Embrace Your Destiny and All that You Desire

“We are all masters of our own destiny. We can so easily flee from everything that we desire and which life so generously places before us. Alternately, we can surrender ourselves to Divine Providence, take God’s hand, and fight for our dreams, believing that they always arrive at the right moment.” ~Paulo Coelho from Brida

2 Comments on “Embrace Your Destiny and All that You Desire

  1. I enjoyed this book a lot though there is so much more to things within the soulmate relating and then also about twins than that can be understood through here, but this book indeed has been a crucial step into opening those lines of understanding…. and certain aspects of the book does shine through for me, personally! Interestingly I was given this book right around the time I 1st came into contact or direct and deeper communicating with my twinflame and a lot has been opening around that time and so much of the right things that came as gifts from various sources including the right teachers and mates and various incidents just awakened me to receive more of this higher understanding and overall developing part of the true self within the self. Also right before I was given that book I went through deep regression therapy to understand a certain physical challenge I was going through along with various others on the changes of my path. It was through those processes and deep shamanic journeys that I encountered various aspects of my past lives as a healer and even the wounds that I bore for not being able to fully bring, honor and recognize my gifts, the fleeing from a true mate due to challenges in life, whether twin or soul mate and many such things. It was also this search for the deeper meaning with the physical challenges, soul and purpose questioning as well as lot of mental queries that I was called to seek out for more and met my twin. And coming to the book, the past life regression haunting journey truly held up the mirror for what I was going through and coming into being as a healer, channel and bringer of my true soul purpose. So yes, this book, in its own unique way has been quite sharp nudge and clear direction from the universe for me and especially during the crossroads I was going through. My path as of now is always a process of ascending higher, a call to embrace my full on purpose and live in this higher love, embracing the ALL, and every bit is so worth it even though pretty wild and amazing and even challenging at times to wake up into this greater love and union of the ages of estrangement <3<3 Thank you for this again, Gabriella! <3<3 So truly blessed to have found you as a guide and teacher on this amazing journey of understanding and anything you bring only propels me higher from the core of me. Thank you very much indeed~ <3<3

  2. Ah Aishwarya,

    Thank YOU, for you are a jewel in the box within my heart that makes up the power of love I am sharing, and I could not be doing what I am doing without those souls like yourself that resonate with the truth of unconditional, deep twin flame love that includes self and all that is. You are such a treasure dear one…so glad to have you as part of my family! I am also so truly blessed!