The Magic of the Mirror Mind

The Magic Within the Mirror Mind

Jointly, we move through each and every crevice,
organizing the keys to ignite and start the next device,
stealthily working in the early hours, no longer a novice.

white-dove-messageHeaven awaits your lightning arrival at the Golden Gate,
unwinding is the binding fears that have since abated.
All the while, you walk with a heavy connection to fate.

Wiping away the tears which cleansed and replenished you,
investigating through the layers of what you hold as true,
never ceasing to question and rearrange what you knew.

Steady and strong, you commit to moving the light through.
Loving and laughing into the Island rainbow’s translucent hue,
onward you walk, upward you climb, awaiting the curtain cue.

When you understand the magic is found in enjoying the journey,
grains of salvation in revelation can be found to allow you to see,
Right there, resting in your heart, is the fuel to embrace your destiny.

On the horizon, your lucid dreams are shapeshifting in the night,
breathing and birthing into masterpieces of art about to take flight,
aligning in their spiraling of cords weaved in worlds beyond sight.

Notice the soft yet persistent knocking of love’s invitation tonight.

~Gabriella Hartwell