Twin Flame Beloved Sessions

From the moment you were incarnated into this human body, you were rising in love. You are divine love. Therefore experiencing the love you are is limitless. You have infinite opportunities to experience yourself as this love you are. One of the ways in which you do this is through relationships. What a beloved1gift relationships are. They are mirrors for you of the love you are. They are reflections for you to see anything that may come up in your consciousness, as patterns, through emotions, beliefs, which can block you from being this love you are. We can call these illusions, hindering the truth of your divine nature. Becoming aware of these can move you into experiencing the truth of the love you are. There are many soul mates you may encounter along the way as you rise up the ladder of love. You may have come into this incarnation with a divine blueprint of love. You have an inner knowing of the presence of the love you are, joined with the presence of another ~ the union and the fusion of your flames of love. If you have this inner knowing, you may have moved along your path, not waiting, but continuing to experience, knowing that one day, this one you are already joined with, that you already love, will come along your path. When you encounter this reflection of your love, this twin flame of your love, the matching vibration of your unique love ray, it may feel like a disruption to the world you know. Again, one of the purposes of what your love relationships up to this point has brought you is to seeing yourself, remembering the truth of the divine love you are.


When you encounter the reflection of the flame of your love, it encourages you, it invites you, it almost feels like it pushes you into the depths of your being, to truly remember who you are, to truly remember what divine love is. Therefore you recognize the illusions of what divine love is absolutely not. The pathway then towards this full union in all ways with this flame of your love encourages you to delve into the depths of your being. Feel the love you are. Allow the love that you are to come through, release anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable in your skin to be the love you are, especially if the love you are goes against how you have lived, what you have known, how you have been seen up to this point. Through this LOVE package, I am offering you this invitation to join me as we delve into the depths of your being, as we remove any illusions of separation so that you can remember who you are, that you are already one, as you allow yourself to be this oneness, to be divine love in expression and creation. In choosing this, the flame of your love is able to witness your flame ignited, lighted and so bright in this world. Being the love you are helps your flame to recognize the love that is within so that he/she can also become this flame of love in the world, to create in this vibration. It is so essential to break down the illusions of what love is not, of who you think you are, so that you can move into fully BEING LOVE. It is what the world desires. It is what your soul has intended.

I AM igniting my flame of love in ILLUMINATION to the world!!! $555

 I invite you to take this journey with me, where you know and you feel that you are not alone, that you have family supporting you, encouraging you. Many times this journey may seem like you are alone but it is only because you are moving into the depths of your own unique being. This way you become inspired to understand your own specific pathway and soul’s journey. Then, you can share that uniqueness that IS you, as you remember that you are always in oneness. I invite you to trust the visions you see from within, trust what you know from within. Have patience with walking those visions from within into manifestation, step by step, into this human incarnation. We are loving from within outward. We are creating from within outward. I am very excited to share intimately with you in this way…

** What the special, intimate, monthly package includes:

heart-B 4 sessions with me, done each week

heart-BUnlimited emails with me throughout the month.

heart-BA complimentary PDF version of my first book, You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching.

Are you ready to say YES to breaking down the illusions of separation to transform your reality into the truth of the union that always IS?

Are you willing to allow the reflection of your soul mates and your Beloved twin flame to help you to lovingly see what images of you are not in alignment with the divine love you are?

Do you say YES to letting go of the illusions that keep you from being the love you are so that you can embrace your destiny, so that you can welcome in the reflection of your love from all directions?

I AM willing and I say YES!! $555

The knowing of the reflection of your own flame of love is a deep soul recognition, this remembrance of the resonance that mirrors your own MUST come from within you. Each Beloved’s journey to remembering union has unique steps to take towards realizing this oneness, while also giving you the specific gifts your soul has chosen so that you can serve in your oneness, on your own, as well as united with your Beloved. Each step you take offers you reflections, lessons to move through, illusions to let go of ~ in this way, you are able to resonate in the unique frequency of love  you are, remembering union,  and the sweet flame of love that is yours to light as you ignite the flames of others in being LOVE.

beloved3I invite you to walk with me as I bring perspectives to you, and reflections to you of what vibrations you are putting forth so that you can as Rumi said so beautifully, “seek and find the barriers within yourself that you have built against love.” I AM here to help you trust in your own love light, your own truth, your own guidance. I believe in you, I see you, and I am honored to give to and receive from you simultaneously.

I AM vibrating with my own unique love LIGHT!! $555

If you are ready to let go of all of the illusory barriers to being the love you are, to shining in the radiance of love in all directions, as you watch this come back to you in the mirroring of the love you are in ALL of your relationships, including the one you will serve your love with, I am here. Let us, together, make a commitment to LOVE. What you give, you always receive back upon you in such overflowing abundance and sweetness as you remember and bask in your completeness.

As you BE LOVE and BE LOVED, you attract the BELOVED to you everywhere and in all ways.

