Physical Connection Sparks Spiritual Awakening and Vice Versa on the Twin Flame Journey

Have you wondered how the conscious connection with your twin flame manifests?

On this show, I am going to share in detail how the physical connection with your twin flame brings about a spiritual awakening but that as your spiritual growth accelerates, it brings about a physical connection with your twin flame. They both go hand in hand and it is guaranteed that when you physically meet, your spiritual awakening will increase as time goes on. Especially now, as the energies are speeding up individually and collectively, and we receive initiations of growth and advancement which used to take us years to experience, many of you will know ahead of time that your reunion with your twin flame is nearing. It is also important to know about soul contracts and how they fit into your life, for this will make you understand on a deeper level why you will know before the moment occurs of reunion with your twin, that it is nearing time. Join me as we share on this powerful topic.

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