Runners are Always Present

Q. I’ve had dreams about my twin flame for several years. Even now, he still comes and goes from my dreams.

I first saw him almost two years ago, after several days of having vivid dreams about him. We saw each other from across a crowd, and the connection was so intense that I had to look away for just a couple seconds…only to lose eye contact the rest of the night. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a conversation until I saw him again a year later, and he was in a relationship. There was some friction in our first encounter, but things have mellowed out since then. He has let me into his life because we have so many close friends in common. For now, we remain friends through contact with our mutual friends. Sometimes we experience pure joy hanging out, and other times, we can’t even look directly at each other; we just sit in the same room with others.

Since I’ve always believed we’ll end up together, I’m hoping it will turn into something romantic in the near future, if he chooses to become single again. I still experience doubt because I never expected to find him in a serious relationship with someone else. Do runners ever “return”? He even ran from me in a recent dream when I tried to find him to tell him we’re soul mates.

A. Well, first of all, “runners” have never left, because the truth is that twin flames are always connected, even when not in physical, direct relationship with one another. Through the eyes of Spirit and union, you can see that this is the case, and you can feel right now your twin flame with you, in dreams, through your emotions, your inspiration, your thoughts, your heart and soul. Many times we do encounter the twin flame when either one or both twins are in a relationship with a soul mate. This enables both twins to move deeper into the vibration of unconditional love while they respect the twins free will choice in any moment, knowing that the love shared with another only serves to enhance the love shared with all involved, for truly there is no separation in union consciousness.

When you experience your twin in a dream, it’s always important to observe what is happening and how you are feeling as a result, for the dreams allow you to see your own growth as well as what may be lurking underneath the surface there for you to witness, and therefore, take action towards shifting it. The twin is the clearest mirror for you of who you are so if you are seeing your twin running away from you in the dream, I would encourage you to take a look within yourself…are there any fears there, any perceptions of relationship and love to be healed? Fear can come up when encountering and interacting with the twin, for the intensity of the connection/love pushes both twins to move deeper within themselves, bringing on the strong emotions of pain, of separation, of disappointments and expectations, attachments and illusions of separation.

The best thing that you can do in this “time” between when you are in all ways with your twin flame is to connect with the passion inside of you, and bring this passion more fully into your life experience, for as you do this, you send the excitement, the growth to your twin flame also. As you become more profoundly comfortable in your skin, recognizing what your individual mission/purpose is in this world, which you do have, then you allow your twin the chances to do the same and to recognize what your mission is together in this lifetime. Please remember that every step is beautiful and part of the masterpiece that is yours to walk, and all steps lead to home, all steps lead to reunion. (Union = you and I as one, and reunion = remembering that you and I are one). As you remember that in every moment, you are loving deeper, growing through, and co-creating with your twin flame, regardless of the physical connection, the more your heart opens to experience the bliss of unconditional love in all ways and with all that is.

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  1. Gabriella,

    My question is, why would we brought together at this time, only to be together for a short period of time, when the time is not right? When it is obviously not right when there is another soul mate involved on his end? I am hurting now so bad? I do not see the sense in it?
    Thank you

  2. Laura,

    What I have come to know is the short initial meet up is for you to start deconstructing strongly held beliefs, ideologies, and relationship expectations that allow you/me/us to not see clearly and in the present moment. It is very problematic to have standard good old fashion All American relationship romantic ideals with a twin flame union. It is very helpful to remember that that initial meet up can be used to help you to start developing your own personal spiritual abilities and channeling your own energy towards loving and healing yourself and offering love and healing to others.

    Love has no expectations. How amazing it is to even get to the point where we wish and believe the absolute best for our twin flames even if it means we are not together in the ways we expected we would be. That is true love: To let go of how a relationship can serve immediate desires and know that Life is full of limitless Love and I will always be loved and cared for so I can offer that to others without expecting very specific reciprocity.

