The Beloved Flow of Love Knows no Limitations, Beyond Labels and Definitions…

In order to express our experiences into a way that we can communicate with one another we use the human language, however the human language can have its limitations. This twin flame journey, this journey of being alive and of experiencing the union of our spiritual essence and our physical presence, which always is in union ~ the journey brings us to experiencing the union of both and remembering that they are already one. When we look upon our language and something we are reading with eyes that see the wholeness of it all, that see the union of it all, no longer are we limited. We actually transcend the language and this moves us into the experience of this union. I use the terms soul mate and twin flame to represent a love that is devoted to spiritual presence, remembering and bringing this remembering into the human experience. Soul mates aid us along this path. They are so essential. The twin flame is the harmonic resonance of your ONE soul, the other aspect of it, the complete mirror of who you are. Twin flames are co-creating in so many ways as they have never not been co-creating. It would separate you from being a vessel of love to equally give and receive of this divine love that you are if you were to focus so much on only one way of co-creating with your twin flame. If you focus on the physical union, it takes you away from the journey of experiencing the love that you are, of being that love and receiving that love with those that come along your path, every experience that comes to you. You are meant to unite and merge your whole being with everyone and all that comes to you as if they were your Beloved. Remember you are never separated from your twin flame. You are more than your body. You are more than your mind. You are more than your perception. Even these words cannot encompass or even explain all that you are.

This twin flame journey brings you so deeply into your core, your being, your essence. It is not the way of the “fairytale” we have learned in our world where boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get together, they create a family…this journey is about love to its deepest, deepest depths. It’s about remembering what this true, eternal, divine, sacred love is as it never is not. Love is all there is. It is what you are. It is what you are always around. Every person gives you another opportunity to be that love and receive that love. Every experience does the same. Every thought, every perception that brings you away from this begs you to release it, release the attachment so that you can remember the love that you are and then choose to be it, receive it, limitlessly. When you transcend the human language that we use to try to communicate to each other the experience of this love that has no limitation, that cannot be defined, for it IS, then you understand on the deepest levels that don’t need explaining with words, that you are here as love, in love, to be love and receive love to rise in love ~ as you rise and you choose to rise, to continue to rise in love, being that full embodiment and expression of this love that desires to give of itself and receive of itself, always, and in all ways ~ such attachment that you put to labels transforms. You understand the vibration of the twin flame. You know what the twin flame is and you know what the twin flame recognition and remembrance is all about. It is about opening to the Trinity, to the Beloved energy that you are. You then treat everyone, you love everyone and every experience as your Beloved twin flame. Therefore, you are being, becoming the full expression of the divine love that you are. As a result, you awaken the harmonic resonance that is the other aspect of your soul into this service of being this love, receiving this love for everyone and within every experience along the journey. You are being and receiving the love that you are walking into the love that you are, deeper and deeper. Therefore, you must stand in front of your twin flame physically, if that is in your soul intention for this lifetime. Regardless of that, the universe will always bring to you someone in physical form that will match your resonance at that moment so that you can be that vessel of love and receive the love that you are, constantly increasing the love that we all are, enhancing this love, rising in love everywhere, with and for everyone.

The Beloved energy is connecting to this love within you, sharing this love within you between another vessel of love that is doing the same ~ connecting with this love within, remembering it and choosing to share it between. As you do that, you extend that love between and with all ONE. We can also shift this ~ as you connect and remember the love within that you are and you extend that love between all ONE, that love is given to another who is in resonance with you, who is matching your vibration in that moment, for you to share that love which you remember within and that you have been giving out to all ONE between each other as ONE. This is the Beloved Trinity energy ~ this increases the remembrance and the experience of ONEness for us ALL. Honor this journey, honor each step on this journey. Embrace these words, embrace the labels as soul mates, twin flames, love even ~ and let them go ~ transcend beyond them to feel what these words are bringing in for you. Feel, experience the oneness beyond the language and you will know. You will love as you are love. You are here to continue to rise in love, to be love and be loved as you are. I AM ~ the ever constant presence and essence of all that is. LOVE ~ the flow of energy within the presence and essence of all that is.

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