Twin Flame Union: It is Here Now

3 comments on “Twin Flame Union: It is Here Now
  1. Ingo says:

    This is so exciting.

    I am ready, too…

  2. Millie says:

    So I’ve met my twin flame but I’m currently in a relationship. One which is very loving. I’m so pulled to be around my twin and we communicate regularly on the Internet. sharing our experiences and life story. The reason we figured out we were twins is because of the many synchronicities we started to notice. One big one was our love for the number 11:11. he actually has a tatoo of it and I was planning on getting one. I added him as a friend on an 11:11 Facebook page to make friends of like minds. He messaged me a long message about his beliefs on what’s occurring on the planet and I felt super comfortable with his words automatically and a feeling of excitement came over me. As the synchronicitys continued and our spiritual paths and understanding were almost exact we both were wondering what was goin on. This is around the time I was ready to get out of what I call my dark days of my ascention. I almost feel bad for having this intense love for someone else besides my boyfriends and the longing to b with my twin. And do some real work together. He understands my position and is supportive and comforting. I have grown alot since our connection. I’m learning unconditional love for all. But my limited humanistic mind feels like cheating. I know this is a learning experience and my soulmate relationship I have is for my growth but I’m just confused and want to make sure I’m not loosing my mind 🙂 I need some advice

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