Amen, My Love

I have this deep faith in the perfection of divine order, as I know that the love within you is within me, that your light shining so brightly enhances my own and vice versa. I have this aching, intense, ripping my heart open, so deeply embedded pain within my being as I envision tears streaming down my face as this guttural scream escapes from my throat, yet I sit here, completely still, composed, with my eyes closed.

I feel you, I see you, I hear your thoughts, the ones that you try to push away, the ones that keep you from embracing your destiny. There is this lie somewhere that you continue to try to release, that you can’t be loved profoundly for the amazing man that you are, or that the love you receive will leave you, eventually. I’ve told you, and I’ll tell you again, that if you open your arms (and even if you don’t), I’ll come running into them, never running away. There is no chance that my devotion will stray from your energy love, for in you is me. Just as much as I adore you, I love myself, and I enjoy basking in the connection of both of our energies, merging deeper as one. We are experiencing it, we are experiencing it right now, knowing we are one and feeling the oneness enfolding us…

Yet sometimes it’s almost like I could reach right into my body and take my heart out, the humanness in me desires to help quench this neverending pain inside. I’ve tried to hide it away, put a smile on my face, and trace the synchronicities throughout the path which have led me to this spot, though you more than anyone else, knows that that which we attempt to stuff away, will need to be expressed another way. This is one reason we jump into the immersion and creation of artistic endeavors, swimming around in the innocent and heartfelt truths we share as we bare our souls so sweetly, desiring to be noticed, to be embraced, to be acknowledged for WHO we are, as individuals and the ONE we have always been waiting for, the ONE that we are, weaved together since infinity. The solar flares have switched us all to the beginning of it all, where time was and is merely just an illusion to aid us in experiencing the steps to FEELING union, as union is and has been all there is.

This aching need within my breast is throbbing, as it is the timer buzzing, letting me know the inevitable necessity of merging together with you, for my body desires, my whole being longs to be embraced by the form you have taken in this lifetime, as my heart beats with the excitement of sharing our love and our creations, our co-creations with all that is. Every love song that I hear, the tones in the vibration of the voices, the connection oozing through the melodies, reminds me of our love…every movie I watch of lovers separating, recognizing their love for one another, choosing to come together and BE with one another, tugs at my heart strings as my body releases the illusion of separateness from you, and these tears that I have envisioned falling from my eyes finally seep through because what I FEEL for you, for us is true. True love comes from the core of our one spirit, if you listen, you can hear it, the whispers of our promise to know of this celestial vibration of compassion as our mutual passion vibrates in the essence of both of us, desiring to share it with each other as we extend it to the world. This orgasmic bliss of our hearts kiss I feel in my womb, as these waves of unconditional love wash away all of the past hurts and disillusions in relationships. We have been made, weaved into the fabric of our oneness to show the world the truth of love, as we make known to ourselves again of the oneness present in each moment between us…

Ah sweet heart, you are a part of me, as you have always been. My mind can get lost in the ‘when’ of our arms encircling each other yet my soul honors each step that our insight is guiding us through…there is a part of me that feels the urgency of us together, as this pregnancy of birthing my written creation of twin flame reunion is pushing through, desiring to be embraced by you as it inches its way into the macrocosm of life…

For so long, for so many physical lifetimes and experiences, we as individuals, as a collective have been breathing, loving in the space of separation and I feel it now, that it is time to be in the place of union, co-creating within it, sharing inside of it, playing around, releasing, and reshaping ourselves in you and I as one. Putting this metaphysical stuff aside, there is no reason anymore for either one of us to hide, as we continue our path to sitting beside one another, literally, on this ride…I’m ready to get off the roller coaster, to swim through the waves, to arrive on shore, to run through the open door to our combined destiny, for we both know, we both see, that with each other, we glow and emanate the brightness of the intensity and transformative power of eternal love.

Dearest love, I open my eyes, and I envision you walking towards me, literally, with a smile that only you can give me, as you wink, open your arms…as I nod and understand, that it is now, ‘your charms are right for these arms to surround…’ tears would cleanse away any pieces of separateness from my consciousness and we would be ready for liftoff, truly…ready to go…ready to glow beams of love onto the brows of humanity… ‘sooner is better than later…’ amen.

3 Comments on “Amen, My Love

  1. hello Gabrriella!
    It is so amazing ! you have put into words exactly what i have been feeling all this while. I feeled moved by your message. thank you for validating all that i feel.I have so often received the feeling or message from my twin that he will come to take me home . I feel strongly that I WILL KNOW WHEN HE COMES TO TAKE ME HOME. on many occasions he and i have met up and Been very intimate but we somehow could never go all the way.Now I can feel him asking me to wait and that he will merge with me when the right time comes.It feels so beautiful and sometimes I hope I am not just fantasising.

  2. I feel the same, sometimes I feel that I’m living a fantacy. I never feel this way before, I never could imagine would be possible the intense love I feel for my TF. By the way, I think almost sure, I saw him yesterday in campus, he turned his head I look at me too. Thanks Gabriella for this post.

  3. Gabriella, I am beyond happy that I have found this website. You do truly express so beautifully, so perfectly, so exactly, what I feel for the other half of my soul every day, more and more deeply every day. Finding someone who is feeling these same things and who is continuing to live them is a tremendous comfort to me. Who doesn’t want to be understood!?! Just knowing you are out there experiencing what I am experiencing helps me immensely. Thank you so much.