Healing Separation to Move Into Union in Relationships

We can’t move into union without knowing what separation is. It is necessary to know what the patterns have been for so many years within our relationships, patterns that we may have been unconsciously participating in, so that we can let them fall away. Awareness is one of the most powerful tools that we can give ourselves within our relationships so that we can fully experience the bliss and happiness in our relationships, and welcome in on all levels our divine spiritual partner, without any fear but total and complete surrender to delving into the deep love that is our divine birthright.

Such glorious, sweet, unconditional, limitless love awaits you to profoundly embrace you and create you anew into the highest form of yourself that you can imagine, even beyond your capacity to imagine.

The masculine is enhanced by the feminine, and the feminine enhanced by the masculine. We truly do need each other to completely balance nature, for it is natural that the sun shines upon the earth and the earth welcomes the warmth of the sun. Let us shine together and welcome each other to heal the wounds that separation has caused.

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1 Comment on “Healing Separation to Move Into Union in Relationships

  1. I just listened to your radioshow and I feel that I am starting to understand what unity really feels like. The last couple of weeks it feels like I get more examples of what seperation is making me feel like…today it felt like there’s some sort of big storm inside of me. A storm between the fear, ego and the love for myself. After your show I found out: It IS all about love! thank you so much for sharing this, and make me understand! sending you lots of love