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Move Freely in your Truest Vibration

In order to move forward freely in the truest vibration of my soul and be the expression of my pure essence, I let go of anything that is no longer needed. This does not necessarily mean transitioning from all relationships

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Follow your Intuition and Witness the Perfection

I am blown away by the perfection of the moment. When your intuition gives you a sign and a message, then you follow through with action upon it and what you receive is clarification of what you feel, you know

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To Your Own Heart, Be True

Again and again and again, I must say, follow your own way. Let your intuition guide you, and to your own heart, be true, in EVERY moment. There will always be people that share their own vision and opinions for

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Doubt Comes From the Mind and Truth Comes From Your Heart

Q. I really think I know who my twin flame is??? But now I am doubting it? Is this normal? A. This is absolutely “normal” when you are in the midst of releasing the attempts of control from your mind

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Balancing your Power Within and That of the Machine

I do enjoy reading and watching Joseph Campbell speak about mythology and truths relevant to our world today, perceptions that show us our creations within our personal stories as well as our collective ones, as both affect the other… “What

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Trust Your Heart

Q. Why are there so many different explanations of what twin flames are? There is a new site I found out about that states that all these other sites about what a twin flame is are wrong. They say that

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