The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union

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©May 18, 2012 by Gabriella Hartwell

When you become aware of your twin flame, when you encounter your twin physically, you are softly, yet firmly nudged, and consistently so, into a spiritual awakening, into a deeper understanding of the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union. This calls you to look into the mirror, literally and figuratively, at who you are, to acknowledge all of the false perceptions of who you are, to profoundly FEEL all of those pieces of you that you have been holding onto that are NOT you, and to release them. What I mean by *who you are*, is love. You are pure, unconditional, eternal, divine love. All that is thought to be in the vibration of love but is rather in separation needs to be witnessed, seen for what it is, and let go of. Meeting up with your twin flame brings you constantly, in each moment, into a higher expression of the divine energy of love that you are but to represent and express that love with yourself, with your twin flame, with others that come along your path, with all that is, IS entirely up to you, AND how you do that is entirely up to you. I’ve talked about soul agreements in where your soul along with other souls that are in your life right now, souls that have been and souls that will be in your life, gather before physical incarnation into these human bodies to discuss what you will experience in this lifetime, including your challenges, your accomplishments, your contributions to the world. You decide, along with these other souls, when you will meet, what you will do and create together, what you will heal from and learn. This is the reason why there are no mistakes, and all of our challenges are opportunities for soul growth.

So you have met your twin flame. Now what? Some of you are single, some of you meet your twin while he/she is in a soul mate relationship, some of you are in a soul mate relationship, some of you have experienced your twin transition out of body form, some of you have been sharing spiritually and in dreams but haven’t physically seen your twin flame. What now? Union is *you and I as one.* Union is always present. Union always is, just as your love for your twin flame always is. By now, you have probably heard the phrases, “we are all connected,” and “we are one.” Well, that sounds nice but what does it mean? First of all, what are you? You are not your body. You are spirit, or you could say soul, but I like to use spirit because it emphasizes so much more than your soul. When a body dies, the spirit continues on, to love more, to experience more, to bring all of the learning within the particular body that has died into the field of *all that is* and therefore bringing all of the awareness to everyone. If you are still in a human body when this happens, your consciousness benefits from all of this awareness, as this is part of evolution. Ok, so in order for us to have adopted those phrases, our consciousness, individually and collectively, has reached a point to understand the deeper aspects of our oneness with all that is. BUT, we are now asked to not just hear and speak those words but live it, love it, be it. If we are being this union, then we see that all is connected with *all that is* and there is NOTHING that is not part of *all that is*.

How does this relate to what to do now that you have become aware and know your twin flame? Twin flames are meant to be the embodiment and full expression of this truth of unconditional, eternal love and union that is. For so long, we have been living in separation yet attempting to be in union, in our relationships and throughout our creations in the world. At this point, twin flames are needed. Twin flames are needed to remember their love, to recognize each other, and to act upon that remembering and recognition, so that the world, individually and collectively, will remember also the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union. Eternal is *always* for the love has never NOT been, it is always and all ways there. Unconditional love is love without any conditions, restrictions, expectations, limitations, judgment. Union is the truth of your connection with all that is and your beloved, *you and I as one*. It is for you to remember it…reunion is *remembering you and I as one,* remembering union. As you remember this, you become this union in every moment, in every relationship, as you know that your love shared right now is not separate from the eternal love you hold for your twin flame nor from the love that is *all that is*. Love shared and expressed in any moment spirals into the circle of love all around the world, just as the awareness from a spirit that leaves a body goes back into the collective consciousness. This increases our capacity, as individuals and a collective, to love, to love deeper, to more thoroughly understand the true essence of unconditional, eternal love and union.

Knowing that you are not separated from your twin flame, the love that is you, your twin flame and all that is, you start to see loving and being in a whole different way. You begin to see that as you look at a flower lovingly, you are loving your twin flame. As you pet a puppy feeling that connection, you are loving your twin flame, etc. and then this increases as you love your soul mates along your path, yet it includes EVERYTHING and all love. The twin flame love and awareness of it is meant to open and expand your heart into the truth of what love IS. It is unconditional, eternal and shared with *all that is* in each moment.

So how are twin flames to be this living embodiment of this love to and for the world? By being that love in each moment. BUT in order to do that, you need to acknowledge all the ways in which you perceived love and relationships before NOW, and let it all go. Remember, we have been playing at union for so long in the vibration of separation, and as you can see, it has not been working. Love that is unconditional, without any restrictions, limitations, judgment, conditions, expectations, is love, pure and simple, always there to be give and to receive. (Beloved = be love and be loved). This love does not put rules on a relationship, there are no roles to play, you are just meant to be, and to be in love as you then be in love (be in that love vibration) with your twin flame, in each moment, with everyone and everything that comes along your path. By “with your twin flame,” I mean however that looks and feels like right now because you are never without your twin. You are meant to give and receive love as you can now, without conditions, restrictions, limitations, etc.

