Tag: Rising in Love

I AM not higher than you on the ladder of love. You are not higher than me. We ARE as we are, united in love, vibrating with the purest, sweetest, most genuine reflection of the ONE that IS. I witness

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Q. I am too feeling that something really good is coming, and almost feeling like nothing will bother me lately really happy. Hoping that is what will be, or maybe just connecting with love and the universe more? And you

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Q. Is it true that the Venus transit on June 6th is a time for twin flame reunion..? I now feel myself in the divine flow. I do not contact my twin flame. I feel if it is meant to

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Q. 2012 is said to be the time of ascension. Does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now? We are already united spiritually, so, does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for

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Q. My heart says not to give up. The love is there, he is fighting it for family reasons. Embracing myself and loving more is what I need to do…I think. I feel gutted but know I have to rise,

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