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Bring the Balance of your Divine Nature into Your Human Dance

What did we do before social media and the instant exchange that technology provides? We connected within ourselves. We found what brought us enjoyment and basked within that. We allowed divine synchronicities that surrounded us to move us into interaction,

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Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

If you have ever witnessed the connection and interconnection of many things, the myriad of synchronicities not readily explained around you, a multitude of numbers that seem to be connecting with you or giving you messages, if you’ve ever seen

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It’s All About Love, Really

Underlying everything is love, truly…all relationships and experiences allow us to tune into our inner psyche and the persona we believe we bring forth to help us to determine of who we see that we are presenting is in alignment

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Trapped Within Technology

Many of you may recall when I posted some links a while back on the disconnection that technology can create from true personal connection with each other. I feel that technology is amazing, powerful and an awesome tool to enhance

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What if I am Aware of Our Intentions Before my Twin Flame?

Q What do I do when I am aware of who my twin flame is before he is aware of it on a conscious level? What do I do if I remember what our souls have intended to experience and

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Twin Flame Relationships

Q Is it possible that even though we’ve met on this earth plane, that we’re only to be together in spirit/soul? It just seems that we’re not meant to be together physically right now. Too many outside interferences. What is

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