Be Love and Be Loved as You See Love in All That Is

Q. I know my twin flame is coming because I feel him. What do I need to be doing to prepare in terms of meditation or anything else?

A. What paves the way for a deepening of your connection and love with your twin flame is for you to be feeling, seeing and experiencing love in each moment. How do you go about doing this? Focus on connecting with the love inside of yourself and with others…this naturally enhances the love with the twin flame, ultimately bringing both of your hearts on their own, and together, deeper into the vibration of divine, unconditional love. As you see every relationship, every connection, as a way for you to share the love for your beloved, you begin to treat everyone as if that person is your twin flame, with complete presence, attention and unconditional love. You then move into the space of honoring every moment, for each moment holds amazing ways for you to strengthen and enhance the love already present with your beloved, increasing your ability to BE love and to be LOVED, moving you into the ever expanding frequency of unity consciousness. At this point, you understand that as you connect with the love that IS you, as you extend that love energy towards others, towards nature, as you see the love in your perceptions of every relationship and experience, in every moment, you are merging with the energy of the BELOVED within you which is always in union and co-creation with your twin flame. You begin to receive insight and guidance on your specific journey with clarity and this will only increase as you go along.

You have limitless opportunities to increase the vibration of love within you that you extend to all situations and people around you. When you are seeing, feeling and responding from the vision of seeing love underlying all challenges, experiences and relationships and bringing this into all of these, your twin flame begins to do the same, as both of your hearts become merged into the one unified heart of divine love of twin flames. This prepares you for your joint mission in service. The intention for the twin flame union and love is for the true embodiment in all ways of divine, pure, unconditional love to be felt, known, expressed and shared with all that is. As you move along your path, deepening your human perception of the spiritual truth that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS, you become a living vessel of revealing this love in every moment, in all ways. You understand that love is what you are, and therefore you know that you are never separated from love, as you are already in union with your twin flame. When you truly know this on all levels, you will take every moment, every relationship (intimate or otherwise), every experience, as another opportunity to increase the love that is you, that is your twin flame, that is all there is, bringing EVERYTHING into the experiencing of this love and union. Every act of sharing love, of expressing love, of BEING love is co-creating with your twin flame. Every perception of seeing that you are always sharing love, you are always expressing love, you are always with your twin flame in co-creation IS loving yourself into the beloved (being love and allowing yourself to be loved). Hence you are loving yourself into the oneness of all that is with your twin flame.

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  1. I wanted to share a comment on my twin flame group on facebook regarding this post and my response for further observation and perception.

    Comment: I guess I still don’t get this, no matter how hard I try. How can you have other intimate relationships if you know your Twin, and you know you will be together? Does it ever end, or will it always be an open relationship, with multiple partners, even after you are with your Twin?
    I know some people who think the whole Twin Flame thing is just an excuse for infidelity. They see Twins leaving soulmates and spouses as cheating and adultery, and call the other Twin a home wrecker.

    My Response: Yes I know people also who feel this way, and that is seeing this all from the perception of separation and not union. Separation attempts to put the twin flame relationship (and all relationships) in a box with rules and roles and union sees that all relationships, especially the twin flame one, cannot be placed into a box with limitations, with expectations, and conditional love. Union knows that as relationships transition, the love has not gone away as love is always present, and this is why I encourage people to transition from a soul mate relationship with deep unconditional love for all involved as it is necessary for all, and especially both twins, to be in the vibration of unity consciousness, seeing that all love enhances love for all and to respond, act, and speak in love. In union, there is no blame…therefore, nobody has wrecked or ruined a relationship if there is a choice to transition, for it is a choice and within all choices, there are opportunities for growth involved for everyone. Can people use the twin flame label on someone as an excuse for having an open relationship as you mention or for having multiple partners, or even for leaving a relationship that is offering growth in the hopes of being with “Prince Charming,” like the “grass is greener on the other side,” sure. We can use so many things to justify what we do. But the true twin flame relationship in the vibration of deep unconditional love and union would not act in that space…as I said before, relationships, and especially the twin flame one, cannot be put into a box with rules and roles. The whole idea and perception of relationships, what they are for, etc does need to shift in order to fully understand what the twin flame, the spiritual partnership, truly is. Relationships are meant to be for us to follow our hearts and to go with what we feel is right for us in each moment, and placing judgment on any person, placing limitations on our experiences, only hinder our growth rather than enhance it. We have been relating with each other for so long in separation, creating distance between ourselves and our partners, for so long. There is never a mistake or a need for blame, there just is what is, and then what we choose at any point. A blog to come on spiritual partnership and this next book I’m writing is delving into the dynamics and shifts within perceiving relationships, from the space of union consciousness and not separation. It is time to let separation go as we cannot have the loving foundation in our relationships built within separation.

