Twin Flames: Release Separation and Don’t Give Up


1. What advice can you give to a twin flame half that knows more feels more and is doing the work diligently- has met the other twin flame half in the physical– and then now has no contact– he refuses to talk – won’t answer the phone- only get a few words out of them.

2. I met my twin soul a year and a half ago. I’m a single woman, he’s a single man,we’re in our early 50s, 10 months apart in age, look similar, and our first names are exactly the same except for
one letter.

We are in separation because he moved away. We had enough time together in physical reality for the heart and telepathic merge and unconditional love. However, it could be that this is only my experience, because he’s Mr. Tough Guy, very guarded and private. What he’s feeling is a mystery to me.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing tremendous activity in my heart area. I used to think I was having heart attacks, but that’s calmed down. Now I have a strange heat sensation and seem to be singing a “tone” or a “song” from my heart that is silent in 3D reality. Does this make sense? Also, I’m having dreams about “singing” from the heart in a very powerful way. It’s like a vibrational blast from an angel trumpet. I’m not sure if I’m sending the signal out or receiving it back, or both, but I get the impression that I’m answering a call. What do you think is happening?

Also, even though I exercise, eat right and am normally very healthy, I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed just by life. Any advice?

3. Gabriella how does a twin(meaning me) let go of hoping that her and her twin will get back together when it’s pretty clear it’s over…??
On the physical earth plane, what’s the “magic” for me to do here and now in this lifetime as me to truly let him go and move on?

I mean I KNOW we are never separated and I know that for me to love another I am loving him too….. Spiritually I am okay, not hurt or mad, or confused….

How do I let go of WANTING that LOVE life with him here on Earth when it’s all I keep feeling I want?


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  1. James says:

    Hello. I am so thankful to the Spirit for leading me to your website. Your radio discusion really help answer questions that I have been having about a situation in my life. I met my twin about six months ago. I knew he was my twin right off. Before saying hello on the phone we giggled a little because it was kinda weird. His comment when we met and spent some time together was I feel like we have known each other for years. We compliment each other and have many life experiences in common…it truly is like meeting yourself…we call each other “wonder twins”. However a couple of months ago I got scared of losing them and violated their trust. This was so out of character for me. He refuses to return my calls or make contact. We both had a lot on our plates and I don’t think it would have been a good time to be together( I think I subconciuosly mesed up on purpose) but I now know he IS the one and are not really seperated. I need to take thi “break” to work on myself and explore my passion…and the person I am meant to be. Will we get back together…?

  2. Gabriella says:

    James, you can read my response to your question here: Coming Back Together with My Twin Flame

  3. Chad says:

    I just wanted to add a little advice based on my own experience. I met my twin flame twelve years ago (2001), but I didn’t know it until the first time our eyes met, which was a few weeks after we first crossed paths. This all happened a few months after a traumatizing betrayal, so I wasn’t ready for this when it happened, so I certainly wasn’t looking for it. It was too much for me to deal with at the time, because from the very moment her eyes met mine, I knew so much in the space of a few seconds, and those few seconds felt like the most beautiful eternity you can imagine. I knew right away that she was “the one” and that she would love me like noone else could even come close to, but because of my other experience, she also brought a very deep fear out of me. Let me tell you, it’s feels weird to be so drawn to someone that you want to run away from. Since I was dealing with two equally strong yet totally opposite emotions, I felt locked in place. Needless to say, nothing ever happened between us then, but I stopped by the place she worked a few times, until she said that I creeped her out and she didn’t want to be alone with me, inside this public place. I’m still not sure what that was about, but in her own way she was right, because with me not knowing what to fix about myself or how to fix it, the situation between us wasn’t going anywhere but down. A few months later, I was physically affected when our connecton finally broke. We briefly crossed paths a few times over the years, but as soon as she was out of sight, I didn’t really think about her very often.

    In 2010, my health started declining and got really bad in 2011. I was having panic attacks that were brought on by a number of things, but the big two were driving and riding in a car, and that’s not good for a mobile disc jockey. In February of 2012, I started working on a book, and for more than nine months, that’s all I thought about. What happened next, I’ll never forget, because it was so random.

    Two or three days before Halloween, I had just been awake for about twenty minutes and I was watching “Live with Kelly & Michael”, drinking my coffee. The first guest was Kristen Ritter, and when it went to commercial, I had enough time to think “Her eyes look just like” and then BAM! My twin flame’s love washed over me like it did the first time our eyes met, and for the first two or three days, I just went with it. I hadn’t felt that good in a very long time, and I held onto it as long as I could. Then, I started to wonder why this happened and it kicked off a period of major transformation both inside and out. At this point, I hadn’t driven for about a year and a half, but my mind was racing so much that I had to do something, so I started going for walks to process my thoughts and clear my head a little. This lead to a routine of daily walks and some dietary changes, and because of this, I lost 40 pounds in about a month. The thought of her actually healed me enough to stop my panic attacks within a few days, and I haven’t had one in over seven months. I don’t recommend this treatment for others with anxiety issues, because this kind of cure is hard to come by, and I’m not sure how many others it might actually work for anyway, but this is how things have worked for me.

