Falling into Rising in Love

This unavoidable falling to my knees is here now, and I fall in such deep gratitude for our promise, our creations, our love.
As I fall, I naturally rise with you towards the light – it is shining upon us – yet we are also moving closer and deeper into the light.
The tears glide down my cheeks with the sweetness of being human as I am able to feel, truly and intensely feel, each step as you move closer to me in full form.
I can almost taste your love,
I can almost feel your softness,
I can almost rest in your warmth,
the authenticity of our union is encompassing me and embracing me, as my heart is pushed open wider, exposing all my vulnerabilities that disappear once they are acknowledged, forcing me to love beyond my perception of loving, yet there isn’t any force for I have pledged to join with you time upon time as time blurs, becoming all there is, undefined and unrestricted.

My spirit is floating in the ocean below, immersed in the feminine energy of the Mother. My spirit is flying beside the stars, soaking in the masculine energy of the Father. My body is walking on the Earth, thunder approaches and the lightning, the illumination of the connection of both energies merging together causes me to surrender to the remembering.
I tremble with the opening of my womanness to take you within – God, has it always been like this?
As I am now ready in all ways to BE with you…

As cliche as I love you sounds, it is true – the deepest core of my essence knows this -let me see if I can do a bit better – I LOVE you, me, us as those three parts make us whole. I honor your brightness – I recognize my own and I agree to shine together. I have agreed as you have. So, that isn’t even enough – we will have many opportunities in limitless creative, true ways to say, to express our love to each other.

My Beloved, we have promised to be love and to be loved. I am here…reaching out again…ready with all of my being to embrace you, love you, create with you, BE with you…

Our union symbolizes the return of the divine feminine as you embrace my power and light. I merge with you in the deepest love with no fear attached.
We do not take away from each other but rather ADD to one another.
Herein, lies the healing.

3 comments on “Falling into Rising in Love
  1. Fay Serov says:

    Wow .. this is just so beautiful. I am in awe .. your words say it all. Thank you for sharing such an amazing deep love with us 🙂 xxx

  2. Michelle says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, you are such a gifted writer and I can completely relate to every single word you have written here 🙂 Thank u so much for posting and sharing <3

  3. Prashko says:

    I feel her…I love her….

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