I want to touch on pain, on hurt, for this emotion comes from separation. Many of you who are in soul mate relationships express that you do not want to hurt your soul mate by expressing love with your twin flame. Can you see that feeling such is coming from a belief that the love you hold for your twin flame is separate from the love you have for your soul mate? Such feelings as jealousy cannot come up if you see that all love is connected and therefore never withheld from you. Such words as “mine” cannot fully be understood through the eyes of love because what is yours is mine and is part of *all that is.* We are sharing, and loving together, increasing the vibration of unconditional, eternal love and union for us all. Feeling that you cannot truly be yourself because of fear of hurting someone else, or fear of not receiving love because of speaking your truth, is not loving yourself or your partner. Remember, unconditional, eternal love and union has no conditions, expectations, limitations, restrictions or judgment. If there is an action of such, it is in separation (there is an emotion, a belief, a behavior of such) that sees love and yourself as being separate from love and others. You are connected to everyone and everything else, *all that is*, and any love shared is shared with *all that is.* Therefore, you are giving and receiving love and connection all the time. You encounter your twin flame while in another relationship or vice versa, to offer all of you who are involved the many opportunities that such a situation offers to witness and recognize the beliefs, behaviors, emotions of separation so that you can, ALL OF YOU, move into the vibration of unconditional, eternal love and union. All of the different dynamics and ways in which twin flames are connecting now are meant to show the world what this love truly is. Therefore, twin flames most often do not just meet and then go into a romantic relationship (however this can happen), being together “happily ever after” for that is the old paradigm of relationships. A lot of times, twins meet, go deeper into their own individual spiritual transformation while connecting along the journey, and then come back to share in the deeper vibration of love. We are transforming the perception and actions of what love looks like. As you be love and be loved in each moment that arises for you to do so, as you react, respond, be and love through the way of reunion (remembering union) you are becoming the embodiment of the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union. You show the world that love is, as it always is, and it cannot be contained in a box to be expressed and shared in only one way, with rules and roles. Hopefully, at this point, you understand that you are not meant to focus on the next moment of what the expression of love with your twin flame will become but rather to share in the love right here and now how it is. If you have decided on a soul level, before incarnation, on when and how you would meet, then things are the way they are for reasons, and you now have free will with how you will share and express that love with one another, while allowing yourself in each moment, the open awareness for you to remember your souls intention with your twin flame in this lifetime. All of the different dynamics and ways in which twins are encountering each other and sharing in love are ALL beautiful as none is better than another, for ALL of them offer all of the souls involved AND the world, the representation that love knows no boundaries, this love is within the heart and spirit, beyond control as it cannot be understood just through the mind, but rather felt from the heart/spirit and then merged with the mind.

I feel a need to share with you some of my personal journey to bring all of what I’m sharing into an *example* for you and for the world as this is what my journey has been for, as all of yours are. I was aware of my twin flame energetically ever since I was a young girl, and had the awareness of him, his essence, the combination of our energies together. I also knew that music, words and creation is so important for us, sharing our love as we create together within our love to share it with the world. I had a sense that I would meet him when the time was right and never doubted this. I knew that I would recognize him and I did. It was in 2007 that I encountered his physical form. At that point, I thought that I was on my way towards him, which I was, but in the meantime I came across a soul mate in 2008. When I first met this soul mate, I could not deny that there was a deep connection, however I resisted my feelings at first because I had so much love for and knowing of my twin flame, our love, our reunion and what we would offer the world. Nonetheless, I was guided to share love with this soul mate. However, I NEVER kept things from him. Right from the start, I told him of the love with my twin flame and what my intuition has given me to know of our eventual reunion in all ways. I have been sharing with him throughout these years since and it has been a journey as he has had to release the ego/separation in his thoughts, his feelings, his actions in sharing love while he knows of my connection and love with my twin flame. I have had to do the same for as much as I cared for him, my heart and body desired to be with and share love with my twin flame. Both of us had to release previously held notions of love on so many levels and many layers of shedding for us to be present in the NOW to be love and to allow ourselves to be loved. What this has done is pushed us into the vibration of the beloved energy, knowing that we are truly here to be the embodiment of being love and being loved. This is the energy of complete merging with your twin flame. Throughout our relationship, my soul mate and I have physically separated many times, and come back together. Each time, we released more and more of the perceptions of seeing love and relationship through the eyes of separation and into the knowing, the deeper understanding of union. At this point, we are truly *best friends* as we share it all with each other. He knows of his soul connection with my twin flame and is so excited to embrace him physically soon as we are all soul family, and all of the love within us is for *all of us* and the world, enhancing love for all. Going back to your specific soul agreements before incarnation – see I was not aware that on my path towards my twin flame, I would be encountering and sharing with a soul mate. I also was not aware at the beginning, why I felt compelled to share and be with him if I felt this knowing and love with my twin flame. Yet now I understand how I have grown in my understanding and realization of what the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union is, how becoming aware of and meeting my twin flame propelled me into this deeper spiritual awakening towards our path of service in and to the world, and how my connection/love with my soul mate fits into it all.

I could have been afraid to share the truth of my love and knowing with my twin flame to my soul mate (and vice versa) yet what would that have been for? I would have been living in secret, not truly loving because I wasn’t able to be who I truly am, nor allowing my soul mate (or my twin flame) to be who he truly is, nor would I be “challenging” him and myself to grow through the perceptions, beliefs, emotions, actions of separation into the truth of the unconditional, eternal love and union that is. Remember, that you did not choose to have relationships with other souls for the purpose of being and loving in fear (which is separation) of what would happen if you created a bump on the path. For it is in what we can perceive as challenges, that offers us the opportunities to grow in deeper love and awareness of those challenges as part of the journey into a profound experience of unconditional, eternal love and union. If we walk a line of trying to keep things smooth, we risk feeling constrained and limited as we are also limiting those souls we are sharing with. All things are perception…so even seeing something as “smooth” is a perception. When you change your perception on it all in each moment, everything has the chance to shift. All change and all shifting can feel unpleasant as you are going through it (believe me I know) yet the rewards are out of this world, literally. We are in this world to move out of this world, to bring ourselves back into this world while we are still out of it. In other words, we are merging the human experience with the spiritual sight. We have a human experience, we bring the spiritual sight in, and then we see the human experience in a whole different way. This is what the twin flame love, connection and encounter is all about. We are transforming the way we see love and relationships, the way we be in love, the way we are in love and as we do that, we offer another example to the world. For in doing this, we bring all of us into the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union, which is, as it has always been. We just merely have to see it, but to see it, we chose to have the human experience to FEEL the separation and the union as we experience it, basking in the separation, to move into the vibration with the *experience* and the *vision* of union. When we do it this way, we understand that union is all there is, and the separation is only there if we perceive it. Once we shift our perceptions into union, our whole state of being and loving changes. What is left, is union because union is all there is.

