Below you will find collaborations I have been a part of. I believe in coming together and helping each other spread amazing messages to you that offer encouragement along your journey. There will be more here soon…

There are many other projects in the works. This is the section you can go to for more information on each one as well as where to go to get them.

The Mystery of Woman By Gabriel Morris I wrote an essay in this book.

The Mystery of Woman – A Book for Men

An amazing book that includes an essay by me geared towards men but also for women in the quest of understanding the Goddess within and around us… so that men and women can have lasting, loving, deep, true relationships with one another.

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(Pre-order Now – Published September 16, 2012)

Gabriella Hartwell: Social Networking Tactics From a Self-Published Author

On this MP3, you will be able to hear an interview that I had with Colin Martin, as I shared tips on self-publishing, marketing and so much more through the process of writing and publishing. This was a powerful interview with a lot of amazing information.

Purchase and download the MP3 for $9.95

Eternal Love: A True Story About Twin Flames (A Free Ebook) Eternal Love: A True Story About Twin Flames by Lee-Anne and Cory Peters

Gabriella has included an excerpt from her book You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching as well as a message about twin flame union and reunion, as well as offering insight which will be shared in much more detail in her next book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love, From Soul Mates to Twin Flame: The Path of Union Consciousness.

All you need to do is sign up here and you will receive an email with the link to login and download the free ebook.

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