    But I was also processing alot of thoughts and viewing many past events from an outside perspective, which finally provided me with some clarity about quite a few different things. I came to realize why certain people had come into my life, why I held onto one person for so long and why things between us didn’t work out, and why many other connections didn’t pan out either. I’ve worked through alot over the past year, and for the past two months, it has been about getting to a point where I’m able to let things take their natural course instead of trying to make it happen.

    Believe me, I know how crazy it makes you to be in this situation. This person consumes most of your thoughts every day, yet you’re not supposed to do anything about it. You should focus on fixing yourself and it will happen when it’s supposed to. And no matter how much pain you’re in, you aren’t supposed to give up on reuniting with this person. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I haven’t been reunited with my twin yet, but I have come to realize that the advice is right and hopefully you will too. I know I have a little ways to go in terms of fixing myself and my life before I can reunite with my twin flame, but I believe that as long as she isn’t too far behind me in her own developments, it will happen in sometime in the next few months.

    For those of you who aren’t sure if you have met your twin flame,I’ll make it real clear for you, okay? Think of it like this : with a soulmate, you feel a spark within your spirit. With your twin flame, it’s like an atomic bomb has exploded. A spark can be easily overlooked and you can second-guess about whether it happened or not, but it’s really hard to ignore that mushroom cloud when it goes off. When you feel the big one, you’ll absolutely know it, and there won’t be any part of you that doubts it. That’s the best way to put it. Even in my own experience, she was someone I had seen a few times before, but as soon as our eyes really connected that first time, I knew with every part of my being that she was “the one”, and when it happens for you, you’ll know right away that this is it. You might not be able to put it into words, but you WILL know it when it happens.

    Anyway, I hope I was able to help clairfy a few things and maybe help a few others be able to deal with their own experiences!

  4. OK says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Chad.

  5. Longing & Growing says:

    Thanks, Chad!

    It has been over 2 years since I met my twin flame.
    He’s married and aware but… has pulled away.
    I am singularly focused on myself and my child.
    I’ve tried to date but, ironically, I feel as if I am cheating!
    My life is so Blessed that to suggest that anything is lacking would be quite over indulgent and yet… it would be better if he was present.

  6. ey says:

    Thank you all. I can totally relate longing&growing. Such a humanly painful thing i try to denie the connection and a voice says to try dating, but it already doesn’t feel right!i beleive but a part of me is scared I’m wrong about my TF. Does anyone get signs or messagrs from the universe or their helpers for this situation?

  7. Ann says:

    A mutual friend introduced my twin to me we’ve had several overnite meetings in 9.75yrs but we were both in horrible wrecks 2015 I got hit he hit a cycle total opposites. We were praying together at same time each nite things were great. When that stopped things have been yucky we talked about it but he’s a global pilot and times don’t work. We can’t be angry or leave. It’s worse than silence. He’s it for me ND we’ve always talked about everything. Since before Olympics he’s been totally silent. I said I knew he needed process time and take all you need with wreck an ex 2 adult sons and family who doesn’t know I exist he’s got alot. My friends& family all know about him and that’s been a why do you make me your under the bus /closet secret when I’m so proud of us who we are together. He says I’m special my ministry teaching work is good,what guy wouldn’t want me comments and we’re friends but nothing else. He has alwys used uses our connection to touch love reach me..and that’s a strong point with him more than words..spirit guides said he’d be gone long time but return and never leave had a situation to go thru. It hurts soon much so I tend to block him some but he will come thru and love me occasionally…We’re 18 days apart have 1, #7 and 11,12 in (AKGL) look alike think alike and in same spiritual place since day 1 …it so hard to miss him feel part.of me gone empty …so I block and try to minister as I feel called. Any comments from Anyone???? I know he’s fearful of family rejection loss of control job control pilots have to be strong independent …he’s my captain. I’m his AZ woman asking for prayer …

  8. kristina says:

    I read this when I was having an energy imbalance feeling my twin. I am trying to understand if he is my twin. we met in 2015 briefly but nothing happened. I know he lived around the block from me just didn’t know where. strategically I had odd people falling in my path that I didn’t know why. all the sudden after the full moon july 2016 my girlfriend said this guy was single and she wanted to set us up . last couple she set up got married this sept. I felt an odd feeling of like knowing him forever and much comfort. we dated for 5 weeks and I think odd sign was when we went away for a weekend in august whicj was my birthday weekend to a wedding the room number was 11. his sons jersey for football number was 11. odd enough it was amazing . then all the sudden one day he freaked out needed space ,I went about my usual went riding with a friend who was an old friend and I felt like I needed to ask o if it was ok, so I was drawn the morning of the dayi was going out and hs said he trusted me. I tell ya . it was weird. I wrote a letter to him sitting in his back yard and decided to keep it until sept 5 day after he ended it with me. my heart hurt for days. when finally we sat at the same football game and he was across the stands and I was calm. we didn’t talk but I felt calm. since then only small contact the first few weeks and then a angry text came and nothing since. I miss him greatly and feel his energy. I have been working on me and my path and have been loving myself and daily purging in droves . I love him so much but know I had to be let go at this time to move forward with clearing my closures. I wear a ring I gave him as a go steady ring on a chain next to my heart and don’t understand why I put it on last week. I am feeling a strange feeling of peace as I wearit . many days I feel his energy and know I feel his love in the energy. many number sequences have been popping up for many months and I have realized much in the last 3 months. and letting go and letting god handle things is where I am at.

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