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The Magic of the Mirror Mind

The Magic Within the Mirror Mind Jointly, we move through each and every crevice, organizing the keys to ignite and start the next device, stealthily working in the early hours, no longer a novice. Heaven awaits your lightning arrival at

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The Layers of Choosing your Destiny, Including Free Will

Q. I released my twin, I had so much anger towards him for not feeling, not being awake, for carrying this myself. I can feel and sense the choice of choosing love, and believe in it, yet my ego hasn’t

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Embrace your Destiny

Q. Is it true that the Venus transit on June 6th is a time for twin flame reunion..? I now feel myself in the divine flow. I do not contact my twin flame. I feel if it is meant to

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Balancing your Power Within and That of the Machine

I do enjoy reading and watching Joseph Campbell speak about mythology and truths relevant to our world today, perceptions that show us our creations within our personal stories as well as our collective ones, as both affect the other… “What

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