of your divine essence. So much love to you Teo!