  2. I wanted to add another thing here: when I expressed above to share love in your relationships I did not mean just intimate relationships, however this may be the case for some people on their twin flame journey. In other words, some people may have soul mate relationships in between the full physical union (if that is intended for this lifetime) with the twin flame. As I said about union consciousness, you do get to a point of seeing with the spiritual sight through your human perspective, the merging of both, that all love truly is love shared with all. The intimacy you share with another is not separate from the love you have for your twin flame, it all enhances the other. Seeing through separation, does just that, separates, so you start to see that as one is sharing physically (and lovingly) with another, then that is not connected to the love with the twin flame. Yet we are NOT these physical bodies, our spirit, our hearts are beyond form. I don’t encourage people to be intimate with others physically unless they are guided to, and that guidance comes from a deep space of remembering your soul intention with any particular soul that comes along your path. Physical intimacy is meant to share the love vibration that you are WITH another IN love…it is not meant to be misused only for physical pleasure or a comfort to the feeling of being lonely. However, if that is chosen from those spaces, it is ok BECAUSE there are no mistakes as all experiences are opportunities for growth. You start to see the pattern as we continue discussing this that the divine unified heart of twin flames is one of unconditional, deep, eternal love that sees, feels, knows, responds and is from the understanding that love is ALL THERE IS, underlying everything…and if that is the case, then nothing is *wrong,* nothing ever calls for judgment. Observation, yes, but no judgment.

  3. If you have encountered your twin and you witness your twin sharing love with another, intimately, or just spreading the love, see that as another chance for you to recognize that deeper love, feel it growing within your own heart, increasing your capacity to love and be loved, but also to feel your heart expanding to love your twin flame more as being a vessel of love to come through as this is a reflection of you. Being in love is you BEING in the love vibration in every moment as your twin does the same, and you are BEING in love together, and when ANY relationship transitions, there is always love, for love is what you are. Only separation sees otherwise. This constantly keeps building onto the love that you are, the love that your twin flame is, and the love that is within all that is, as it is limitless and powerful!

  4. I don’t understand this. It doesn’t expand my heart to think of my Twin being with his soulmate, not when he has said we will not be together. It just hurts me more, and confuses me more when he tells me to find someone else. Yet, he says he loves me and wants me. And all I can think is, when is it my turn! And sometimes I feel like I’m the one who is being cheated on, and getting the shaft. Because she is there with him, he is in his comfort zone, and won’t leave, and I’m thousands of miles from him. He’s told me he needs to stay where he can touch his reality. And that makes me a fantasy.

  5. Lynn,

    I understand how this feels from the human perspective, since we have emotions and needs, where we want to love physically as well as emotionally. When you are able to see all that I’ve expressed here in this post and the additional comments, you can see that the unconditional, deep, eternal love of twin flames always continuously gives you opportunities to increase your capacity to love and to receive love. I’ve mentioned many times before how all love that is shared is love shared with all, and that there truly is no separation in love. It can be hard to see this when we feel through our human emotions and try to see the entire situation at that point. In order to fully see it all, we do need to bring the spiritual sight in to see that true love desires the one we love to be happy, even if that means, in this moment (and that doesn’t mean another moment will be different), that happiness or choice does not include you physically. These by no means lessens the love or shows that it isn’t there. As the love between twin flames is always present, no matter how the outer circumstances are.

    I will be honest here…and this will be expressed in more detail in my next book. Not all twin flames will be co-creating and loving in the physical sense in this lifetime (the clarity of your soul intention is always unfolding as you continue along your journey), nor will all twin flames be sharing in the physical sense of the human preference (being in a romantic relationship), but placing this limitation on the twin flame love is missing the point. The whole relationship is about seeing that the love is here now, for you to share in however it is now, unconditionally, and to allow your love and the awareness of your love to be brought into all other moments of your life, including all relationships as you are guided, to let that love expand your capacity for love, to love and be loved. It’s not as easy since we are also human and have human emotions and desires, but on it is so rewarding for the soul in its many aspects and ways that it offers growth and enhancing love. We are so used to seeing love as being shared in just the physical sense, but the twin flame love is SO much more than that. I understand your frustration Lynn…and I am sending you love. I do hope that you can get to the place (if you choose) of seeing the love being shared as not separate from you, and that you may be able to release the focus on your union in all ways (right now) into the focus of what *what is right now* IS revealing to you, and how it can help you to expand your heart into a deeper vibration of union consciousness.

