Man and Woman Reside and Collide in Each Other

man and woman in waterFrom the place where two become one, to the space where cool and warm collide, easing into where the warmth resides, all of the sides, the moods, in my eyes, add the element of surprise, a sunrise to the senses, a delight in the night. The sweetness of smell, earthy and natural, illicit from within, that inkling of humanness, raw and unrelenting in its hold. What a bountiful beauty to behold, standing upright in love’s blooming stature, such sensuous signs thy heavenly sight cannot restrain, nor can this vessel constrain the anticipation of the fusion of forms flowing, as one, together, honoring the other in each other.

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  1. Dear Gabriella,
    thank you so much for this blog.. there is an abundance of information and comments to be found on here that put this TF journey into a perspective! For the longest I thought I was going crazy about this unspeakable force of energy I not only feel but that is present when I am actually with my TF. So much so – that when I first met my TF even my husband picked up the energy! I consider my husband my SM – we have so much in common sometimes it’s scary. We love the same food (very often ordering the same meal in restaurants), we like the same music, clothes, style, political and worldly outlooks, general interests – very much is in complete harmony. And if I had not met my TF nearly 10 yrs ago – anyone describing what I have with my husband I would pretty much match a TF relationship – down to the telepathy. But boy… was I awaken when my TF walked passed me… It was like a blast wave hit me and my TF didn’t even look at me.. all he did was pass me. To make a VERY long story short. I met him a few years later on a “neutral” territory and how so many describe – there was no hiding the truth from this man – he looked straight through me, asked all the right questions and knew how to connect the dots – even if they were a mile down the road.. pretty scary stuff!!! Not to mention the force of energy when we are actually present together. It’s like the whole room can feel this energy – to the point – that strangers are mentioning us and asking us how we know each other. Of course I told him that I fell in love with him and that I can see us becoming a couple at some point in the future (as he was living in a foreign country at this time our communication was through email only). So I never got an answer to my statement. After a while I found out that he was seeing someone where he lived and the emotional stress of happy / sad / the unspeakable force of energy – got the better of me and I sent him an email to tell him that it might be better we stopped communicating all together. (so I was the runner.. I guess…) Needless to say that my plan didn’t work out.. instead of me actually getting better – not talking to him at all made everything much worse! At this time however, I was not aware of the whole TF concept and such a thing existed! A few months after, I got back in touch with him and after a few emails back and forth – I asked him straight: what is it that you want from me? To which he replied, that “I” was the one that wanted to separate and he has no intention of seeking a relationship with me in the sense of being a couple. So a few years past since then and he is now back in the same town. We bump into each other maybe 2 – 3 times a year and he is very courteous nice but that’s that. He’s actions, however speak a totally different language. I can see he’s watching me from afar. He always seems very happy to see me when we meet and like I said.. if we are standing next to each other.. it feels like we’re creating a whole new universe together (it almost feels as if the atoms itself can’t handle the situation). Another really funny thing is: If I am physically standing next to him my whole hearing functions seem to turn off.. as soon as my eyes see him, my ears can’t register what he is telling me. It’s almost like I only hear about 20% of what he is actually talking. I can also not look into his eyes – the force is too strong.
    Of course I have the dreams and I can feel his energy when I tap into it, sometimes I feel like he folds his hands into mine.. so for the longest I really thought I was going nuts! I cannot telepathically connect to him – which seems a bit odd.. seeing that this should be one of the signs to tell me he really is my TF. I guess maybe we don’t know each other well enough to have tapped into that channel. I am very new to this TF concept – so I am still on a learning curve… I guess only time will tell if we should ever connect as a “physical couple” on our earthly mission.
    However I am very happy I found your site and many things make so much more sense now 🙂

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