36 Comments on “The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    how can i express my gratitide to you. You have taken up the questions and my musings and doubts in such a patient way and given a loving gudance which really touches my heart.Thank you. We are in soulmate relationship. I connect to my twinflame by feelings and thoughts which is beautiful. I also keep in touch by texting to him. If i am to be truly non hypocritical and true to my marriage commitments, should I stop this communication by way of texting and stick only to soul level communication? should I stop meeting him personally –though it is very rare.. and everytime we meet there is a spurt in our growth and i hold on to those special moments as if it is my life breath. He contacts me very very rarely, but when he does it is too beautiful and we melt in each other.Should I stop all this and never meet him. will that make me faithfful to my marriage commitments or should i follow my heart and carry on with communicating with him and let it take its course ? I tried stoping communication with him many times but when he calls i cannot resist the temptation and i just give in..all my strong resolve just melts way…

  2. and dear Gabriella, please do try to keep posting as we readers so look forward to your every post and guidance. our best wishes for you Book and much love to you.

  3. Gabriella,

    I second Sleeping Beauty’s request that you please keep posting to this site, though I realize that you are busy and I do look forward to reading your book.

    It is very difficult for me to accept fully this notion of ‘soul contracts’, and how we all “gather before physical incarnation into these human bodies to discuss what you will experience in this lifetime, including your challenges, your accomplishments, your contributions to the world”.

    To me, it seems that this idea disregards the reality of free will, as I cannot presently accept the idea that our ‘Fate’ is ever set in stone. In my lifetime, I have suffered much abuse and persecution, and I cannot imagine that I would have ever agreed to experience these things willingly.

    Sleeping Beauty,

    I am very envious of your ability to communicate with your twin!! I don’t know how Gabriella would respond, but, my would be to please maintain these communications with your twin- the Universe has blessed the both of you at this time with this means of reunion, and it seems to me that there must be a good reason for this. Think of all the people you know, or have met, who are stuck in miserable marriages, or are growing old with no one in their life to love, no children, etc… true love is a rarity in this day and age. My guess is that if you cease communication with your twin now, you will regret this decision later in life… that is just my two cents.

    In contrast, my twin and I do not even know each others names- let alone how to communicate, with each other. What sometimes seems worse for me, lately, is that I sense she has allowed herself to fall in love with another man- and is now consciously blocking my attempts to connect with her telepathically. Some days the only times when I am able to sense her, is late at night when she has already gone to bed- even then, the telepathic connection can seem very weak, or even non-existent.

    Regardless, meeting my twin has begun a series of changes within me, changes for the better. It hasn’t always been a straight line, and sometimes I feel that the demons chasing me have redoubled their efforts, in an attempt to stop these changes from taking place. Lately, the guardian angels which watch over me have since redoubled their efforts, too, so (for the time being) things have been slowly getting better. Maybe someday, I will be reunited with my Twin- oh God, I do pray so– in the meantime, I know that I need to grow the love within me, to share with my wife, family, and all of those around me. It is so challenging sometimes, that is why I am grateful to have this blog to read for inspiration and healing.

  4. Christopher,

    Think of it this way – you’re in a class and you have a project to do with a group of other souls. Now this project, each of you have your own part to do, and you are discussing which roles each of you are going to take, and which of you will help who with what. This is a transformative project, one that includes experience. The whole point with the project is for all of you to follow your guidance as it comes (and of course to have fun while also seeing what you can receive from each experience) and there are no mistakes. You have discussed what each of you would like to get out of the project and what experiences would benefit you to achieve what you desire, HOWEVER, you have the free will and the choices in each moment on what you feel is right for you so therefore your free will is never taken away. Neale Donald Walsch has used the example of a computer game to show this too…the computer game has lots of options (and all of them have been chosen ahead of time) but depending on what choice is made in any moment, lays out the path from there, then you make another choice and the path continues or shifts. It’s all about experiencing, growing, loving deeper, learning, etc. Hope this helps shows you that planning things ahead of time goes hand in hand *with* free will. It doesn’t take it away.

    I will be having Robert Schwartz on my radio show Monday, May 28th to share on this in more detail. I would suggest you listen to it and also, to listen to his previous interview here: First Interview with Robert His first book is a GREAT read for you (for everyone really!) and it is Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before you Were Born. You can read more about it and make a purchase at his website Robert Schwartz. It is very powerful and has the energy to change your life in a positive way!

    Regarding your twin and your lack of communication – I need to bring this to your awareness as it was intuitively coming through. If you have a perception that the communication has ceased, then it will. If you believe that your twin is blocking you or feeling this from her, I ask you to take a look at your own process of blocking her, with your thoughts that it is already blocked. Somewhere in your consciousness, it seems like you may feel that to be in a relationship and to have a connection with your twin flame at the same time is something that is looked down upon, yet also that it is the end of a connection. Remember, I always say that the connection and love is always present, and therefore never gone. I understand the desire to compare your relationship with your soul mate with what your soul feels for your twin flame (as I have been there!) but when you shift your perception into seeing that as you love your soul mate, you love your twin (and vice versa), you increase the love for all of you. AND you will also begin to start feeling your connection and communication with your twin increase. However, I also ask you to not look upon these times when you feel as though you can’t sense your connection with your twin as the communication is gone, but rather that it is giving you the opportunities to be fully present in your experiences and relationship right now, so as to increase your capacity for being love and allowing yourself to be loved.

