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At times, you may feel like you have received so much along this soul’s journey in form, and other times, you may feel like a baby, learning how to crawl again, or move anew. This is not a competition, yet

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Riding the waves of my essence as continuous sprinkles of light are coming through with such clarity, and with a pen that seems to be on fire, I am bringing the desire in the fire of my soul through in

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*a quote from my new book ~ Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness* “Remembering your soul plan, your soul agreements, your life lessons, comes through allowing the experience of the moments unfolding in your journey,

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Time upon time, I have intended to bring my heart onto the paper so that it may trickle out to the cosmos, embracing everyone in the sweet remembrance of eternal love. Then, when I feel the pressure from within my

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I AM not higher than you on the ladder of love. You are not higher than me. We ARE as we are, united in love, vibrating with the purest, sweetest, most genuine reflection of the ONE that IS. I witness

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****This is a sample/excerpt from my upcoming book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness.**** Website for Rising Up the Ladder of Love ****Note: I will be focusing on bringing this book into being for all

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