Connect intimately to move deeper within intimacy ~ into me see ~ when you see into you, you bring about true, authentic intimacy in ALL your relationships.

Are you ready to express yourself in your own unique way, creating your world from your heart forward?

Are you ready to say YES to the divine love you are as you surrender into the depths of its sweetness, remembering your completeness?

Delve into the love reservoir, to eliminate anything that can be hindering your fullest expression of divine love.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it ~Rumi

Yes, I AM ready to BE love and be LOVED!

Full Month Twin Flame Beloved Session Special  – $555

Do you say yes to walking into the ocean of your unique divine love vibration to bring it into expression and creation?


“Gabriella has been working with me for over two years now.  I choose to have regular sessions with her where I am able to share where I am, within myself.  Her coaching sessions are a two-fold process, whereby she connects with where I am on a soul level and offers guidance from that space whilst also allowing the messages from her intuitively guided connection to the divine, to come through.  She is particularly gifted in speaking to me in a way that is neither forceful nor accusatory but rather, her coaching offers an opening for me to take on the guidance she offers.  She raises my awareness of possible issues or stumbling blocks with sensitivity, kindness and a truthfulness that only encourages me to stay on this path.  This twin flame process is a paradox of harrowing pain and exquisite alchemy and the depths of the wavering emotions can, at times, get out of control.  Gabriella has shown nothing but patience, sincere care and above all, a deep bringing forth of love in her interactions with me.  She has an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the human consciousness and communicates in such a way that is genuinely compassionate, honest and with a gentle coercion that has helped me move forward along my journey.  There is no judgement or fear when I connect with her but rather a sense of peace.  Her insights, intuition and visions have helped me on my journey and the clarity that she brings often leaves me smiling and at ease.  I have spoken to many psychics, readers, mediums etc. but none have demonstrated the gifts that Gabriella does.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She perfectly embodies the balance of the human and spiritual processes as she illuminates love from a deeper place within.”

~Anonymous in Australia

If you cannot at this time, fully delve into the bounty of your lovestream, this small package includes two sessions with unlimited emails throughout the two weeks we share.

I AM immersing into the beauty of my LOVE!

Small Package – Twin Flame Beloved – 2 Sessions $272

It takes time to shift through beliefs, patterns, fears to move into the depth of your love, to allow yourself to be love and be loved. If you desire to be a beacon of love, shining and receiving love, it is essential to be willing to move through anything that hinders this natural flow. I recommend committing to the special, intimate package shared above… there is one more offer, if you want to start to uncover and discover the love you are… to remember the truth of divine love…

One Hour Twin Flame Beloved Session. This includes just one hour done via phone or Skype.

I AM ready to begin!

1 Hour Twin Flame Beloved Session – $111


** Customized packages specific to your needs are available ~ connect with me to discuss **

Twin Flame Beloved Session Testimonials

“Gabriella assisted me with the delicate and meaningful choices that I have within the loving relationships I presently have in my life. Through her deep, soulful listening, and her sharing of her deep experience with the soul mate urges and energies, I gained enough inner guidance for me to make my own heart-guided choices within my life, and within relationships. Gabriella guides you with her heart, and you can’t help but find your own heart’s desires within this soulful space of sharing, that she not only creates, but allows effortlessly. She is a loving gift which you can give your Self… she enables a deep connectedness with your Self which is so precious, especially at this time of great change.”

New Mexico

“I recently had a Twin Flame love session with Gabriella. I was a little bit apprehensive and nervous at first, but upon speaking to Gabriella those feelings immediately vanished. I instantly felt her warmth and willingness to assist me with my questions. Sharing with her came with ease. I loved the way she allowed things to unfold naturally and without force. She answered all my questions and in the end I looked upon my relationship with my Twin from a new perspective, her explanation about cultivating our individuality has changed and shaped my life and relationship in ways I could have never imagined prior to my session. Since then I have restored faith and everyday has become a new and exciting adventure and I must say I am living for today and embracing all that it has to offer me and my flame. She explained things to me in ways that helped me to see things in a new light. My experience with her and the investment I made was and will remain priceless. Thank you again, Gabriella and to anyone who is considering having sessions, I highly recommend it.”

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Gabriella is the true Goddess of love! She sees through all the egoic stuff that we carry around with us… all the stuff that prevents us from stepping into true and unconditional love. She has a very authentic and in-depth understanding of the energetic aspects of twin and soul mate relationships and has given me very practical and concrete advice as to how to move forward into love. The intuitive reading I had with Gabriella described my relationship to my own twin very accurately and it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of how to merge into union, as opposed to withdraw into separation. I can highly recommend working with Gabriella if you are devoted to finding true love, and dare to step into the un-comfort of dealing with your own emotions and thought patterns in order to heal and become whole.”

Mette Muller,
Intuitive Healer & Coach,

“Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear.”

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