Healing Separation to Move into Union in Relationships

For many years in our relationships, we have unconsciously been acting in separation, feeling that we are separate from one another, believing that we need separation in order to be together. It is now the time for us to become fully aware of what has been going on so that we can heal all of the emotions, actions, beliefs, perceptions of separation, which naturally brings us into a deeper vibration to welcome in and give out unconditional, limitless love.

For so long, men and women have been weary of commitment because of the false associations that have gone along with it. In order to be with someone, to commit to spending your life with another, you have to give up your freedom, to give up your relationship with yourself and all the excitement that goes along with it. This would not be attractive to just about anyone and no wonder there has been so much conflict throughout the years. So what have we done? We reached outside of self for fulfillment and happiness, attaching to our partner, hoping that we can achieve the passion for being alive within this other. Honestly, your happiness truly comes from within you. You are meant to have the freedom to make your own choices, to follow your own path, to connect with your passion as you continuously bring it forth in your life. Somehow, we have been living the opposite in our relationships. Releasing separation within relationships is moving into the space of knowing that you can and do have the freedom to make your own choices, you can and should follow your own path as well as connect with what makes you feel alive on your own, AND that you can do all of this WITH a partner. Your partner as well has the freedom to do the same while also being with you. We’ve been following a path towards union based in separation…separation cannot lead to union, unless we bring our conscious awareness to the emotions, beliefs, actions we have been playing out so that we can willingly release them to be in union. We are always in union, meaning that it is our natural state. We are all connected and it is only our perception within the mind that creates the illusion that we are separate. Therefore, nothing really has to be “transformed,” just the illusions fall away to reveal the truth.

I like to use the analogy of the number 11 to represent how a healthy relationship works. 11 is 1 and 1 which come together to create 11. Each person needs to develop their 1 (meaning their own oneness), then they both as 1’s come together to create the extension of that oneness, which is 11. But even when they physically come together and choose to be together in all ways, their oneness as 1’s still need to be maintained, which increases their union, as 11. Relating to what I said above, the old way of coming together was based in separation, which established the need to let go of the 1 (the individual oneness/wholeness), in order to attempt to create 11 (the union of both individuals in wholeness/oneness). This does not work for the 11 is not cohesive if both 1’s haven’t been established on their own as well as continuing to be enhanced in and during the union.

Throughout the years, in relationships, men and women have been “trained” so to speak of what the role of man is and the role of woman is, and if there is an action on one side, then the other has to respond in a certain way. Fear has been present when attempting to enter into a relationship with each other, that if both were to open up and truly be themselves, something will be lost, something will be compromised, freedom will have to disappear. How far from the truth this really is…we do need to unlearn this to know that both man and woman (or any combination of masculine/feminine energies) can create/work and love at the same time, knowing that the love enhances the creations and the creations enhance the love. In separation, we learn the opposite, as we create many reasons why we can’t unite or why once we have united, we need to separate. Yet we have been unaware that we have united in separation right from the start.

I encourage you to choose union, to be conscious of what pieces of separation may be floating around in your being through your emotions, beliefs, actions so that you can walk into the truth that you are already one with all that is, with your divine partner. The masculine is enhanced by the feminine, and the feminine enhanced by the masculine. We truly do need each other to completely balance nature, for it is natural that the sun shines upon the earth and the earth welcomes the warmth of the sun. Let us shine together and welcome each other to heal the wounds that separation has caused.

*a little sample of something that will be shared in much more detail in this next book in progress, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness*

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4 Comments on “Healing Separation to Move into Union in Relationships

  1. Selah Beloved Gabriella!!

    This piece is so clear, straightforward and inescapable and I shall share it on my broadcast and direct my listeners to your site to sign up for this Newsletter for it is REFRESHMENT to the Soul, whether it’s “a split apart” or not. (smile)

    Your laser beam focus on breaking this separation being something the mind and body perceive will surely assist people to begin understanding how they’ve been programmed and why they must intend to dissolve it.

    I am so delighted that “our Lights” have been linked together, so keep up the grand good works. I salute you as a Sista In The Light!! (smile)

    The Heart?Seer™

  2. Thank you for this Gabriella. Something clicked on various levels when I read “In separation,… we create many reasons why we can’t unite or why once we have united, we need to separate. Yet we have been unaware that we have united in separation right from the start.”
    Many of us come up with numerous reasons why we can’t unite or or remain united with our twin flames. I know we are connected at the soul level, but it occurred to me, while reading your post, that many of our physical reunions with our TFs may not be moving forward as we hope because of limitations “right from the start”. How many of us are free to love completely, in the moment, and without reservation or hesitation? My feeling is that this is the key…expressing love, being open to love in each moment, even if it hurts. And it does hurt. I don’t recall any of your posts mentioning this…how loving another (or all) so deeply is painful until we move into the space of knowing we are only love, express love, and are connected to all in love. Yet how do we navigate the physical 3D experience, with its inherent limitations? It is one thing to know we are love and connected to all and something else to be this love and connection to all while walking the earth. I’m not sure I know how to do this…belief is one thing, action is something else.

  3. I agree with you, I believe that some time in space I will reunite with my TF, really I believe it, but living in this 3-D world make me feel the opposite. It is not lack of faith, it is that many times I feel trap in this 3-D world. Last Friday I was so depressed, because it was another week without finding my TF around, and then I turn my head and see the words “Te amo” (I love you) written on the rear window of a car, then I feel an inmense peace.

  4. Sidney,

    You are absolutely correct with everything you expressed…and yes it does hurt, and there are layers of this hurt, with loving a soul mate deeply, with all of your being while at the same time your heart/soul desiring to express all of this love with your twin flame. I have been there, and I understand the pain! Then also feeling so deeply in unconditional love with the twin flame that it hurts…the pain truly does come from the many lifetimes of feeling this separation, because in complete love from the spirit, there is only love…I will answer your questions in more detail in the next book I am writing, because you bring up some great questions…and what it really does come down to is letting go of separation, all of the beliefs, emotions, actions, behaviors of it, being aware of them all when they come up, letting any emotions/pain to come up for in feeling there is healing, and then continuing forward with the knowing that all is connected. It is not an “easy” thing to do but the more that we walk forward on this path, the more that it will get easier.