    There is also a deep underlying vibration of unconditional love always between you and your twin flame, and it is important to continuously connect to this in every moment, with all of your relationships and experiences. Unconditional, eternal love and union understands that love does not have any conditions, expectations, limitations, etc. so therefore your twin’s choice of being in another relationship at this time would bring about a sense of happiness within you for her happiness, as your happiness and hers are the same. The love is eternal, it is always there. I ask you to take a look at, to feel where you are on seeing the love she may be sharing in, the love you are sharing in. Do you see this as being separate from each other? For it absolutely is not. Perceiving and feeling through separation brings about all kinds of emotions and behaviors, such as sadness, jealousy, anger, frustration…I am glad that you find comfort, inspiration and healing from this blog – I ask you to continuously read this post again and again to let it all REALLY sink in. The same will be true for my book when it comes out – the ways of living and loving, for all of us, in separation has been for many lifetimes and years. There are a lot of layers to this and the more we revisit the truths and insight to help us live in union, the more it will become more understandable.

    Sleeping Beauty,

    I would always be the first to say to follow your heart, yet also I would never recommend being deceitful. In other words, honesty and open communication is always important in any relationship. I encourage you to make sure in which space are you right now with your soul mate – have you shared any of this? What do you feel when you think about it? Your intuition, your heart will guide you on this. I would never suggest, unless strongly guided, to tell you to cease communication with your twin flame. If it is there, there is a reason, or many, for it. As I said in this blog post, if you are hiding your feelings from yourself, your soul mate, your twin flame, you are not openly and deeply loving, because there is fear there. Fear cannot be present in love. If there is fear, it is a sign that somewhere, there is a perception of separation. Do you feel that if you shared, you would lose love? You cannot ever lose love as it is what you are made of. It is important not to attach love to a relationship or a person or anything. Love is beyond form. See what you are feeling…what you are guided…see where your questions are coming from. Are there any beliefs, judgment, fear within you when you question sharing with your twin flame in the ways you have, and if so why?

  5. Sleeping beauty, I wish I could communicate with my TF on facebook, by texting, by email why not? I think that love is not a sin?! or is it?! Christopher you have the name of my TF’s friend who comes to my dreams to give me up dates about him (my TF); I have a vivid dream where he was there while I was talking with my husband about divorce. So I think that he goes back with my TF to keep him inform. Sound crazy. The name of my TF means “gift of God” and for some reason I have the sensation that the name of your TF starts with J, she has a soft name. OK maybe I’m crazy, I pray for you to find about her. I know, how you feel, I feel the same way too. I had the lists of names of the class on my hands many times, just there infront of me and I never checked for the last name of my TF, OMG!

  6. Hey Gabriella & her followers-

    I’m a BIG & loyal fan of yours and everyone who commented/shared their stories on her blog!!! You’re all awesome & beautiful spirited people! I stumbled across her website when I first awoke (divine love vibrations & all that jazz!) after meeting my soul mate or possibly a twin flame 2 yrs ago. I got to tell you this- everything you have written resonates with me perfectly every time I read your fresh blogs. Of course, I wonder so much why I am in sync with you for 2 years straight? Anybody on the same boat with me? Anyway, I can’t wait to read your upcoming book! Good on you & everyone who support & inspired her all the way! 😉

    I have a burning question for you or anyone who wishes to contribute an answer…
    would anyone kindly please explain or elaborate what this means- “have experienced your twin transition out of body form?”

    Much thanks & love to you all!

  7. Starfire,

    SO glad that you have been sharing in the love and growth right along with everyone here. I do love how new people, such as yourself, feel comfortable to share at the right moment. 😉 What I meant by “transition out of body form,” is quite simply through death. Some have shared with the twin for a while and then the twin transitions through death, while the other is still living. 🙂 Sometimes I do phrase things differently! Thanks for asking the question to clarify for others that may have the same pondering.

    We always attract people to us at the right moment for reasons we might not always know in that moment. However, I can say that if you have been in sync for two years straight, there is something that’s keeping you here and when you know (or maybe there is layers to this knowing), please feel free to share. But I do know that it extremely helps along this journey to have others of like mind and vibration to share with, to support and encourage you, to know that you are NOT going crazy! *smile* You’re not alone and you are so very loved. I am glad that you are awake and have been awakening further and further, quite an experience, isn’t it?

    Please feel free to share at anytime. Love and thanks to YOU as well!

  8. Dearest Gabriella,
    once again my extreme gratitude for your loving guidance. I have mentioned about twin souls to my soulmate(my husband). he knows that I am forever on the net looking at websites about twinsouls.he has also seen me rreading your website. However I have not told him that I have met my twin soul. I have told him that I am very close to ti and that he is also in the whole soul plan and that he is the one who will unite me with my twin soul. he thinks that I am just hallucinating and and sometimes laughs at me. I tell him that he has a contract wtih my twin soul…but you can imagine the situation. My husband justs does not take it seriously and somehow I too cannot expect him to digest allthis. I have told him that he is not my twin soul.
    Though it makes him uncomfortable, since i do not block this search from him or my chidren, they all just tease me and let me be.Your blog is a place where i can openly communicate without feeling that i am abnormal. thank you and love to you all.
    DEar Christopher,
    thank you so much for understanding my feelings ,it feels so good to be validated. i am sure you will progress in your soul journey and when the right time comes you will be pulled towards each other.

  9. “As I said in this blog post, if you are hiding your feelings from yourself, your soul mate, your twin flame, you are not openly and deeply loving, because there is fear there.”
    I hear what you are saying Gabriella, but this statement bothers me. I’m not hiding my feelings from myself or my husband, but I cannot openly express the depth of my feelings with my twin flame (or his wife). Is it out of fear? Maybe, but I absolutely refuse to hurt everyone. It would be selfish and unconscionable. You have no idea how much pain it has caused my husband knowing that I have such a strong bond with another man. How do you make love to your husband when you feel your heart being torn out, knowing your perfect god-mate is another? Just how do you suppose openly expressing my feelings to my twinflame and his wife are going to help them? What you are suggesting?- because I’m doing the best I can here. You are painting a pretty picture of a lovey-dovey move into union consciousness so we all accept everyone freely and openly expressing love with everyone else. Well, thoughts and actions have consequences and I’m not wrong in “hiding” my feelings. In fact, this is the most loving thing I am able to do in this situation.

