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Continuing to Heal the Separation as We Move Consciously into Union

Gosh, it is truly amazing how we continuously want to move into the separation in all areas…and how DEEPLY this is embedded unconsciously in our psyches. I have realized that the more aware I become of the pieces of separation

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The Transformation of the Perception of Forgiveness from the Perspective of Union

Q. Could you speak on twin flames and forgiveness? A. This is a great topic! Forgiveness is a two part process, on a human level and a spiritual level. From a human standpoint, it may seem necessary to forgive the

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Soul Mate Love Enhances Twin Flame Love and Prepares Us for ReUnion

Q. So I’ve met my twin flame but I’m currently in a relationship. One which is very loving. I’m so pulled to be around my twin and we communicate regularly on the Internet sharing our experiences and life story. The

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Release the Idea of Competition

There is never any competition between you and another. The rainbow can’t be a rainbow without all of the colors and each color does not take away from your own color. If you feel there is competition, it is only

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Merging from Separation Mentality into Unity Consciousness Continued

You may want to read this post before this one since it is the first entry into this discussion: First part of Merging from Separation Mentality into Union Consciousness The path of reunion of twin flames is one of unconditional

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Merging from Separation Mentality Into Union Consciousness

It is time for me to bring more awareness to the concept of releasing separation so that we can fully know and experience union in all ways, always, in each moment, in each relationship. Have you heard that in order

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