Instead of Following What Has Been, Follow What Your Spirit Knows as Truth

The story of Adam and Eve may be familiar to you, as it is a popular, well known story within the Christian faith, though it has been used in many other instances throughout our history. Where it has been used determines what messages are given when the story is shared. I would recommend you read this blog post: Healing Separation to Move into Union in Relationships for more information on this, and also to my radio show here: Healing Separation to Move into Union Radio Show

As I have expressed in the blog mentioned above and the radio show, we have been attempting to come together in union not knowing that we are coming at this from the place of separation, and therefore, it is impossible to become one because we keep finding reasons why we can’t fully unite with one another. The truth is that we are already one, and it is only the stories we tell ourselves or the stories from others we have chosen to agree with which then become beliefs, which then influences our actions, emotions, which continue the cycle of separation. With conscious awareness, we always have the chance to heal the wounds that separation can create, and therefore truly live our lives in union, loving in full understanding of union.

In this image, you can see that man and woman have always desired to come together and unite all of their aspects of being to come into completion, while honoring the truth that each aspect of what make them female or male enhances that of their divine counterpart, extending onto the wholeness. What this image shows is that the story of the separation (the apple, the knowledge of separateness) comes between the full experience of union with one another. For a LONG time, we have seen a patriarchal society where the man has been in control dominating the woman, yet we are now aware that what has been missing is the equal power of the woman to join on an even part within our intimate relationships as it extends out to all other relationships within the world. The apple is within the woman’s hand and she presses it against the heart of the man, acknowledging that within the heart of man is the awareness of the union, the love/connection between man and woman that is and has always been…the snake represents the messenger that brought about the perception of separation…both the man and the woman’s heads are joined (where separation is born and cultivated) yet they cannot join at the heart until the perception of separation is released and the awareness/truth of union is embraced and implemented within the relationship between the sexes.

We literally need to SEE with the one eye of Spirit, as the spiritual sight becomes the focus, as truth emerges ever stronger into reality. Looking at the faces and eyes merged into one, you can see the emphasis of the merging of the one unified field between both man and woman…at the end of my radio show, I played the song by Peter Gabriel, “The Blood of Eden,” to represent how we have always wanted the union…yet we have been attempting to unite in the energy of separation, which does not allow for the full human experience of the spiritual truth of union. But in the end of the song, he says, “we end as in the beginning, with the woman in the man and the man in the woman.” This is how it all started, in union…and this is where we are moving ever deeper into…once again. If you desire to read more about this song and what I posted about it, you can go here: The Blood of Eden: There is No Separation. I also love the spirals in the woman’s hair to show the life giving force of the feminine, which gives birth to all that has been, all that is and all that ever was. It is the feminine that brings forth an idea, as the masculine takes action towards bringing that idea into being, and then this joining of the man and woman gives birth to what both intend to create while bringing it into manifestation for the benefit of all.

3 Comments on “Instead of Following What Has Been, Follow What Your Spirit Knows as Truth

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Gabriella!

    I believe the story of Adam and Eve is a perfect metaphor, now that I have met my twin flame I understand better how the story of Genesis can actually make a lot more sense.

    God created each of us with a twin- created from the same flesh (DNA)- just as in the story. If this is true, then the reunion of twin flame love can only mean a return to the Garden, and the coming of God’s Kingdom.

  2. Nick,

    I apologize that I don’t know who the artist is for this image, but if you happen to find out, let me know so that I may give credit. Thank you!