  10. Sidney,

    Thank you for expressing your feelings! I also thank you because you have brought my attention to that particular section – so I feel guided to go back and thoroughly to take it in to feel the best way to bring things into a more unconditional loving vibration and understanding. Whilst I recommend being honest and sharing with those that you love, I do mean in how and when and IF you are guided to. You are absolutely not “wrong” in not expressing your love right now, as there are no mistakes, and it is important along this journey, in each moment to follow your own intuition and guidance for this is YOUR journey, and you would know best. Each moment you go along, things may shift, things may change and what feels right in THIS moment might not be the same in the next one. What I was expressing in this section is to share as much as you feel guided as you can in the present intimate “committed” relationship you are in, (as this would be your soul mate) as you are expressing that you have done.

    Believe me, I do understand some of the dynamic in your situation since I have shared intimately with my soul mate throughout these years as we have been committed to loving in each present moment as we had been guided, and how it hurt him in knowing the deep soul connection and love I have for my twin flame AND how it hurt me as well by loving with him when my entire being desired to be sharing in all ways with my twin flame. We have moved through this throughout that time, constantly releasing layers and layers of seeing love as confined in a certain way or just between two people, or even restricted to our physical bodies. I did mention in this post that unconditional love does not have any limitations and unconditional love would desire happiness for your twin flame, regardless of what the heart and the body may desire…and I feel that at this point, what you are doing is what you feel is the best thing AND the most loving thing. I am just offering to be open to guidance in any moment with openly expressing feelings, if and when they do come up to bring forth. This was the case in my situation, and even though there are similarities along the twin flame journey, we each have our own path to take, and NONE is better than another. What may be right for me or someone else in the same situation may not feel right for you, and that’s ok.

    This is a very emotional journey and I understand that much of what has been shared on my blog up to this point as well as what I may be bringing through in this book will bring up some uncomfortable emotions and thoughts. I welcome this for all emotions, thoughts, etc. that make us feel uncomfortable help us to love ourselves, love each other, and love our expression of ourselves as we are in each moment in a deeper way. Things that come up can bring us to looking at the way we love and see if how we are loving feels right or if there is something that we may shift. Sometimes this can bring about change but then other times, it can strengthen our perception on how things are and how we are choosing to be right now in all our loving relationships. All of this offers us many opportunities to be in gratitude for what is, what could be, and what we choose in each moment. We are all doing the best we can in each moment, and I encourage you to follow your heart and your intuition as you continue along your journey. There are no roles and rules in relationships, and love cannot be placed in a box – it isn’t “this” way or “that” way, it is your way. Each of us need to follow our own way in each moment as we move along our unique path of love. I support you in whatever you choose, in each moment, knowing that you are committed to loving deeply in how you feel is the best for you and all involved.

    Sending love!

  11. Yes it is not fear that keeps me from telling my soulmate who my twin is but the fact that it will hurt them all so and will disrupt the whole family and the future of the children. My husband may not be able to accept another person to share and surely he will not be able to live togehter with me after that, which will further hurt the children.It would be selfish of me to expect so much from them. If i was in his position would I accept his twin soul and live jointly with her? As you said Gabriella if this is the age where love has a new paradigm everyone will accept everyone in love relationships this may be possible. I read about Melvyn and Caryl(united twin souls) in the ZEB and ZARNA website that the they along with their soulmates are living as one family. However they are of much older age and probably they all live for companionship.But whether all this is practical is a pretty long shot.
    Sidney , as Gabriella says we ave to take it a it comes. Initially , i thought I could never tell my family aboout twin souls but , they themselves found it out, as I was browsing the web and then I thought my husband would never even listen to it. But one day he asked me what it is all about and I explained that it is above just the physical,it is about soul and about service to humanity he was able to take it in a little bit.So without me doing anything situations presented themselves where I could talk about it to them and I was so surprised. If I push too much ,at a time they will not be able to take it.
    It is indeed a long long journey and just like Gabriella I too had met my twin soul before my marriage (but did not recognise it then. we became aware of our feelings only 9 years back) but my soulmate a little while before that. I was destined to marry the soulmate for a purpose , but all through these years my twin soul has been around and I have been for his wedding too. Our journey has been for over 20 years and only last year I was aware of twin soul relationship and i told him about it.
    I do feel that everything has its purpose.I now see how all this has been led through. It is amazing..!!Divine guidance indeed!If I had known 20 years back that he was my twin soul, I would not have learned all these lessons.These intense feelings of connection, telpathy,balance ,etc would not have happened.

    One day when we were together, I said in my mind “I am your wife” and to my utmost surprise , he answered aloud, “If that is what you want it will take time..” I was amazed because I had not spoken a word. It was just thoughts!
    To this day day I do not know how much time but I am waiting..

  12. Hi everybody, i’m so glad to have the opportunity to be sharing this amazing journey with you all.
    I want to express again my grattitude to you Gabriella, for your wisdom, Love and support. In this blog you have given me the breath I need it in this moment, as I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed in the situation I am now. And in the blog you just expose this very same feelings and situation I’m going trough now.
    I met my Twin flame half a year. He is married and has two little children. He is commmited with his family. We have contact, but at times it gets difficult, as I realize we are in this perception of separation coming from the old paradigm that is still so inlaid in us. A soulmate has appeared in my life since one month, and I feel Love for him. i feel he has come to be my companion and to create a family together. He has fallen in Love with me completely, and I know part of this Love he is feeling is the Love I have for my twin flame. The but is that my soul and my heart is fully given to my twin flame. I am trying to accept the Love I feel for my twin flame and how to live with this Love and Love and share with others without feeling frustration, sadness, guilty, and living a secret life.
    GAbriella I would like so much to have another sesion with you. For me the best days are from Monday to Wednesday. Would it be possible for you?

