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We are always having dreams, and sometimes we remember the details upon waking. These readings will help you to decipher what is coming through in the dream to guide you, encourage you, and offer you love along your journey of remembering the love you are, and bringing it out in expression, in creation into the world. We have dreams for a myriad of reasons; to connect with those that have passed, to receive messages from our own Spirit or from our guides, to communicate with those that are living…  Perhaps we also travel through many dimensions and do some work/learning when our eyes are closed. Dream-Guidance-Readings

All dreams are relevant, even if you don’t know the meaning in the moment you awake. We often meet each other during sleep to connect, inspire, support, give messages, when the mind is at rest and silent, untainted by distractions or opinions. I would always recommend keeping a dream journal beside your bed, to write down what you have received: be it a feeling, a message, or many specific details happening. Dreams are often multi-layered and you may not receive all of what they may be offering you in the moment your eyes open, but as you continue along the journey, as things unfold, the message (s) will become clear. That “aha” moment magnified! 🙂

Send me an email of any dream you are pondering, all that happened in the order that it happened (as order is also significant). I will review it and send you back an email that offers insight from the dream.

Please bear in mind that sometimes dreams do require experience to know what it means. Often there will be layers that unravel from a dream as you move along your path. Just like scenes from a movie are seen as the characters move within their life, and not until they are in those moments, will the people arrive, the experiences occur and the insight come in.

Dream Guidance Reading Testimonials

“I had a dream reading with Gabriella because she specialized in the
subject of twin flames. And I felt comforted to share such an
experience with her and guided to understand what my dreams pointed to
in my own journey. She went to the heart of the dream and gave me
relevant suggestions to put into practice. I suggest a reading with
Gabriella if you want clarity in an interpretation, authenticity, and

~ Victoria, California

“Gabriella’s dream guidance readings are wonderful and opened me
further to aspects of my subconscious I wouldn’t have become aware of
without her highly perceptive interpretations.
It is such a gift to have Gabriella’s services available at a time
when more and more twin couples are being drawn back together while
having much to overcome before they can be fully reunited.”

~ Isabelle – New York

Dream Guidance Readings – $56

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