You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

by Gabriella Hartwell

NOTE: This book is intended for singles AND couples. This book will help you to connect with who you are so that you can draw your soul mate to you, or to bring your current relationship to a soul mate level.

Have you been searching for the one without success? Are you frustrated with the results you are seeing in your relationships? Do you feel as though you may never experience the love you see others expressing around you? It is time to let go of the ways that are no longer serving you.

You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

This book will help you to connect with yourself, the essence of who you are and what it is that you want in your life as well as whom you want in your life. When you connect with that essence, you are at the place to remember your Soul Mate and draw that soul to you in the physical.

Through exercises, visualizations, and affirmations, you will connect to the truth within you. You are love, you are beautiful, you deserve to experience the blissful connection you are craving, and that love is right around the corner.

Searching for this person keeps you from experiencing the intimate love that you desire. Searching takes you away from living in the present moment. When you are aware of the beauty around you right now, experiencing all of life right now, when you are happy right now, your Soul Mate will come to you. You have a choice in your destiny. Allow for your dreams to come true. Embrace your magnificence so that you can have the love you desire and deserve.

You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

ISBN: 978-0-615-23853-1    © 2008    170 Pages, 6″ x 9″

What others are saying about the book
You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

“Come step the awe-inspiring pages of following your intuition and noticing the signs so that you can come to believe that you deserve the love that is YOU and is coming TO YOU in each moment!”

~Dr. Patti “Diamondlady” Diamond, DD, Spiritual Mentor, Author
and creator of the OneSoul REALationships series

“Go ahead and dream big! Imagine the most amazing, grandest and most rewarding relationship you could ever have and use the principles in this book to make that your reality.”

~Mike Angulo, Life Coach

“The information in this book is the truth that our mind set needs to be in order to find the one that resonates with our soul. Just
reading the words takes you out of the lonely and impatient state and into a state of present moment and in love with yourself.”

~Melissa Stone CMT, Fitness Professional, Author of “The Key to Life is Balance” and fitness writer for Belly Dance Magazine

“You will enjoy each and every word of this must have volume of divine feminine understanding, and will quickly find yourself rising in love.”

~DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan, Spoken Word Artist, Peace Advocate,
and author of 8 books, including “Wild Love ~ Kissed into Consciousness”

“Gabriella is a rare individual that comes along just once in a blue moon. She is a gifted writer but more than that, she speaks to you from the deepest part of the heart and soul.

Her commitment to love is so profound that I am filled with joy as I feel her energy.

For anyone out there who desires to meet their twin-flame or connect with their soul-mate, I urge you to get her book!”

In deepest respect and inspiration,
~Faith Spina

“Gabriella’s book embraces you with such love and compassion as you discover your path to Soul Mate Love along your journey. The mini-exercises throughout the book is such an ingenious way to help the reader truly take the time to fully look at themselves in such a deep way that really helps to connect with what it is a…bout yourself that you want to find the vibrational match for. Each exercise offers another chance to reexamine another self-aspect of who you are at this moment. So along with amazing insightful relationship guidance and mentoring, she also has shared with the reader, a self help tool to truly prepare yourself to be the best Soul Mate you can be to yourself as well as another. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to attract their Soul Mate. While teaching you the importance to Let go of SEARCHING for that special One, it is a great book to remind you how important living in this moment IS the moment to be able to manifest what your heart desires.”

~Katherine Macias



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