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My own poetic creations to inspire you

Follow Standing at the edge of the ocean, on a moon illuminated night. Feeling so much emotion, reminding me tonight, that you and I, WE, are so aligned and perfect for each other. Not that I need reminding, for I

Follow Never mind the bees and the birds, Our love is woven as it is spoken through these words. They can deceive as they weave, depending how we choose to receive the many layers of meaning, seeming to transform us

Follow From the place where two become one, to the space where cool and warm collide, easing into where the warmth resides, all of the sides, the moods, in my eyes, add the element of surprise, a sunrise to the

Follow Oh Universe, Multi-verse, hear my soul verse, let this moment rehearse me into the creation of the next glorious manifestation. You know all that my heart desires, and the fuel that ignites the fire within. The love that I

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Follow As I take each step along my path, I have absolute faith in the sweetest aftermath, Reflecting the visions from within, showing me what I know has always been, If it has been, it must be, as I continue

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Follow Trickling into the ethers, sprinkling into the serenading sweetness…the completeness has always been caressing me and confessing me into its folds, as I cease allowing the molds to conform me. Transform me, serendipity, into simplicity, tis the true tranquility

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Follow My Sweet Beloved! You are the most beautiful man I have ever glanced upon, for you are the brightness of God shining in form, You are transformed into every piece of nature blossoming here on this Earth, You are

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Follow The Magic Within the Mirror Mind Jointly, we move through each and every crevice, organizing the keys to ignite and start the next device, stealthily working in the early hours, no longer a novice. Heaven awaits your lightning arrival

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Follow Those of you that have experienced this will understand. There is a force that pulls at you when you least expect it, or perhaps because you aren’t expecting it…this force overtakes you as it forsakes any shards of “sanity”

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Follow   I’ll meet you under the covers where we’ll immerse ourselves in the dark. I’ll hold you there and paint you a love story until you feel the spark. We are the creators of this world my love. We