Vibrations Aligning for the Birthing of my Second Book

burning bookTime upon time, I have intended to bring my heart onto the paper so that it may trickle out to the cosmos, embracing everyone in the sweet remembrance of eternal love. Then, when I feel the pressure from within my mind to sit and write, there is that ever so gentle, soft hesitation brought on from above. I hear the whispers, “love, everything happens in its own time. Your book is already written. You will know when, where and how to bring it through. You are writing with each experience you allow yourself to be immersed within. Right now, enjoy each moment to love’s enfolding.” The vibrations of this love flow through me, and awaken me again, again, anew, anew, literally with each breath I take. Tears come to the edge of my eyes as my Spirit realizes that my intensified and always increasing desire to write and birth this book, is my excitement to spread the love that I AM as two into one, one in two. Yet it will be done as it has been done.


life of a bookWhat I AM learning through each step is the profound power of being in the stillness, and letting the waves of each creative, new moment take me for a ride. I have no fear of getting back to shore, for whether or not I see the shore as I’m riding, I feel it always within me. Perhaps this is what it is like to fly and be grounded simultaneously. And again, the ever persistent reminder to trust in the visions and emotions of the heart as they dance with the divine flow of this Universe in co-creation. My oneness and I are dancing to the beat of our own co-creation. It is written. In its time, beyond time, you will be able to open the book and turn the pages for yourself. I invite you now, to come along the ride with me. Allow yourself to be taken over by the sweet moments unfolding in your life, as you follow your inner guidance with the perfect pace for your own creations to bloom and blossom, to emerge and soar.

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Waves of love from my heart to yours!

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