Be the Love You Are

it is not a question of being in loveIt is always about being love…which then sets in motion the natural flow of the love of the Universe coming back to you, asking for you to receive it…being love…and being loved. This is when you welcome in the Beloved within and without…it is always here…for you to embrace. When you remember this…you embody this…creating bliss.

4 Comments on “Be the Love You Are

  1. I have to say, bliss is the very last thing I feel on this journey. The further along it goes, the less I desire to be here on this planet. So far it has brought nothing but insurmountable pain, so it is really quite hard to ‘be love’. It’s caused my life, and many others I am sure, to unravel in ways that I never thought imaginable and the universe is hardly flowing them back together. I’ve tried every meditation, every therapy, every bit of positivity, self talk, affirmations and intentions there is and nothing, not one single thing is erasing these feelings. So how to ‘be love’ I don’t know anymore because that is the last thing I feel. When I was ignorant to all these signs and TF happenings and the fact that I even had one – that, was bliss.

  2. I feel you with all of my heart. I’m finding less assurance and I’m getting more and more confused and detached from this world. ;____; I just wanted to find my flame not contemplate suicide. lol. All jokes aside luv, I’m so tired and want my old soul to find rest but I am so here to protect my pitiful friends from the world until they can find truth themselves. I guess fear has a hold on me still. Hmm. I just have yet to find someone who can prove that I am not insane. ugh.

  3. Dear Misty and Teo:
    What can I say? I undestand you, being not able to be with our TF on this 3D is unbeareble in moments. Reading “ascension pioners(Polona Somrak) Facebook” gave me another perspective to see and to feel this journey.
    Waves of love to both of you and everybody

  4. True Misty, I have no idea what the point of us meeting was. Yeah, it was alright at the time, but left me dealing with the garbage while she was having the time of her life travelling and jaking with her pals. I suggest Klaus Joehle, he has put out free books and meditations on love.