Expressions of Love Part 7

I have this unquenchable increasing desire to eat, take in more and more and more, this openness within me, settling around my heart chakra…and if not understood, it could seem that I want to consume massive amounts of food and am not ever being satisfied…what is happening to me right now is that I am taking in the love from you my beloved…I am eating your love, taking it deeper and deeper, more and more within my being, as our love is limitless, I can’t ever get enough. More and more needs to seep into who I am, as you merge into me and we become one. There is this ever growing intensity of excitement building in my heart…I am excited to embrace you in all forms as you make your way so sweetly beside me. Gosh, I feel you stronger with each passing day, with each passing moment, that I have to run down the street in such anticipation for your arrival, just to release the growing seeds of love flowing through me…my body shivers with the love and arousal of you inside of me, as you are inside of me, ever deepening the presence within me. I become more present in this now moment, taking action towards the path of our reunion as it is unfolding, yet with this intensified presence, comes an increasing excitement for I am here, in this moment, but I am also there, in that next moment, with you in all our glorious ways of being together. Ah, there goes that shiver again, throughout my entire physical body, upwards into my womanhood, my womb, my heart, my throat and exiting through my mouth, sighing and releasing the separation that has finally completely subsided and disappeared in my existence. You are inside of me, God, I can feel you and I choose to feel you, again and again as you move deeper into me, in all ways…I want to merge with you in all ways as my essence is no longer distinguishable on its own, to feel all of me inside of all of you as all of you flows throughout all of me…and we…as one…make love with one another, creating love inside of each other…and I feel you, right now, right here, right there…can you feel it? Gosh, may you know that the sweetest and most beautiful love that you can ever imagine receiving is yours, now and always, yet this love is beyond your capacity to visualize it as our love is deeper than the mind can even attempt to comprehend.

Lay your body down upon mine, let your head fall onto my breasts, release from your mouth the illusion of not being loved completely for all of who you are…let it all out so that you can let our love all in…let it all in…listen to my heartbeat as your skin melds into mine, feel my legs and arms wrap around you, shielding you from the world…it is here that you are lost and found to be found again, created anew in a new way. Let your spirit come home to me, to you, to us…as your heart beats, let it create anew the you as you have longed for…let our love in, let it all in. There goes that shiver again, can you feel it? Let this excitement that is building and building as we take another step forward surround you now love…it is time to return to home my beloved…to be love, as we allow ourselves to be loved…as beloveds, we are.

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2 comments on “Expressions of Love Part 7
  1. Saralise says:

    WOW!!!! I love you soooo very much beloved Gabriella! I am sooo grateful to know you in this life….

  2. Gabriella says:

    As am I love, as am I! Sending you the deepest waves and vibrations of love in every moment leading up to the one where you embrace, in all ways, your beloved.

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