Love and Fear as ONE

Whether or not you choose fear, you cannot run out of love for it is what you are…and you cannot *conquer* fear but you can embrace it…conquering would imply that fear is something that needs to be defeated (one or the other). It is rather to be embraced and integrated within the love that you are. With awakening to the oneness of all things, the wholeness of all things becoming clear…I’ve been finding that I can no longer look at things, anything, as this way or that way, for it is ONE. Fear and love are always in oneness with the whole ~ if we look at fear as the enemy or something to be conquered, we will always choose to express and act in the vibration of separation. But if we embrace it, then we bring it into balance with the love, as we walk in union with it all.

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4 comments on “Love and Fear as ONE
  1. Teo says:

    I feel blissful. I haven’t felt such completeness in a while. My ego tries to fight it, but I see him in everyone’s eyes today. And then, suddenly, he is next to me, radiating lustful and loving energy. We laughed all class today and he bad mouthed our teacher, as I laughed, I felt him speaking to me in his head, telling me he was there. We had been forced to work together, and we both were reluctant, and then we looked at each other, and he wouldn’t leave me alone. We layed, and he said rude things that made me laugh. And over and over, I’d look into his eyes because I couldn’t resist. I thought I knew him from somewhere, he was the one who’s eyes looked like the sky to me in a dream. He showed me his name, and his name, was rather long and confusing, I got a w or a v, and a n and an e. then apparently another part of his name was a short name like Matt. The energy was irresistable. I felt like blurting out “It’s you!” but I knew this was one sided in that he knew something, but was to foolish and egotistical to see it since he’s a football jock and a bit of an asshole. Hah. Well, I knew something intrigued me about him, just was so busy looking at others to see him in front of me. What do I do now?

  2. Joana says:

    Wow, Theo. As Gabriella says you are the only one that knows if this person is your TF. I don’t doubt my TF is my TF. It is too much around us, sings, sychronicities, waves of love between us, telephaty communication, dreams, astral encounters, and so on.
    Love to everybody

  3. Teo says:

    I just wonder about his spiritual state. Where he is spiritually, because if he has no clue what twin flames are and has to battle a big ego, we have a while to go. haha.

  4. Delphina says:

    Dear Gabriella,

    this is so beautiful and so true ….. fear and love as ONE …. I feel that sometimes the TF journey brings about a lot of fear which has been hidden on the inside so far and this overwhelming love brings it to the surface into the light … it loves the fear into the light …

    Love embracing fear …. what a truly wonderful image, it touches my heart more than I can say …

    waves of sweet love from my heart to yours,

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