Continuing to Heal the Separation as We Move Consciously into Union

Gosh, it is truly amazing how we continuously want to move into the separation in all areas…and how DEEPLY this is embedded unconsciously in our psyches. I have realized that the more aware I become of the pieces of separation mentality that creep in, I feel a tightening in my head, my shoulders scrunch up, and I just start FEELING frustration. It’s almost like I can’t take it anymore and I want to lash out, like fall off my chair, rip a piece of paper or just scream…I encourage you to have patience with yourself as you witness the separation coming into your conscious awareness in each moment that it does, allow the feelings to pass, and then when you feel at more of a calmer place, act or do nothing, follow your guidance. You are not alone in this as I know I’m not either.

What brought this on just now? I felt an unwanted and unpleasant invasion of comparison, which is based in separation…when you are in the space of union and love, you don’t start comparing your worth to anothers or vice versa. You recognize that your worth is awesome and the others worth is a reflection of your own…and that we are not here to step over each other, to put each other down, but in being our highest expression of ourselves in each moment, we rise up together. My success is not separate from your experience, the love in your heart increases the love within my own…

How long we have been unconsciously rolling this tape of separation as it is so strong, so intense and so deeply programmed into our beings that it takes a willingness, it takes an ever softening patience to delve into the recesses that pop up in our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviors, our actions, to bring out the light of the program we have been following. Pay attention dear ones when you are feeling uncomfortable in your body, when your head starts to get foggy and tight, when you’re feeling frustrated…what are you doing when this arises? After you become aware of what you are doing, it will become easier to see what you are thinking, and then allow yourself to let the emotions flow, transform your perception. What will happen? You will begin to experience the stillness, you will feel lighter, and you will see the connection with everyone/everything you were previously envisioning as separate from you. Healing underway!

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