  13. ups! sorry 🙂 the blog was blocked and my message has been delivered many times… is this a sign of my desperation…?;P

  14. Estel,
    After we meet our twin it is usually not possible to have a true relationship . If your heart can take that, we can be with soulmate, but it could be for you to learn some lessons.
    Joana ,thanks for your input. I have followed your out pourings as well. Age difference can be ok if both are willing to oversee it and focus on love only.

  15. Gabriella, thank you for your response. I realize that I was taking your words and advice very personally and that my reaction was stronger than I expected. Of course, I know you have great empathy and understanding of twin flame connections & challenges because you have been on your own TF journey. I also appreciate your efforts on everyone’s behalf to share the wisdom you have gained. Please forgive me if my words came out too harsh.


    I am going to respond to your request for a session via email as I look forward to sharing with you intimately again very soon.


    I wanted to add here that what is written above (this blog post) is an excerpt from my book to show you how it will be written and some of what the book will be delving into. It is essential to read the entire book for you to fully understand all that is expressed within this particular post. Many twin flames have their own unique dynamic in how they share love with the twin flame and how the relationship is right now, and how it may be for the remainder of this lifetime, yet what may be is always shifting in each moment. I will go into detail within the book on all of these ways and what they offer from the eyes of unconditional, eternal love and union. Again, nothing is EVER wrong and there are no mistakes. We are all going about this as we are guided. I am so glad that I have this space created for us all to share with one another, and to get as much relief as we can in each moment, as we continue along this very emotional, yet very rewarding journey of love and heart expansion. I am here if any of you desire to have more intimate and thorough sharing on your particular journey through sessions or readings. Sending love!

  17. Sleeping Beauty,

    In order to have a true relationship, we have to be clear as to what we mean by true because true love is love that is not tainted with any conditions, expectations, limitations, judgment, restrictions, etc. You can absolutely have true relationships with your soul mates and your twin flame if you can move past seeing, feeling, acting in the vibration of separation and fully moving into union consciousness. This is in process for many of us – it is by no accident that you have been drawn to my website and this blog. I look forward to continue to see us all here, in our own ways, continue to evolve and rise in love!

  18. Sleeping Beuty:
    Here when you wrote this, did you have this TC exchange with you TF? Sorry, it is not clear to me.

    “One day when we were together, I said in my mind “I am your wife” and to my utmost surprise , he answered aloud, “If that is what you want it will take time..” I was amazed because I had not spoken a word. It was just thoughts!”

  19. Sidney,

    There is nothing to forgive. I am thankful of you for giving me the opportunity to express what came through in response to you (and for everyone else) as well as to see where I may need to bring more focus within the book. What came through for you also showed me how even the whole book in its complete form may be challenging for those that read it as this IS very personal yet those challenges offer us opportunities for growth and help us to love deeper. Our love relationships, and most especially with our dear soul mates and twin flame, are very personal…there are so many layers to how we perceive ourselves in love, how we perceive those we share with, and how we perceive our relationships. But not only are we perceiving, but we are believing, and feeling from those perceptions…I am VERY excited to fully bring through this book for ALL of us because it has the capacity to transform each of our lives on a massive scale! We are all teachers and students…thank you for feeling comfortable to express your feelings and for sharing the details of your journey, and also for revisiting your response to shift a response as you felt guided…this is the path of higher love and consciousness. 🙂

  20. Sleeping beauty, thanks for your encouragement-it certainly is a “take it as it comes” experience. But, I would be surprised if your relationships haven’t come under considerable strain since becoming aware of and discussing twin souls. Mine have. I had been with my husband for 11 years when I crossed paths with my TF in 2009. There was no warning…no dipping my toes in to test the water, just tossed in the deep end. Had I consciously known my TF for many years, as you have, it might have seemed a natural progression and easier for my friends, family and husband to wrap their heads around. My twin struggles in his marriage, loves his wife, and has expressed that she may be “the one” he will spend the rest of his life with if they are able to resolve their differences. I support this because I want only love for him. This isn’t a denial of our connection, but certainly a tough constraint to live with.

  21. Joana, it was with my twin flame. We rarely talk much and he does not discuss twin soul issues. He does not openly accept the concept.
    Sidney, my family knows about twin flame concept but are not aware who my twin soul is. If they knew It would become very stressful as you say. As it is my relationship with my husband is more as a friend. God knows the amount of pressure that I feel and sometimes I wish to just leave this world , as it is all so hopeless and I feel guilty that I am denying my husband his life . Since otherwise we are all happy, I think life goes on. Further we being middle aged, our priorities are different, focusing more on children, society, our future, the usual. I am now taking as it comes and hoping for the best. My twin flame also has his family to take care of and that cannot be disrupted too. If it is meant to be it will happen.
    Dearest Gabriella,
    Indeed we have yet to raise our vibrations to digest all this and even if we can , it is also a question of whether all the souls in our circle can do the same, that is looking beyond separation and into union consciousness. In a conservative set up , we will be thrown out saying, that we are using it all as an excuse for infidelity. A few years back, I would have said the same thing. Only after all this awakening I can even consider a different angle but do not know if i were in my husband s position , will I understand. It’s all destiny, I guess. Anyway your blog is my saviour and is a great eye opener and consolation. Thank you . As of now I have not communicated with my tf for nearly three weeks and it is a testing time for me. But I keep talking to him in my mind and look for answers from the universe. It is a separate life that I am leading with him telepathically continuously sending love .

