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Piecing the Puzzle Together, Piece by Piece, Revealing the MASTERpiece

Walking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of the

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing

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The Beloved Flow of Love Knows no Limitations, Beyond Labels and Definitions…

In order to express our experiences into a way that we can communicate with one another we use the human language, however the human language can have its limitations. This twin flame journey, this journey of being alive and of

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Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

You are already spiritually married with your twin flame, as you are already one with your twin flame. However, your spirit is within the journey of this human experience, and therefore, you are experiencing the joining of your spirits as

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Can a Relationship be Too Good to be True?

Can a Relationship be Too Good to Be True? What you believe, how you think and feel, creates your experience in relationships. If you believe that love cannot last, that if you are connecting, feeling deeper happiness and love in

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Venus Transit and Twin Flames

This Venus Transit is ushering in deeper waves of unconditional love and oneness. Yes, this will result in twin flame reunions in all ways, including the physical. It is encouraged that at this time, you go within. Take a lot

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Energies are Speeding Up

Q. What do you mean when you say the energies are speeding up? I’ve been feeling anxious as of late, wanting to contact, but I stop myself. Also, dreams of him have been more profound. A. Have you noticed that

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A Higher Love is Granted If You Want It

Have You Been Searching for a Higher Love? Join me with special guest, Cindi Sansone-Braff, an entertainer, relationship coach, Tarot card reader and Medium. She is the author of the book, Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from

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Merging from Separation Mentality into Unity Consciousness Continued

You may want to read this post before this one since it is the first entry into this discussion: First part of Merging from Separation Mentality into Union Consciousness The path of reunion of twin flames is one of unconditional

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Why We Love: Fulfilling our Connections to Wealth and Success

Sometimes we wonder if it’s all really worth it. The heartache, the surprise, the intensity…you know you do fall in love but why? Does being in love and sharing love hold a deeper, mystical purpose to life fulfillment? Join Gabriella

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