Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

If you have ever witnessed the connection and interconnection of many things, the myriad of synchronicities not readily explained around you, a multitude of numbers that seem to be connecting with you or giving you messages, if you’ve ever seen sacred geometric shapes or patterns present within your waking life or dream state, if you’ve empathically felt emotions from others or within our world, if you know that we communicate beyond direct contact or even using our vocal chords, if you believe and feel that we are so intimately connected with everything and everyone else, that we are here to touch the lives of others in profound ways, that the Universe arranges events, moments, relationships so that lives do touch, hearts do open, and souls do remember the divinity infinitely in motion, then you will thoroughly enjoy the series Touch with Kiefer Sutherland. Enjoy the video and if you watch episodes, feel free to comment here and share. I’d love to touch the essence of you and to give you mine to touch back in return.

Lots of love!

Gabriella Hartwell

13 Comments on “Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

  1. Dear Sunshine,

    Thank you for adding this video to this post! I watched it and it just made my heart bigger too. A smile, a HUGE one, seeped onto my lips as well 😀 “It’s a mindset, not a system.” How true is this…in all areas, relationships of all sorts…for we have a relationship with everything in our lives! AND it is about breaking out of the system, but bringing all flowing energy within into balance/alignment with the mind, approaching everything in our lives, within all relationships, that way. And THIS is one of the essential and beautiful things we do learn, “how to handle your fears, communicate clearly and most importantly, trust each other.” Trusting beyond and in self, trusting each other and trusting the divine interconnection of all within our Universe…our ONE SONG rhythmically harmonizing in each moment. Again, thank you for sharing Beloved! SO much love to you!!!

  2. Dear Gabriella,
    yees “our ONE SONG rhythmically harmonizing in each moment” i love this sentence it is so true and profound…i love your play with words, i was always in touch with words too i love to think about them :). Lately i am founding so many people with this “mindset” over the internet and they are willing to live what they feel it`s right, especially leaving in harmony with nature…i just feel bliss inside of me when i think about all this and i have all this “crazy” ideas. I just feel that i need to wait to find my companions :). I always wanted for all of us to live in harmony with each other, without any outer limitations, only through our hearts and unique expression. It really is happening something amazing right now i just feel it in the air, like all is coming into shape, step by step.
    Sending you much love from my blissful heart!

  3. Dearest Gabriella and dearest Sunshine,

    your links are AMAZING. I watched the videos on You Tube and just LOVE them !!!
    Together with the series TOUCH it is putting a totally different kind of view on autism for me and I’m wondering what really goes on in an autistic mind.

    I find this whole topic very intriguing and also the question why being happy is not part of the curriculum at school right now and the ideas of how to lead a successful life and following your inner guidance could in fact become part of our school education ~ wow, it’s all very very interesting I think!

  4. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you so much for recommending TOUCH !
    I got the DVDs and have started watching. WOW, this thought is so intriguing that all is indeed interconnected in a much bigger way than we ever thought possible. In this series all is even interconnected around the whole globe. It is truly amazing.
    The amazing thing is also that while in the middle of experiencing it the father so often feels frustrated and does not see the sense it all makes. he tries to follow the information he gets by his son, but has the impression that it all does not make any sense at all, and even that he has made things worse. He is frustrated and thinks he fails. This is very interesting I think because this is how we so often feel as human beings, isn’t it? Like in TF relationships while being in the 3D separation phase e.g. we can easily feel like all is lost.
    And then, in the last moments of each part of the series, one sees the whole picture. Suddenly all things fall into place and it is only then that the whole sense can be understood by the viewer and the characters as well. Only when everything falls into place can the sense be seen and experienced, and then suddenly also all the mishaps, the failures, the moments when someone thought he/she made a mistake, turn out to be exactly the right decision to DO GOOD !!!!!!!!! And seen from this perspective, obviously nobody would want to change anything in the past, even if they could.

    I find this whole interconnectivity at this GIGANTIC level that is shown in the film very intriguing and in fact it has kept me awake the whole night. After watching the first two episodes of it I start thinking about my own life and which seemingly senseless things have happened in my life I had just forgotten because they made no sense at all. Well, maybe they did make sense? Maybe these are the moments when we are following a higher sense so to say? A bigger plan?

    Of course I have known this before and we have talked about the puzzle game of life before, but now the scale has grown immensely for me I have the impression. As a result/At the same time I have already experienced a series of connected messages from the universe I am having the impression and things have happened that are so unlikely that they can only be arranged by some really higher power who wants to show me something.

    Phew …. 🙂

    I am very grateful, dearest Gabriella, for this beautiful recommendation and am looking forward to seeing the next episodes ~ but for today I have decided to watch the first two again while already knowing the sense behind it all …. and this is intriguing, too, because then you can see it all with the eyes of the immense power creating all of this and you know why things have to happen that way.

