Balancing your Power Within and That of the Machine

I do enjoy reading and watching Joseph Campbell speak about mythology and truths relevant to our world today, perceptions that show us our creations within our personal stories as well as our collective ones, as both affect the other…

What a wonderful power the machine gives you but is it going to dominate you? The statement of what you need and want must come from you not from the machine and not from the government that’s teaching you or not even from the clergy. It has to come from one’s own inside. The minute you let that drop and take what the dictation of the time is rather than the dictation of your own eternity, you have capitulated to the devil and you’re in hell.” ~Joseph Campbell

The motto I use all the time is, “Embrace Your Destiny.” The awareness of your destiny comes from within you, though it can be established through something you do within the world. It’s important for you to make sure that you allow yourself to follow what your heart, your intuition that is always guiding you, rather than submitting to a universal path. There is absolutely a connection, or many connections, between the outside world and the one within you yet don’t let the outside world influence you to the point of not knowing what your heart is telling you. Stay connected to what you feel, and know that as you continue forward, all of your dreams are not only possible, but able to be fully manifested and experienced in your life.