What Was Your Favorite Radio Show of 2011?

There will be three lucky winners…

Third prize – Dream Guidance Reading with Gabriella
Second prize – Autographed copy of You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching
First prize – Half Hour Intuitive Reading with Gabriella

How to enter…

1. Go to the archive page of radio shows here: Be You to Full Radio Shows to listen and see all of the shows of 2011. Click Older entries to get to previous ones in 2011.

2. Once you have decided on which one was your favorite show of 2011, determine why it was your favorite…how has it shifted your experience? What have you received from it?

3. Send an email to Gabriella at coaching@emergingsoul.com with the title Favorite Show of 2011 with the title of the show and why it is your favorite.

4. Include in this email entry what you would like Gabriella to discuss in more detail in 2012 on the Be You to Full Radio show, topic suggestions.

Deadline for entries is April 11, 2012. After that date, three entries will be chosen to win the gifts mentioned above.

Good luck and have fun with this!