  22. Ciao! V e r y informative article! Thing is in a relationship commitment to each other and loyalty in all forms, it truly matters even if Soul connected. It’s a form of respect for each other and your bond plus is healthy. Do not you feel so? I think the above, regarding once married … SO, my inquiry is this:

    In this article does the bit about conditions and so forth mean all the above mentioned,by me… that’s meant to go out the door…?!? For i like many other men and ladies globally, feel/find that’d be unhealthy IN all senses of the meaning of the parola/ And Spiritually too. *Non having a go at you/ your article – so you realise!

    Gabriella your comment: Believe me, I do understand some of the dynamic in your situation since I have shared intimately with my soul mate throughout these years as we have been committed to loving in each present moment as we had been guided, and how it hurt him in knowing the deep soul connection and love I have for my twin flame AND how it hurt me as well by loving with him when my entire being desired to be sharing in all ways with my twin flame. We have moved through this throughout that time, constantly releasing layers and layers of seeing love as confined in a certain way or just between two people, or even restricted to our physical bodies.

    *Holy crap – THAT is quite I N T E N S E for you,indeed! AND of course, your Soulmate!Is he a Companion Soulmate? I CAN fully get that’d hurt him… :-C
    Hmmmm!!!… I myself’d hate to be a Soulmate and have them desire in all ways there Twin Soul even if’s to help humanity non just romance and love connection, as i thought this is the bigger scheme of T/F’s? I feel for all the soulmates that may be in this situ adesso or in future be it temporarily or longer – Cause it’s like they are lesser than the T/Flames! You feel mi?!…

    *Personally, I feel/think if given the choice, i’d choose T/F as once meet it’s like you say… even if in a loving commited bond in Soulmate union… their forever about in feelin’ thought, and everything else! I’d go into myself to find helpful ansr’s to make the correct decision and for highest good of all before i truly commit to them… so no one is burnt – if you can get me about this comment? If rush to choose soulmate then find the T/F – unexpectedly esp if didn’t think you’d end up finding each other – it’d make u feel hit by a huge force and make you likely feel silly for not being more thorough in deciding – right? And them also. Lol i had to fix this up due to a typo! Ufff to typo errors! -_- lol…

    THANKS, for the link! A hug to you!


  23. Em,

    I will go into much more detail in this second book, but I just wanted to touch briefly on some things you bring up here. I brought in the concept of soul agreements to show how we plan our encounters with our soul mates and our twin flame before we are in these physical bodies, so the situations we find ourselves in are the way they are for reasons of growth, for healing, for understanding the deeper limitless truth of unconditional, eternal love and union AND also, as in my case, to experience what is needed so that one can move forward with serving humanity. I would not be able to bring this book forth or do what I am doing in a deeper frequency if it was not for my soul agreements and experiences (and experiences that will be) with both my soul mate and my beloved twin flame. I had my own journey to go through with encountering my twin flame and then my soul mate, now my soul mate and I are the best of friends and I am in the process of coming into union, in all ways, with my twin flame to continue sharing our love with one another and sharing our love and creations as we are guided with the world. I do want to mention that the hurt that both I felt and my soul mate had experienced was because of our perceptions of separation. I felt that the love I was sharing with him was taking me away, separating me from my twin flame, in a way, that I was cheating and my soul mate wanted to love, fully with me. Now once we were able to understand that our love was connected and enhancing the love with and for my twin flame, and then also increasing our love, and lovingly allowing each other to share as things came up, we were able to shift out of this AND there were layers to this. It by no means, happens overnight! You are right, in that the greater scheme of things is for twin flames to be in service to humanity to share their love beyond just between them. I will be sharing more on this in the book…

    I am not saying to throw out the sanctity of marriage as this is a sacred agreement between souls (and any relationship whether marriage is involved is also a sacred agreement) but that this type of love and seeing from the vibration of union consciousness understands that love is not limited and all love shared enhances the love for all. This type of love, twin flame love honors all soul agreements and puts the happiness, the choices of the twin flame above all egoic desires. But there are times when one is guided to transition from a soul mate relationship into being with the twin flame (either knowing of the twin flame before meeting the soul mate or encountering the twin flame while with a soul mate) and the transition would need to be done with the utmost, care and deep unconditional love as all of the perceptions, emotions, and actions of separation may, and probably will, arise. More to come…in this next book…

    Please feel free to explore the blogs and express yourself as you feel guided. Welcome!

  24. Sleeping Beauty, a couple of times I felt like you say: “God knows the amount of pressure that I feel and sometimes I wish to just leave this world,….” then I feel a strong reaction from my TF by TC (waves of sadness, and anger) so I’m learning not to think this way. Do you receive this kind of reaction from your TF too?

  25. Joana, tks for your empathetic words. I don t know. Maybe I was too emotional to have felt anything like that. But today your words resonate with me and I feel maybe it’s a message for me. Will try not think on those lines any more. Thank you.

  26. Dearest Gabriella,
    I did not contact my twin for nearly a month and then suddenly he called and as usual I could not resist talking to him. It was so brief and he said he just called to say hi and he also agreed that he missed me. An amazing thing happened. He called from a particular place and to my surprise, I was actually feeling strongly for the past two days thAt we were both there. This is the first time we have been aware of such coincidence. He was also thinking of me and I was feeling it here so strongly here and it has been validated!!!!!!. I am so grateful to be able to express this here in your blog so safely. It is all so bittersweet !!!! How I wish to be with him fully even in this 3d world. We will stay in the divine flow. I so long For our full union…

  27. When I think in my TF, I imagine we meet in a beautiful are close by the two lakes in campus. It always makes me wonder if he thinks the same.

  28. I have the feeling that we have to imagine whatever we want to experience with our twin flame with full conviction . We should actually live that life in our mind NOW and not wait for the future. We should believe that it will manifest for us. the books of dr.wayne dyer are pretty forceful about this.