    If we were truly able to apply this to our lives … I mean really truly see it, believe it, live by it …. this would give us TREMENDOUS PEACE I think.

    Sending you all a lot of LOVE and LIGHT from my heart,
    and warmest hugs of gratitude and love to you, dearest Gabriella,

    Delphina <3

  5. Dear Delphina,

    Aren’t they? I’ve never liked to subscribe to any limitations that bring about a blockage of moving and expanding beyond them. If we agree to be bound by such labels and the boxes/walls they can put up, then we restrict the expansion of consciousness for us all. It’s very interesting and exciting to think about and feel into our collective co-creations of bringing education to a whole new level than ever experienced before. Children and anyone that has any experience/illness that brings them within can offer us all so much insight and an invitation to move beyond what we have known, to embrace the unknown, and create together in those spaces with what is found there! It is all all very exciting!

  6. Oh Sweet Delphina!

    Your words have just increased my excitement and connection to this series. I haven’t finished the episodes as of yet, still moving through them, and I feel, like you’ve expressed, watching them again and again can offer even more layers of understanding and receiving, of knowing the profound interconnection of all things, all moments, all choices and how they touch all others everywhere in the world. Nothing is ever an accident, nothing happens by chance. You have expressed such a beautiful universal truth that I have just recently delved into within a deeper sense beyond sense of it 😉 of the balancing of not knowing everything in each moment, acting upon impulse as I’m inspired, being ok with not having all the pieces in a way that I can bring that mind sense to it, but yet allowing the experiences nonetheless. For as in these episodes, the father, Kiefer Sutherland, does understand at the end, or begins to see, how things align and fit together, and how the puzzle pieces have been put together to create the whole of it. He also gets better as he goes along, with keeping his eyes wide open to be aware of the signs, and to follow as he feels guided to without questioning why but letting the waves of the moments that touch and connect bring him along with them. It’s just really quite beautiful… it is so nice to hear that you are taking in the waves of the experiences of watching each episode even when it is over. I have found myself sitting in silence after an episode and receiving more information, beyond comprehension, but with emotion, energy in motion within me. I can actually say that I am ok with saying I don’t exactly know what I am receiving in each moment, but I know that I AM, and that’s what’s important.

    Dear Beloved Delphina, I am sending you the deepest waves of love and light from within my heart, and big warm tight loving hugs over to you!

  7. I just watched first episode of Touch. I really can`t say much right now, i cried, i could say i don?t know why, but i do know why. I see this pattern in my life right in this moment more then ever. We ARE ONE! Let`s touch each others lives by listening our hearts!!
    Love you all!!

  8. Dearest Sunshine and dearest Gabriella and to all of course :-),

    yes, we are all one ….. let’s touch each others’ lives …. yes 🙂

    What I also found so beautiful in the first episode was that it mirrors so much what is going on in life sometimes: when the father ran to the telephone at 3:18 and knocked this man over, who was in fact calling him at this time, and connecting so beautifully on a heart-to-heart basis in this telephone call, it was so interesting: in the 3D there is all this fight (the two men wrestling on the floor with each other) while AT THE SAME TIME in the dimension of the heart they truly connected via this phone call.
    So fight in the 3D at the same time as love on the heart level.
    I guess this is very true in case of 3D fights or sorrows with our twins, too ….. regardless of how much we might seem to go through with each other in the 3D, on the level of the heart and soul we still connect so beautifully … all in LOVE.

    And the other thing that struck me so much is the very last scene when the father said to his little boy: “I can hear you now” and THIS was the turning point when his son was suddenly able to come into his arms ~ for the first time in his life. This is also such a beautiful meaningful message.
    And the question it brings for me is : are we able to hear our twins at all? Are we getting them right when we are “fighting” with them somehow? Or are they trying to say things to us we just don’t understand in the 3D and if we understood them, we would realize HOW MUCH they truly love us by doing all they’re doing?

    This extends to others as well …. I guess that behind all fights and everything of the human experience somehow lies LOVE. My twinflame journey makes me see more and more of this while I am more and more understanding how her actions, which I had perceived as not very nice towards me, are ALL done out of purest divine love for me.
    It sounds so strange, but I can see it in a lot of things already and it is getting more all the time.

    Lots of LOVE to all of you,
    Delphina <3

  9. Dearest Sweet Gabriella,

    I totally LOVE your comments you wrote here earlier 🙂
    and I so much love this sentence:
    ” I’ve never liked to subscribe to any limitations that bring about a blockage of moving and expanding beyond them.”
    Yes, me too, I don’t like subscribing to any limitations any more ~ great way to put it 😉 , dearest ~ I have simply cancelled my subscription 😀 and I do love seeing what is beyond difficult experiences, illnesses, limitations, guilt …. and love exploring the LOVE that lies there, waiting for us to find.

