Increasing the Vibration of Love Flowing Through You

Let me offer you a perspective for today. Doing nothing is doing everything. You are molding yourself, reshaping the YOU that you are energetically, and in all ways. Right now, all you have to do is let these energies of higher love and light flow through you, increasing the vibrations of spiritual beingness. You will awake tomorrow morning, and even go to sleep this evening feeling as though you have been reborn, where in essence, you have and you are. You are awakening into a deeper sense, a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all that is. You are embodying the true sense of the profound aspects of love and oneness. Go slow. Just as a newborn who is not used to the awkwardness of the physical body, you may feel that the way you have been moving, the way you have been expressing and BEING within your body has changed and is continuing to change. You are becoming a vessel for sharing in, expressing and emitting a high frequency of divine, sacred love.

You may start to feel as though you are making love right now with all that is, feeling the ecstatic waves of bliss move throughout your physical body, pumping this massive highness of love into your heart chakra. This is extremely powerful, as your body reacts in so many ways. Let it be, let it flow, let it increase as you don’t try to understand what is happening. Each of us will be feeling these waves of love making, love forming, love flowing within us and through us in our own unique ways. This is all normal. If you feel you need to rest, do that. If you feel you need to lay still staring into space, do that. If you feel you need to touch and connect with nature, do that. Follow what your guidance gives you in each moment, even if you don’t understand it. Place your hand on your womb if you need to. Just do it. For you are a conductor of energy. Where you place any part of your self, you are conducting, sharing and giving the loving energy that you are. When you awake and look in the mirror tomorrow morning, you may see yourself transformed – partly because you are and partly because you are seeing anew.

Have fun today in all the ways you are guided. Doing nothing is doing everything. By doing nothing but physically laying and being, you are allowing everything to be done to you, to flow through you, to become you.

Sending love for a powerful acceptance and allowance of the waves of deep love and connection this May 20, 2012 eclipse. I am with you as you are with me.

4 Comments on “Increasing the Vibration of Love Flowing Through You

  1. Several years after becoming aware of who my twin soul is and feeling this incredible, blissful love, I found myself saying to myself that if I could push a button and everyone could feel this love, I would do it in a second. I guess that is exactly why we are here on Earth, that is the goal of incarnating, to break through the facade of separation into the oneness that is and the only path is one of love. However, we each have to find our way to it through learning our lessons, incarnation after incarnation. Nothing would be learned or appreciated by merely pushing a button so everyone could feel this.

    The love is so powerful and blissful and deep – and a thousand other adjectives – even though my twin and I have not met physically – that it sustains me through the sometimes difficult time until we can reunite on all planes. This is my double-edged sword – the proverbial agony of not having him here physically and the ecstasy of feeling this love. And now, more than 6 years into this experience, I find you, Gabriella, who expresses exactly what I am feeling and who is the guide I have longed for.

    An absolutely wonderful side effect of being able to feel this love for my twin is that I find I am able to feel a much increased love for others, for nature, for so many things. My relationships have improved ten fold.

    But this is not a passive thing. It does not just happen. I have done a lot of work on myself, more in the last 6 years than my entire 64 years this lifetime, perhaps many lifetimes. Being given the gift of twin soul awareness does not mean you don’t have work to do. And so I do it.

    And now I read this recent post about increasing this love vibration. I feel as though you have shown me the next step. I wait patiently for my twin to clear his way to me and I wait patiently for a few obstacles to be removed from my own path. Meanwhile I stay in the now and deal with what is here and share the love that I increasingly feel for those who are here in the present with me. This was never easy for a Gemini who could never walk when she could run but it gets easier every day. It sounds so trite but it is the truth: Love is the answer and I prefer to live in this love than bemoan the fact that my twin is not here with me physically.

    Thank you for this – and all your other posts, Gabriella.

  2. Hello Gabriella,
    Is it true that the upcoming Venus transit on June 6th is a time for twin flame reunion..? I now feel myself in the divine flow. I do not contact my twin flame. I feel if it is meant to be it will happen and I just send love to him at all times. There is a deep sense of calmness inside me . Before I used to worry and feel lonely and lost. But now there is this beautiful feeling of being in the flow. What is the meaning of all this. Am I moving forward in my journey? Raising myself? Would love to have your views on this state of feelings. Thank you.

  3. Gabriella,

    Your words are so inspirational, I get chills up my spine every time I read this post!!

    Sleeping Beauty,

    I’d guess that anytime is a great time for reunion. Not sure about June 6th, but I had a dream the other night in which my twin was being prepared for me to marry… just like at a wedding, I was not allowed to see her, but I awoke with such a feeling of bliss and oneness it was incredible.

  4. Gabriella Christopher,
    Thanks for your intuitive words. It does feel synchronistic . Gabriella s tweet with the words, my answer is yes and the pic with 28 saying that it is the run to the finish, all these words seem so encouraging and soothing and synchronistic . Thank you .