  29. Days ago, I finally could understand that there is not age of difference between my TF and I, we are souls with the same age because God makes us at the same time. It sound simple but I finally understood it. The other thing is about the physical pain I was feeling, this has its origen inside of me, when I was telling to myself: “TF, I don’t need you and don’t want you in my life, go away…I’m in a relationship.” How can I denied part of myself? so I stoped doing this too. Also, I’m realizing that a TF relationship is demanding, strong, and it is asking too much from both of us. I understood that the easy way is to go with the flow, that is! I have been sharing a lot of dreams with my TF, and it makes me wonder if I’m helping him or he is helping me in this spiritual growth. I mean, I believe there is some exchange of information between us. Also the sensation of being with him every moment maybe is because we are together in a high dimension or in a paralell universe. Now, I’m reading a lot about these subjects. I just wanted to share my experience.

  30. Sleeping Beauty,

    I am so excited that you have experienced the coincidences in your journey with your twin as I am sure you will have more. I am also so glad that you have decided and are implementing being in the divine flow, as this is truly what we are encouraged to do along this journey. For that way, we can notice our guidance in the moment and follow it as we are inspired to. This helps to allow yourself to be in the moment, releasing the past and the future, knowing that all is connected and you will know what to do as it comes. Thank you for feeling comfortable to share here – as you continue to constantly surrender to what is in this moment while still holding to your love and connection that is always present with your twin flame, amazing things will continue to present themselves in your experience. Sending love!

  31. Dearest Gabriella,
    I am so excited too and your words are further encouraging cos for me everything in your blog resonates so strongly with me. You have a strong spiritual connection and you are able to bring out each person’s actual problems from their communications given as comments in your blog. You are very discerning. Thank you. I remember one day long time back, my twin flame said ” take each day as it comes” . Now I realize the significance.Have you ever felt that we are from another planet and here for service to Mother Earth. Been reading a lot about this.
    I too feel that my TF and I are together in another dimension . I can feel him inside me.And your concept of age is indeed thought provoking. Good for you. When we keep our mind very quiet we can listen to our TF communicating with us. It used feel like a fantasy before. Now I am more convinced about it.

  32. Hi

    I need to understand my situation with Twin Soul. My twin and I were in a relationship which ended March 2012. During the past year we kept in contact with visitations on monthly basis. Up until May this year, i was upset and which led to my twinsoul running and now he hasnt communicated with me since then.

    This is the hardest time, no communication from him and yet i feel his energy around me everyday. I feel at a loss because physically when i am with him, i feel at one, feel content and happy, as it should be. Now this silence is like really heart wrenching too.

    Then I think well, life is too short to play games. I want to contact him. Then the other part of my thinking is to allow him space, which I have read that too with Twin Soul runners.

    I am not sure what else to do, besides Letting Go, allowing it to be as it is for now.

    I love my twin soul from my heart and soul. I guess i am having high expectations but to be left anxious isnt good feeling.

    I know I am to surrender and work on myself too.

    Would love your help as my fears kick in, that i feel i will never hear from him again. Although its warming to knwo that its our souls that will rejoin eternally back into the spirit world 🙂

    look forward to your reply

    love n light

  33. Dear SeaLovingSpirit,

    i found a bit of myself in your post and because went through this also so i can tell you from my experience, and what i learned in this 2 years is to allow everything to just happen and mostly i mean on emotions. Feel free to feel everything and i mean everything, don`t judge what you feel because you have to feel this way in that certain moment. Observe from where your feelings come from. Mostly our ego wants to know all the time where are TS is, what is he thinking now, how does he feel, does he thinking about you and all this mind questions.
    The only thing that matters on this journey are feelings and this is YOUR journey, don`t forget that, and by this you are not separate from your TS. It is like you have one common basket where you put all your experiences in this beautiful life.
    Focus on yourself, i know it sounds like corny phrase, but it`s true and while doing this feel everything that come to you about your situation with your TS, but with focus on yourself, what that feelings means to you, for your life and desires. Just live your path, step by step, because he is doing the same thing and in some point you will encounter each other again. With time you will start to feel him in every moment, when you move your focus on yourself. That feeling that you have with him you already have it inside, he just woke up that feeling in you to remind you. Connect with that feeling every day and then one day you will notice that you become that feeling.
    Much, much love to you!! 🙂

  34. I stumble upon this website because I was looking for answers regarding TF connections. My journey has been quite interesting. I am from another country and my life back home was set for me, but there was something lacking and I was not happy. I decided to switch my career and go to study to the States, my family was against it but I fought because I knew that something good awaited me. I had a troubled childhood filled with pain and loss so before going to the States I decided to treat myself so when I get there I could give to people a better me. I met my TF in the most unexpected way and the first thing I noticed was her voice (yes my twin flame is a female) I knew that I wanted to b near her. I learned that she is married but that didn’t matter because slowly we became great friends. We went trough the honeymoon phase and in that time I lost my mom, she was there for me throughout my grieve (I have to say that at that time I was not aware that she is my TF). We were getting really close and I started seeing certain behaviors that told me she wanted me in a sexual sense. My first reaction was to go along and just use her but then something happened: she got pregnant and that stopped my train of thoughts of using her. Throughout the whole pregnancy I became aware of what was going on. We went through a period of separation but we found each other back. During all this time, I was experiencing a battle with my ego because my ego couldn’t accept my unconditional love for my TF. Finally a few days ago the battle stopped and my ego accepted that unconditional love. That opened the connection with my TF in levels that I am amazed! Today she had her baby and her mom texted me when she was pushing, as soon as I became aware of that, my whole body started experiencing a huge amount of energy and I started crying even though I was not in pain, at some point I screamed like I was in the most excruciating pain ever and I knew it wasn’t my pain but hers! After like 15 minutes I became more calmed and I knew that her baby was born. Having met my TF has opened me in amazing ways and I know that our reunion will take place very soon!