Let Love Flow Free

frozenOne thing we are always desiring so profoundly is connection, to feel in the seeing of the reflection that we are, uniquely and as one, to know that we aren’t walking alone on this journey. And when we encounter those that are part of our soul family, interweaved so intimately with our own essence, where we meet in dreams, in our heart and in our consciousness, then discover in the sharing of our personal journeys, how mirrored they are, and how close we are walking together, we know we are on the “right” path. Of course, we always are, but we are reminded that we are always on the path that is uniquely ours, merely because we ARE walking. All things are orchestrated in their perfection, regardless of what we can perceive in any moment. We are always receiving and gifting… I had the pleasure of sharing a very special conversation with a dear friend the other day, and as tears flowed, fears ceased and ecstatic expressions released, I was reminded of our divinity inherent in humanity, and the treasure in the pleasure of being alive. It is to love, to be loved, and to surrender into the layers of its depths, the warmth of its essence, to melt into the purity of its presence. Where? In THIS moment, right NOW. How? Right in the caverns of your heart. Let love flow free… and BE in it.

1 Comment on “Let Love Flow Free

  1. This was beautiful! I know what you mean, when I hang out with my best friends it’s always a reminder of how connected we are and the common essence of love that we share!