    It’s nice to know that the father is getting better and better as the series unfolds and I have already seen this in episodes 3 and 4 that we have now watched.

    The series is really great and what impresses me very much is the fact that seemingly mishaps and mistakes are blessings indeed. Quite often it is shown in the series that someone was caused to do something, that a technical “failure” had produced a certain outcome (I don’t want to give away all in case people who read this still want to watch the series 🙂 and so I’m not writing so specifically about things right now) ~ and in fact it turns out afterwards that exactly this mishap/”mistake” was meant to occur, was even orchestrated to occur in order to make a blessing of some kind happen.

    This thought is truly amazing I think and if we could see our own lives a lot more like this, we might find peace with our mistakes as well. Sometimes we too are blessed with seeing to which good outcomes our “mistakes” have lead in the end, but we have to keep our eyes and hearts and minds open to see it ~ and I feel that the more open we are to it, the more easily we can see it.

    I am also sending you sweetest waves of pure divine love from my heart to yours, beloved Gabriella, and sweet smiles and warmest hugs,
    Your Delphina <3 <3 <3

  10. It is affirming to land here! I greet all in vibrations of unconditional love, As each of us gain the awareness of life in the fullness, The allusions that is the test for unlearning what brings the outcomes we would prefer not to have. I could give countless painful examples , for clarification, But wisdom has revealed ” in order for wanted outcomes to unfold , it is necessary to allow the painful outcomes to dissolve, to allow space for wanted outcomes to unfold. I’m sure we all agree, yet realizing many aspects of Being awakens in different frames commonly known a time frames ! having realized the concepts of me you I them is constructs of the illusionary box, and knowing perhaps feelings touch us , regardless of where we are in the filed of awareness. We emerge from the coffin of traditions , transforming it to eternal awareness of life, The holographic accommodation constructed of ego, slowly give way to clear viewing and we know at that moment we believed a dream to be real, that was simply a construct of collective imagination, The numbers of aspects of reality=Highness are multiplying at vibrational speeds beyond thought, that is gracefully transmuting the perception of all the unified filed is unfolding in full bloom the field’s are ripe , and white in life beyond images played out by the crafts of lower density .Feel it sense it be it embrace it as it embrace us. Unconditional LOVE ,

  11. Sweet Delphina,

    I like how you put it too, or rather added onto what I said, “cancelled your subscription.” 😉 beautiful! I just watched the last episode of season 1 last night and am eagerly awaiting the second season. What a beautiful ending…how there are so many layers to even the word “touch,” which is expressed in the series. Truly it absolutely does show the “mistakes” that aren’t really such, for there are no coincidences 🙂 I love how the series makes the little boy a symbol, a vessel to show this interconnection between us all and everything else, to show the connections and layers of numbers, vibrations, every little thing that exists in our world. It is so complex and beautiful! You are so right Dear Delphina, that in seeing that there are no mistakes and how the perceived “mistakes” are actually meant to happen to bring us deeper in connection with each other can allow us, if we allow it, to find the peace in each moment, each experience. Thank you for sharing in this! Feel free to share more. I welcome it! So much love and many, many hugs vibrating with the purest and sweetest divine love from my entire being to you and to all! <3 <3 <3

  12. Dearest Gabriella,

    oh, yes, I do agree with you! This series is truly wonderful and I thank you very much again for recommending it ! 😀
    I absolutely love the episode in which the twins are reunited. And I am smiling because they were twins who got reunited and am thinking of our twinflames of course 🙂 .
    I don’t remember the complete text said at the beginning of the episode word by word, but the idea is this:
    * when two people are destined to meet, the universe WILL make it happen *
    and it was also said:
    *Even in case there is no direct communication possible, the Universe will know which strings to pull and how to make it happen anyway that these two people meet *

    I find this so beautiful because also with our twins, often a direct communication is not possible, and this film shows how we are all connected anyway ~ also through other people on the way we are connected with out twinflames ~ and if it is not possible to initiate direct contact by these two people, then the universe knows how to pull some strings to make the contact happen anyway ~ IF they are destined to meet.

    The series gives us an impression of how much interconnected truly everything is, also across the whole world, and we even get to see those threads connecting us at some points in the series.

    To me this creates a profound feeling of peace and being safe in the universe’s LOVE for all of us and I have now also finished season 1, but will watch some episodes again and love sharing about them as I find they truly relate very much to our twinflame journeys 😀

    Sending you, dearest Gabriella, so much divine pure love flowing from my ONE heart to your ONE heart,
    and sending this same pure love also to all of you and your twins,
    Delphina <3 <3 <3