It’s All About Love, Really

Underlying everything is love, truly…all relationships and experiences allow us to tune into our inner psyche and the persona we believe we bring forth to help us to determine of who we see that we are presenting is in alignment with who we really are. Then also, if there are any fears or any feelings of judgment upon yourself or another, there is the opportunity to release it. You are worthy to receive love and are able to give love, just like everyone else is. Feel your emotions that come up through this process of realizing and letting go of beliefs, behaviors and so forth that don’t serve your highest good. If you keep these emotions inside, they will collect within your body temple, creating a discord and possibly creating physical problems that can become worse as time goes on. Why would you want to do this? We have been doing it throughout the years, individually and collectively, and it is time to move into full awareness and transformation…really, this is about love, love of self, love of others and love of everything that is, as we are all connected and a part of each other.

Why is that I share how important it is to connect with your inner light and to recognize what your passion is? It is that passion that you discover inside which connects you to your life mission and helps you to remember the steps towards bringing that passion/life mission into being. This passion burning inside of you is there waiting for you to bring it more fully into manifestation. You may have heard the statement that you are asked to do what it is you love to do because if you are doing what you love to do, 1. It doesn’t feel like work and 2. You do it because you love it without the attachment or expectation of receiving money. Now, the law of attraction and vibration is going to bring you all types of abundance as a result of being in this space of saying YES to your purpose and your excitement as they are both one and the same. What do you need to do? Connect, remember, act, and trust, trust deeper with each new experience, each new relationship…you are loved and are absolutely guided along your journey to happiness, as you begin to strengthen your knowing that happiness is with you in each moment, all the time.

We are all in this together. There is no competition, there is no comparison. EVERYONE is part of the big picture, everyone adds their color to the full rainbow, everyone adds their voice to the symphonic harmony of our collective melody. We all have our specific gifts that we are meant to bring to our cosmic family…let’s remember this always.

It’s about love, yes, but it’s also about balance…balancing giving to others and giving to yourself, balancing the desire to give with the allowing yourself to receive. This is one of the hardest things our spiritual selves will do…yet it CAN be done and IS in process. Though, this being hard is merely a perception, because feeling the intensity of your emotions to get to the deeper love that is there for you to feel and receive may be uncomfortable at times, but your heart knows that it is worth it, AND it is what you came here to do. Why not make it fun? Take my hand as I take yours as we join in a circle around this Earth, knowing that as we do it, individually and together, we are sending ripples of sweetness and love around the world, affecting everyone, everything and all that is. This is the truth: what you do to yourself, you do to another but you do also to all…when you awaken, others awaken. This is the flow of the universe, and I welcome it. Let’s go deeper…will you come with me?

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