  6. It has been a process for me, I thought the same that my TF is a fantacy and my soulmate is the reality. My total vision about my TF has been changing, now I just love him (my TF). I mean, I love my soulmate in a different way and care for him, but I adore my TF. The age’s gap between my TF and I make me doubt I will be with him someday in this life time. One of my nephews is the same age of my TF, What a scandal would be for my whole family. Gabriella, I guess, I’m putting my love for my TF in a box, but the good news is: that, this is changing with every day and thanks to all the reading about TFs relationships here in your site. Yes, I have the idea that our TFs relationships go beyond of what we can imagine, it is an infinity and eternal love.

  7. I wanted to share more of my exchanges with Lynn, whom I am so thankful for. As she shares her thoughts, her feelings and the details of her journey, her experience, we all benefit. I am constantly in gratitude and feel blessed that those of you who share (and even those of you who just read) feel comfortable to do so here, knowing that this space has been created with the most profound vibration of unconditional love and respect for you and your own unique twin flame journey of union and love. We have similarities along our paths, yet we also have our own specific dynamics, and by sharing, we all benefit.

    Sending you so much love!

    Lynn i’m trying very hard to understand, come to grips with it, and accept this whole paradigm, that it is OK for him to be physically with his soulmate for the rest of his life, probably, but to have a very loving and passionate etheric connection with me. To be honest, it confuses me because people are always telling me it’s emotional adultery and cheating, an unhealthy addiction or obsession, just a fantasy, etc. But to me it feels so real, we feel the energy between us, we feel the love between us. We try to just be friends, but it doesn’t work for us, because we know we are so much more. So, I guess I’m trying to find the balance in this relationship, and stop being confused, and feeling guilty, torn, and jealous.

    Me It is completely ok Lynn to feel all that you are feeling but I encourage you to stay true to what your heart feels rather than following what others say for again, relationships, and especially the twin flame relationship is beyond the mind, beyond the physical and can’t be placed in a box with rules and roles. Many people who say that it is fantasy, cheating, obsession and what have you is placing a judgment based on the limitations and creations from separation. Relationships are meant to be shared, expressed, within each moment which is why being here NOW is so important, to follow that guidance as it comes. All of those judgments are from the past of perceiving the roles people in partnerships should take, and *should* is a word not understood from the heart. The heart understands what is, what I feel now, then acts and responds from that place…truly nothing is every wrong…there are choices, opportunities for growth, then more choices…if we are free to love, and freely love, then we will follow our heart in each moment, letting go of anything that limits us, restricts us or makes us feel that what we feel is not real. What is not real is the perception that what we feel is not real.

    Lynn: Maybe that is what my Twin has been trying to teach me all this time. He’s always telling me to Stay in the Now with him, to enjoy what we have together Now, and not worry about the future too much, because we really don’t know what will happen (and that’s another of his sayings when I get impatient or impulsive, we’ll see what happens). Maybe that’s how he compartmentalizes his life, by giving his attention to his world there, but when he’s with me, giving me his full attention, or as much as he can anyway.

    Me So beautiful Lynn…to feel the opening of your perception in looking at this…keep going within that of what your twin has been showing you as there are many gifts in each moment as you move along with sharing love in each now moment with your twin. As you honor the love you share in each moment, you open the capacity for you to understand it in the vibration of love and to see what is there for you to see, for you to receive, and to increase your capacity for loving and allowing yourself to be fully loved, as you are, right now. ~ It is so true that we tend to attach ourselves to expectations for the future or bring in the past in the present, and therefore, we lose track of right now and then we don’t allow ourselves to be present with the love that is being given and received…for it is in right now as we increase the love vibration that it spirals out into the “future now moments,” bringing us into what we desire, more opportunities to be love and be loved ~ Or we also can as I mentioned before, put an emphasis on the physical or the relationship being a certain way before we allow ourselves to give and receive more love, and yet what is as it is right now to open us and to increase our capacity for loving right now. We limit ourselves while not realizing that we are doing so. ~