    We do not know what the absent twin’s process is. Maybe we are not supposed to, and that is OK. It can turn into a waste of energy wishing for and hoping for specific outcomes that just are not. They are not here. What can we work with? Loving oneself deeper. Using the heart opening experience to heal us rather than make us yearn to experience that over and over again. When it is meant to be experienced by Twin, it will. For now, you can harness that emotion, that energy, and feel it in yourself over and over again. Let it soothe you on your own. Let it teach you. Let it help you to shed off per-conceived ideas of what that union “should” look like. Let is open you up to great possibilities and let it heal you.

    You received a wonderful gift through your initial union with Twin. Thank him, wish the best for him in his process, and live life strong and full of love for yourself and for others.

    That is what I discovered on my journey through having this very intense connection/insight with the man I believe(d) is/was my twin. I am learning to release my expectations of him, and therefore, releasing him and me. He should live his life, strong and powerful however he sees fit. I still have work to do and I am surrounded by people who care deeply for me. Love is everywhere. I can let him go because I love him.

  3. Why brought together for short time? From my experience…I met my tf at 23 and did not see him again until 42. It took me 20 years to finally understand that the love I felt at 23 comes along once in a lifetime. At 23, I did not know this. I had to kiss a lot of frogs and really know what is not right for me… To truly understand what is right. Plus, I look back and know that neither one of us were ready and if we did stay together, we could have destroyed a beautiful love.

  4. Kay,
    I too met my TF when I was 22 . At the the same time I met my soulmate also. Now I realise it was meant to be like this. Many times I wondered why at that time I did not connect with my twin. But now I realise it was our soul plan. We were meant to learn some lessons thro all these years. He has always been around in my life and it was only when I was 30 I became aware of different feelings for him. That was after my two children were born. It was as if a veil was deliberately lifted for me to see. After that our attraction for each other has grown in leaps and bounds and we have been drawn together as if by magic. The initial period was beautiful, then tumultuous with lot of misunderstanding, fights, and separation for a two years. But the underlying attraction and pull never left us.
    For years we have been feeling our love grow but due to committed soulmate relationships, we are not able to express it. But we have both learnt a lot of release and now I feel like a new person, not who I was previously. I have mellowed a lot and so has he. I am more soft spoken, empathetic and patient.
    I have worked on my fears, pains and I have learnt to release my TF too. I have a feeling that he needs his space to feel his emotions. I no longer text him but when we meet in common places we connect across distances. This keeping away from him , pains me but my love for him has made me let go. Every time I feel torn by pain, I console myself that he needs his space and I keep sending love to him.
    I can feel him spiritually and can sense his energy inside me as waves of love. When I close my eyes and think of him, this beautiful waves of bliss flow through me . The journey is bittersweet and only love , faith and trust can keep us going. Love to you all.

  5. For the first time in my life at my age, I can say that I know the true meaning of love. Before, I believed I was in love maybe two times, when I was 14 and later at 26 I felt a intense passion for a man, now I think it was my activation of my chakra-heart; it was this! I was not really love because I never felt the intense connection with him as I feel now with my TF. I can say, that when I was younger I was not ready for my TF either. And now, I’m not sure, I love him (my TF) but only with the idea to be close to him my body reacts strongly; my legs gets weaks, my heart start pumping and this gave me pain on my chest, and I start sheaking, and suspect my TF has the same reactions. So, I’m just living with my dreams and my spiritual connection with him. The universe keeps giving signs that many times I don’t understand; in the 3D WORLD I don’t see a chance to be with my beloved TF. If we are merging we are in the spiritual world or in another dimension. ALL this is confuse for me at this point. Love to everybody in this site and I’m sorry, I think I’m writing too much.

  6. I met my twin when I was 11 years old. I am now 38. He shows up every 12 years or so… He recently popped up 2 years ago and we are both married. So we talk and he says cryptic things and then he disappears for a few mobths and then pops back up.. Most recently he called me to tell me he is separated and now living on his own. And now POOF! He is running again…

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