Doubt Comes From the Mind and Truth Comes From Your Heart

Q. I really think I know who my twin flame is??? But now I am doubting it? Is this normal?

A. This is absolutely “normal” when you are in the midst of releasing the attempts of control from your mind and moving into the space of feeling and *knowing* which comes from your heart. The heart and your body holds the memories deeply embedded within your cells of your eternal love and connection with your twin flame. This is where your recognition of your twin flame comes from, as your true love partner that complements and fits you perfectly, balancing your polarities in the etheric and 3D realm.

The twin flame journey is one of remembering. When you become aware of your twin, both before the physical encounter and afterwards, you are guided into a deeper spiritual awakening on many levels, constantly growing into the true essence of who you are, and you remember on a profound level what your soul (as an individual, as a 1), has planned and also what your mission with your twin flame is (as a union, 11) for your passions are so beautifully intertwined as they fit together, like a puzzle piece, perfectly and intuitively. When you remember, you feel and you know deep within your gut, you don’t *think.* I encourage you to stick with what you really feel and know rather than what you think is the truth, for you already KNOW the truth. Doubt comes from uncertainty, and uncertainty comes from the mind as you begin to question what you already feel. Trust what you feel, especially what you feel so deep within that can’t be explained or understood by the mind. This is where the mind fails to capture or understand this journey. You can bring the mind back into it once you clearly connect with what you feel and know as truth, as you bring this spiritual sight of knowing from your gut and your heart, into the human perspective of seeing, through your mind. It will become more clear in each moment, as you allow yourself to be IN the moment, releasing the pull from your mind or the minds of others. Keep connected to your heart and follow as you are guided. What is “normal” is relative, because normal comes from the mind…there is just what is and what you make/create from how you see what is. Your heart helps you to transform what is into a masterpiece of what you feel and know. Everything is so sweetly interconnected.

For more information on the path of twin flame remembrance, read this blog post: The Twin Flame Journey and Reunion: Remembering

3 Comments on “Doubt Comes From the Mind and Truth Comes From Your Heart

  1. Thanks for sharing this and just letting you know that your mind may try to dissuade you and make you think you are crazy, but your heart will never lead you astray. At times I have doubted that I would ever see my twin again but my heart tells me I will and I trust it. I let my heart lead me and let go of the egoic mind that tries to say it is not possible. All things are possible with love.

  2. This is so true, especially living in the moment is the most importante. I learned on some way, during this process how to get back into the moment if my mind pulls me away, when i start to feel so heavy or braked, i just stop, close my eyes and think how beautiful life i have, how world is beatiful and just listen the sounds and feel the smells and thinking how everything in my life have purpose, i have a purpose, i actually going somewhere in my life. i just start to feel warmth inside of my body and happines and just want to pass that to all people around me.
    Gabriella thank you for your posts and all you doing, you really have a beautiful energy around you, i was sceptical to write anywhere about my experiences, but here i feel a big comfort, so thank you.

  3. This so true. Thank you for posting this. I have often gone back and forth about the twin flame situation. Am I crazy for feeling like this? But I know now that I must go right back to my heart and what it says and sings. TF ,I love you…