  8. Gabriella, i must say you have been one of the greatest love light leaders in my life, shining it through in healing me from coming out of separation mode into full embracing of love. all things i knew within and yet would doubt, you brought them into clear daylight and showed me all perspectives in clearing them and i live that way now. i am at so much peace with this all now and yet of course from time to time there are very intense clearing storms, especially when going through some modes of separation but they only help to clear out and heal better parts of the whole and i do know for all of us, the highest love of twin flame love can bring or do know wrong and so doesnt a soulmate relationship or that shared between true kindreds when they are coming in full opening consciousness of growth, clarity and love,no matter the stage. ultimately it is all love and yet. also i have been confirmed on and on through my gf and another close friend and also through my twin as well as my soul mate connection, that all unfolds perfectly in divine grace in true union and merging. we are indeed embracing all in the greater higher dynamic of love as soul family, allowing, healing, moving on or coming together in energy, as befitting and going to be bringing the best for one another. a love that is the highest embodiment of all uniting love, does know no other. when we live that we know there is intense divine merging with all and no separation, the forms of love may differ, not the realness or core of love. the more i have grown in this love, the more i have known. the more i tried to resist what is normal and real, the greater pain i faced or just i guess delayed knowing ;). the more i released and surrendered in to the greater being of love, the more realness and love took me over, the easier the path became. i do believe it is possible for separate families of twins to come together in divine union as soul family and allowing space and higher love for each one. not in the polyamorous way but if that is the right thing for some then that is all good, in emergence. for me, well, i dont see it really. but i am seeing a more soul expanding love. the love i share with twin it is and cannot be shared with another ever. for both of us it is the same so far in knowing and well… yet the truth of all truth is love, whether you share it with soul mate or your family or kindred, i guess overall love changes forms but true love stays and in absolute union consciousness as is the highest ever present energy of it all so i do know if twins are to meet in this lifetime it would be for the highest good of all and showing more of love in every form. it is painful immensely to live and be in that love and yet not live in that fully but well… all for the highest good really. i do understand for each one the path is unique. the twin love is and can be the ever fire, fuel, transcendental love with layers and layers of all dimensional growth and more love to spread beyond whether or not they meet or are fully united in the lifetime.i do know that the highest thing twin love does is expand one’s growth and capacity in love in all forms, that is what truth of unconditional love does. In truth of pure unconditional love and in this journey of the highest form of love that we know, we do need proper anchoring points, grounding leading,path showers, as you and your blog, the safe space of interaction here provides. On these journeys, unique to each one of us,yet so very truly interconnected, we do need one another and in so many stages through it. For it is like bringing new bridges that the world has never known, a whole new dimension of love never even tasted remotely as much but only in very very rare forms and yet this is what is all coming together in the new paradigms of love that the world is awakening and opening to more and more and will indeed come together in new birthing and oneness. and we are blessed indeed in this time and age to have come together, have one another and grow more and more in love ! all in reflections and oneness~

  9. it is indeed painfull to know this love but not be able to experience it fully. Dear Gabriella, how will the world be able to see this love if it is not openly expressed. How can twin flames be an exampleof unconditional love to humanity if they cannot share and experience their love in this 3d earth… We are twinflames united spiritually but what is the point to humanity and for the highest of all if no one can see the beauty of this love.. At this point my twin flame and I share a deep love but every time we meet in public we pretend that we do not care for each other because we are in soulmate relationship.why then are we here, incarnated together if no one can see our true love. Sending love thro vibrations can be done even when one is in the spiritual realm, right?the song of peter and kate was so beautiful as sometimes i do feel like giving up…your blog is so soothing to me and has an authentic ring to it. For the past one year I have been feeling gulps of energy going via my throat and it ripples thro my whole body. sometimes it is so strong that my jaws ache. this energy is strong for continuous days and sometimes there is respite. the moment i am quiet and alone it starts pouring in in waves..What energy is this? somethimes even people around me ask if i have wheezing, when i am not able to control the sound of energy going in..sometimes I feel my head spinning and i inadvertantly spin around. sometimes my lips twitch and purse up and my i feel a strong energy… what can all this be?? eeven as i write this i feel the energy heavy on my shoulders..

  10. I agree with the sentiments others are expressing: that it is painful to hold back full expression of love with our twin flames. Why are so many of us in this situation now? We know who our TF’s are, we have great love for them, but we feel constrained in how that love is expressed. There seems to be a conflict between expressing our authentic selves and not wanting to cause pain for our soulmates & families. I feel that as more and more of us raise our personal vibrations, ie become more and more a true expression of our unique souls, then this conflict will dissolve.

  11. you are right..i feel i am not my authentic self and in order not to hurt others i have to play the role that responsibility demands… i feel hypocritical.. twin flame love is so beautiful and feels so right ..but to what goes on and we have learned a few lessons.. but the same happens to people who have not met their twin flames i wonder whether there is any point in meeting a twin soul at all..we can keep sending love to all, feel our coneection wth all..where is the need for twin flame relationship, i wonder

  12. i think that love we feel for ourselfs therefore our TF, we also forward to people we love, ou soulmates and all people around us…when you carry that love inside of you, you just “shine”, people can sense it..there is the purpose of TF love. i asked myself too what is the purpose of this love if people can see it, but they do, they see it, feel it on me, i`m passing it to them. i`m single and sometimes i think that it`s easier to show some people what love should look like when “you are alone” and when they can see your faith in love, despite you are single, it gives them hope

  13. The bible says the lord will provide everything your heart desires and this is where your health gets involved with your twin flame and it either matters to you to save your life or you are willing to risk everything for your twin soul.

  14. Ok, this is just my opinion but thought maybe a different perspective might be able to help some of you. I’m going through the process of harmonizing with my Twin Flame as well and while I had many difficult times, I got through them and every thing is progressing beautifully right now. Take this with a grain of salt though. Ultimately you are your own guide.

    In my experience, in the beginning of my Twin Flame journey, everything was happening beautifully with synchronicities and dreams, etc. I literally thought my Twin and I were being divinely set up for a relationship. I just knew that “she’s the one”. However, I was not aware of “Twin Flames” yet. Things did not turn out this way and got pretty ugly several months later. Turns out, had we actually got into a relationship in the beginning, I know dam well now that neither she nor I would have been prepared for it and the union probably would have “fallen apart”.

    These “ugly” months were a necessary part of my development in order to ultimately be able to SUSTAIN the Twin Flame union once it began. The universe kept us separated because there is no point in coming together if we did not yet hold the consciousness necessary to sustain and maintain the union. Now I am a different man.

    My Twin Flame indirectly drove me to the point where I literally did not need or want to be in a relationship with anyone because I felt that no one can give me the love that I am seeking except MYSELF. Simply by what she would do, or not do. I said screw this, I’m DONE. I will be my own best lover, my own best friend, my own best family I don’t need anyone. I started to take myself out, I started to buy myself gifts, I started to do things couples would do but only for my self. I would go on walks to the beach or forest. I nurtured myself etc. I was kind and friendly to everyone but did not yearn to enter into relationships except for a few close friends I already had.

    It was only a week or two that I was in this state when I synchronistically one in a million chance encountered my twin and had this epiphany. Suddenly I can see this was the whole point. I had to get to this point of self love and it was thanks to my Twin that I got here. We are still not yet harmonized, but after looking back at my year long journey and seeing how everything has been divinely orchestrated, I feel closer to her than ever. It’s almost like feeling like your Twin is simply on vacation and she’ll be coming back home soon. That’s how confident I am. With the newfound love and nurturing for myself that I developed (thanks to her) , It’s like I don’t need her but will welcome her when it is time.

  15. Here are a couple of things that helped for me that might help for some of you.

    I stopped looking at what my twin was doing from an “external sense” and started to look at what I was doing. What I wanted. How I was reacting to what she was doing. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of old patterns. Letting go of belief systems of love and relationships. The interesting thing is, when I would clear (let go) of something, my Twin would do something (or not do something) that would trigger something else in me to come up that I had to cleans, clear out, transmute, let go, etc, whatever the “trigger” required. After each cleansing an epiphany would follow and the pattern seemed to repeat. At first I did not see this, but when looking back I can see it. At this point, if we are not yet together, it’s probably because I have more things to clear up in my consciousness. The fact I am aware of this proofs that the “armor” is softening and the truth is being allowed to come in. She is most likely simultaneously going to through the same thing.

    If she and I come together. I understand fully that we may have become separated again if there is more “material” for she and/or I to clear up. I will be not be upset and just see it as part of the process.

    Maybe this perspective may help some of you. Follow your inner guide.

  16. Pardon the grammar mistakes. I typed it up pretty quickly.

    To be clear of what I meant of my “perspective” is this:

    Perhaps if you are not physically with your twin, it is NOT because the universe wants to be cruel to you that you would not be allowed to express your love to your twin the way that you would like.

    Most likely it is because you might have some belief systems, expectations, etc. embedded in your subconscious that would limit and restrict that unconditional love to radiate at it’s fullest potential. Once enough “outdated” material is cleared from your subconscious, then the physical reunion may finally be able to manifest because you will both be able to sustain it and handle every issue that may come between you. In the meantime, I would just recommend that you accept nothing less than that love that you are truly seeking. Get it from your self because no one can give it to you. Dating just to find someone new, just so you could “escape” the inner journey just won’t cut it. At least not for me. If you are seeking that divine love you won’t find it in the external world. Only internally, then your twin will be the outward manifestation of the internal divine love for self. This is what my experience has taught me.

    Hope this helps.